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Hey guys! i decided to give you guy abit of thoughts on some song that I think Clerkenwell Kid would'of looked his best in..the list mabye short and I might update this so bare with me..

Also,Clerkenwell Kid does not belong to me he belongs to 'the real thursday weld' so give them credit for remaking his songs and the music didn't belong to me either so give the creators credit for makeing lovely music..

3. Alice Francis- shoot him down
Like we see in his kix video he breaks up with his girlfriend and she kicks him out, but what if that wasn't enough for Clerkenwell Kid to see her for cheep shows? This song would change the plot to his girlfriend showing how angry she is at him.

3. CAZZETTE- she wants me dead
This kind still goes to his girlfriend, but we see him singing the tone realy suits his style..even though he sounds like he's worried..we would probibly make it look like he's impressd at his ex-girlfriend

1.Caravanplace- lone digger
If you wanna watch the music video, I highly suggest you dont..its realy for kids nor teens, but the song realy sets the mood of it all..the theme the words, everything!

And that's it for my top 3...hope you guys like!

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May 11, 2017
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