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At the Diner

Okay, this didn't come out too good. Plus it's the first time I'm drawing the younger Pines twins. Anyway, enjoy more Mystery Twins goodness! A double portion this time! :D
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Oh man this is amazing!!! sure you're not alex hirsh:D (Big Grin) 
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Awesome colors 
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it`s awesome!
the colours make this image so...lively.
I really like it ^^
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I hope this happens during the final episode.
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I have less and less hopes for that now
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whatcha talkin bout, its awesomeness!
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this picture made me squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel (but silently my whole family is sleeping)
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Appreciate ‘em while you still got ‘em, folks. Parents, grandparents, whoever’s there in your family, whenever time allows you the chance, give them a call or go out and see them. Listen to their stories before you create one of your own, for you may just learn something along the way. Hell, no-one has ever written a completely original story before, especially with 105 billion people who have lived before you in all of human history. :nod:


That’s basically the message I got from this pencilled-in drawing, and I feel like it works in its own way. If I’m not mistaken, Gravity Falls seems like a very simple town on the surface, just a quiet place for young and old to get together and live in contentment. It doesn’t have to be complex at all for it to work, and that’s what I believe this drawing set out to be.


I could imagine a scene like this as the “Gramps” might get some soup and the kiddies chow down on French fries, and you know what? That would be good enough for me. Besides that, the characters and setting turned out fine as well. Just keep it up, I reckon. :nod:

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"Didn't turn out that good???" Dude this is good!
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Dipper wants to join Stanley but Stanley is overprotective...
Infact, Dip never gets to tag along...
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I sincerely hopes this will happen.
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Yeah, me too. But I don't think it'll happen right away. Maybe the series' end, if everyone survives.
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I think the second half of the season will be actions packed. I mean, Grunkle Stan is wanted (unless the agents died) and wherever Stanley came from was hard to survive, based on his clothing and harsh expression. It could be they'll go on the run with the younger twins and Soos.
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Actually, its kinda action packed but kinda humorous too, i have a clip-…
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