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From today....I will post art on amino. My profile is Dementionalroleplay. My account wont be deleted. But I will move my art posting to amino
Knd was my favorite childhood cartoon, my ideal rp idea would be alternate aus or fan chs

Rules: please be nice in the comments
only up to Pg 13 rps
only certian cursing is aloud
Dont make your ch kick everyone's butts
Please make more then one sentence, it would help the story.

Knd isnt mine
( Spoiler Warning!)
The movie mirror is a film basically about a newer/better-fish version of the brothers grim snow white and the seven dwarf's. It was realised in 2012, reviewers like rotten tomatoes find the movie ok, I can agree with that cause the movie to me the movie could use a few changes, it could'of used some different scenes, but still the film did do a good job.
Now before we go into what I think should change about the film, I'll explain abit about the film.
The film starts with the queen saying that this movie is about her side of the story and what actually happened, witch apparently we can see some things are different from the real story some of us know.
The film is sorta a robin hoodish style of the film to basicly explain most of it without ruining it.
Now heres what I think should change in the film to make it abit better. The beginning is great, but the animation dosnt realy compare to the actress of the evil queen. What I'm saying is that the actress for her should'of been a different person like Penelope Cruz or Cher because of there how they look. Also the outfit and style the queen were's should'of looked more like an evil mistress, yes the scenery would have to change, but it would be probably nice if it does.
So the princess is still a princess..but the queen wants to remain queen! The story should'of took a twist sooner for the queen to try and kill her. Another thing is that snow white should'of found out that the queen just killed him by poisoning him..just that. When snow white runs away of danger, she should'of been saved by the dwarfs then and then learn how to fight.

And there you have it. that's my review for MIRROR MIRROR. I hope you liked it.
does anyone wanna role play with me?
Warning: Teen rated: smokeing and creepy moments
story belongs to me, it isnt a real story and is now a part of a new series))

I use to not be a night person, I didnt usually like going to do anything past 8 or 9 pm because one, I have a fear that somone in the dark is gonna grab me and kidnap me, and two I hated losing sleep when I have work to do around 5 or 7 am.

But one night, that sorta, changed.
I now stay up till 10 pm from now on, and I'll explain why I dont sleep any earlier.

It was the end of my work shift, I just changed back to my regular cloaths and I went home  for the evening. Like I usually use to do, I went straight home after I got some dinner at a fast food place and got ready for bed.
It was around 9:50 and I had a job meeting tommarow, so I called it a night.

But after 6 minutes of sleep, I herd this weird sound outside my house.
In fact, it sounded like somone or something was taping on my window downstairs.

I went to take a look to see what it was, before i could reach the bottom of the stairs though, i accidentally ran into my dog who barked at me.
When he did though, the tapping stopped.

I decided to head back to bed. I thought it was probably was an owl.
That morning though, I got a visit from the cops..
They told me that, there was kidnapper out there around my neighborhood.

And all they knew about him... was that after he enters the victim's house before 10 pm....he makes this tapping noise that lure them into a false sense of curiosity...he mostly target people who work where I do.
The reason, my boss fired him for smokeing in his office... and I hate smokeing.

That's why I dont sleep till 10 pm..that's because I fear hes going to come back for me.
just an idea....anyone can be a part of it

Pg 13 limit
Your attention please, we will soon enter the inkwell islands. 3 islands were they take you to 3 diffent worlds of the 1930's and 1940's . There' island 1, where you can explore the magic of the golden age of animation. Island 2, where the magic of fairytale worlds realy comes alive. And island 3, were the city is one of the most lavashing places to be, along with visiting the casino. For your safty, we recommnd to dress in the outfits the managers offer you, and never mention anything of the modern world. Always fallow the instructions your manager will offer you, and most importantly, do not temper with the androids. If you are founded breaking all 3 , you will ether be suspendd from 1-all 3 of these islands for a limited time, or will be fined a charge of $1,000.
And always remember your children, Thank you, and enjoy your time here!


While I was playing cuphead, I looked at the background in Dr. kahlls fight and it looked kinda off. That's cause the aura of the sky and background looked different then inkwell isle 3.

My qestion for this is, ' who is he? and is he realy from the 1930 inkwell island?'

Now, to you, you might ask ' wait, what do you mean ' is he from the 1930?'
Well that's cause I think he's actually from the future. Not suprised yet? well, here is why I think he's from the future.

1. Inkwell isle 3 looks peaceful before you enter his fight, but when you do, the background looks like there's something bad going on.

2. there are more buildings and factorys in his fight
Now I know what your gonna say,' But inkwell isle 3 is a city!' Yes, but it's also an island, so why does it look more like new york?

3. Dr. kahll doesn't appper in the good ending of cuphead AT ALL. Where is he even?

All these things made me think that he is from the future, in a time when robots in a 1930's image existed……

But now that i think about it more...if dr. kahl doesn't exist in the good ending, then does he exist in the bad ending??

You: Wait what?!

Well, here's how I think it's possible. You see, people didn't only appreciated the idea of robots, people also feared it because they thought they'll become a danger to humans, like a frankisteins monster or an abusive husband. The comon fear was it having feelings of its own.
So maybe dr. kahl was a scientist who invented a robot, but she to people fearing robots they probibly called him a mad man. Soon in the future, the cup bros give the devil the contracts and soon plan to take over inkwell isle. The devil finds dr. kahl and makes a deal to use his robot to take over the past.

But that's just a theory! untill next time!

Let me know if you liked that theory or if i missed some stuff.
All charecters belong to mdhr studio
Hi guys, If you have read the tittle you might have guessed that I have decided to make a ' who is mal's dad theory ' like everyone else. Now this theory isnt realy my own theory, it's been a theory for awhile and I hope it's true ( I realy wanna see old villans agin |#|).

Anyways this theory will have spoilers for descendents 1 and 2, so if you haven't watched those go do that and let's begin.

Evidence one: The spell that defeats malefacent

In descents 1 mal defets her mother malifecent with a spell that turns malefacent into the size of her heart, witch as fairy godmother said is very small.
But how did mal know about a spell that turned her mom into a lizard?
Malefecents spells are more of the ' death by pricks' and 'destroy everything' spells.
But in fantasia, cherabong turned 3 fire women into animals, possibly as a symbol as to who they realy are, he even turns them into imps for goodness sakes!
This peice may not realy help the theory, but it can relate to what happens in the movie.

Evidence 2: The barrier
In the 1st film, mal said that all the villans are banished to the isle and that isle has a barrier surrounding them. But mal never said how the barrier was made. Yeagh, I know not that important in the story. But I wonderd why that fairy godmother's wand and a...button are the only things that can open the barrier.
I think it's because there full of good magic( curse you button from the limo now I think you actually a magic stone).
Cherabong is a villan, so his magic is likely evil magic. Maybe cherabong's weakness is good magic. So it's possible beast used cherabong's magic to make a barrier.

Evidence 3 : Normal secrets


Mals seceret: Her middle name is birtha

((sorry, had to say that as evedence))

Evidence 4: The blue fire

Yes, hades has blue fire hair, BUT Chernabog also can use blue fire as power. Just cause your dad has blue fire dosent mean it's 100% comedy villan

Evidence 5: cherabong and malifecent

In Disney's house of mouse, cherabong tells malefecent that he likes her work. People say that this could be big evidence that there both a couple, and I hope they are, cause there's no doubt with that…
(You can look up the video if ya want, it's probibly on youtube)

That my freinds is part one on my theory. Let my know if you have any evidence if mal's dad is chernabong and I'll make part 2 or comment who you think is mal's dad in descendents 3.

Also, wanna see me draw chernabong if he was in decendents 3?
Comment down below if you do!
Wanna talk or rp?
Note: This isn't an earth chan thing! it's just an idea I had!

Many year ago, more then you can count. there was a piece of the galaxy we called the solor system. In that solor system lived 9 planets(( I know what your gonna say, I'm trying to do something here)) and a star

The sun
& Pluto

All of them lived happy together, Even  with there flaws, they made sure they would always be together and protect one another

there was another being named, TwinHole or Black hole
He looked like a skeleton with for hair and had dark purple bones
He was known to whatever he touched, he destroyed.
He once almost destroyed Pluto by accedent, but the scars sticked with him.

Now, this isn't all about TwinHole or the 8 1/2 planets, it's about Earth.

Earth was a delicate being who loved her planet neighbors  & the animals that lived on her. But there was a problem she had, HUMANS.

Now I'm not blaming all of them for the problem, some of them just think it's survival for the fittest. But this was killing earth and makeing her weaker.
And it was also the perfect time for Twinhole to keep her forever, cause he never realy liked the planets, but earth was like a monalesa to him.

But who do you wish to see first?((play as))


Twinhole ((pick his story))
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Hey guys what's up, just the other day a new Micky short called " New shoes was released on YouTube, if you want to watch it click the the link here so there are no spoilers

Now alot of use wanted to see owsald woth his own show, or at least be a main charecter for a tv seris, since it's been so long since Oswald has been a star besides being in the epic micky seris.
I saw alot of micky mouse shorts and wanted to say how Oswald would be a good role in there, but I'll let you guys comment on what episode you want me to do, or I'll post the next one.

In New shoes, Micky Donald and goofy swich body's after violently getting hit by Pete. Things seem pretty well so far untill they see it's not so great being in somone else's body, they eventually switch back to there original s elfs and that's the episode.

Now how would Oswald play in this? Well first goofy and Donald wouldn't be the ones to get there body's switch. I think it would be just micky and Oswald's body getting switched, we might see micky experinceing all possibly 10 of oswalds kids. Yeagh, I think there's 10.
Maybe Oswald will experience mickys love, fame, his freinds goofy and donald, and might run into Minnie and create abit of a problem.
Now who would switch there body's? And who would switch them back?

Well I'm abit of a classic Disney fan here, so maybe Pete will be the cause of the problem. Maybe Ortensia and Minnie find out what happens and if possible The mad scientist could help them get there body's back. Even though he's had alot of evil plots in his day.

That's my way of seeing Oswald in New Shoes
What do you think would happen?
Comment below and give sujestions
All the charecters belong to disney
We've had alot of theorys on Disney villans and who theoy could be and why they did the things we wouldn't possibly do. But there's one villan we all missed besides Pete, mickys dognapper...The mad doctor.
Now before you comment, this theory is going to be abit short. So please don't get mad about this being a short theory and if you don't like this theory then you don't have to say a thing!  

The mad doctor is one of my favorite charecters of the Disney villans, I mean, he does show he's MAD.
But I'm courious about who this guy is, and I do probibly have a story.

When I listen to his voice, there's somone I think he's related to.
The way he works with animals is as cruel as somone I know.
The way he'll get what he wants even off he has to take it a step far shows he's like somone
Even the colored of his beard gives proof to who I think he's reated to...

Cruela devel

Yup, I think these two have some type of relationship with eachother. Possibly there either both cousins, or the Mad doctor is Cruelas dad.
There work is there same but in different directions.
While Cruela devel's work is twords fashion and furs, the doctors work is twords genetic DNA testing, in a kinda bloody way.

Even both there works are despised by people, I think the Mad doctor work is despised cause he litterly works in an abandond castle insted of an actual lab, And Cruela's work is despised by dog lovers. And that's the big thing!

Both of them are involved to use dogs for there work.

Maybye the Mad doctor and Cruela devil even share there work with eachother. Maybe the Mad doctor gave Cruela devil the idea to use puppys for her fashion line, he is mad after all.

But that's just a theory! Until next time! Bye!

Charecters are owned by disney

DjimmiGreat br4ndonm4rio
Read part 1 to get started, also, spoilers for epic mickey…

Last time on my theory, I discussed how I thought Prescott turned dark in the 2nd game. I mean, he was such a loveable charecter, and then he became envious of the other gremlins..or was it actually jealousy that did this?
If you watch the opening to epic micky 2, you can see that Prescott is himself..and what's supriseing, he's enjoys the doctor saying he wants to help out fix wastland and save it.

Also, I said last time the blot probibly wasn't fully destroyed because of the blotlings appearing. I then had a thought, maybe scince the mad doctor risked his toony self for power, maybe he contained the rest of the remaining blot, this might even explain were he got so much thinner In the final boss.

So maybe the doctor was the one that convinced presscot ( obviously) to make all those machine for him to take over wastland. And how about this for back up evidence(even it it dosnt work provably), there a sketch called the tv sketch witch micky can use distract enemy's in a way. Maybye the doctor advanced that sketch to distract toons free will, even prescotts own will from telling what's the real truth.
And in one scene when prescotts still mind controlled, he says random theme park things while mumbling between them.
It's possible the mad doctor used Prescott as a scap goat so he can try to get away with his plans, but as we see in the good ending, he obviously learns that respect doesn't come from power.

But this was just a theory! Until next time! Bye!
br4ndonm4rio DjimmiGreat
Hello and welcome to AnyTheory, a place where i make theory's that are possibly fact about games, people and anything. This theory is possibly going to be one of my first ever theory that's not only Disney themed, but has abit of detail that could be true. I warn you though that this has spoilers and you should play or watch the epic mickey to catch up. With that said, lets guess what happened to Prescott in epic mickey 2.

In epic mickey 2, we learn that Prescott only wanted to be loved and have respect for his ideas. We even hear him that someone told him he couldn't be defeated, but who? That made me think someone must be the someone that turned Prescott to the dark side, some of you may say its probably Pete cause of the work conditions the regular toons are in, or the mad doctor because he was the bad guy in the second game. But to me, it probably wasn't Pete, and maybe the mad doctor had something in it. My thoughts, it was possibly the shadow blot.
You in the comments might say," but how?! wasn't he destroyed?!" yes he was destroyed, or was he fully destroyed? Think about it, how are there still blot monsters in the second game? We see him get blown up, but we don't see him decenagrate, or any proof he's really dead. And if you look at the blotlings color and Prescotts cloathing color....
(images belong to Disney (and wiki) )

...No, Prescott wouldn't! would he?
I'm not ending my profile...the email is just bad...realy I'm staying also cause you guys were all upset
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Ok, this theory isnt realy a good theory and it might go all over the place for you don't have to read this.

In cuphead, the boss for the devil is hard in normal mode, and it got harder since the patches the studio made. One thing though I've thought of though was a certain charecter from one of mobys music video. The charecter is from the music video ' are you lost in a world like me?' witch is a sad music video about the terrible addiction to technology, and this one charecter I mentioned is the only charecter who isn't the one to conform to technology.

But when I looked at him and the devil, I had abit of a brain shocker. What if they were the same person?

Ok mabye they arnt the same person cause of time, but inkwell isle is a 'magical' island and the game cuphead was released around 1 year ago, and mobys music video was released around a year as well.

To answer to you why I think that the devil and kid moby are the same, I think I find it odd for the devil to cry in the final phase, and his crying looked like pure emotional pain feeling crying.
In mobys music video, after a girl jumps off a building and no one does a thing to stop her, kid moby begins to cry.

Another comparison is the way there shaped, the devil is furry and moby has no to little hair, they both have a big thing we can notice to recognize them.
Somone also cares for them, there's a dog that make kid moby happy, and there's king dice that's the devils manager. They are both as well different from the world around them, possibly because there abit smarter then the people we see

The thing I think makes them different is how they live, the devil owns a casino and kid moby is an orphan running around in the street.

Here's what I think the story could be.
After moby saw the girl jump and no one doing about it, he decided he had enough! He was tierd of how people were acting in his world, so he decided like any little boy in a cartoon world would do, find a magical world with powers. When moby did find inkwell isle, he was suprised at what he saw, people around him was what he hoped his world would hopefuly be like.

Later moby meets a child named king dice and became freinds with him, kid moby also gets smarter and slier since we know dice as the slezy manager or the devils right hand man. Weeks or so later moby explains why he's here to king dice.
When dice agrees to help him, he tells him a rumor about a cave with a weapon called the 'devils trident' wich had the power to let the welder of the trident make deals with other people to get stronger.
When moby found the trident and claimed it though, he became the devil of inkwell isle we know today, and had been makeing deals with the residents, until cuphead and mugman made him see the light.

But that's just a theory! Until next time!

Hope you guys enjoyed that theory! if you did leave a like and comment what you think realy happened and who the devil realy is. if you have any cuphead theorys you want me to make let me know.

Kid moby is owned by moby
The devil is owned by mdhr

Cuphead is a game about 2 brothers who have to collect contracts from other deptors so they wouldn't have to pay the price for cupheads greedy stupidity.
Sometimes we don't know what the deptors signed a contract for, sometimes we kinda see clearly what deals the deptors made. But one deptor in cuphead got me courious after watching this video of Unused fotage of sallys boss fight (
Some people say her deal was to be a a big star agin because it takes place in the 1930's during the depression area.

But to me, this is something bigger..what if sallys deal with the devil, was that her husband was never killed?

Now this might not be sallys actual deal, but it could of been. Why didn't studio mdhr delete the footage? Why did they leave it in the cuphead files? Could this mean that her husband was killed in a different time?

This is what I think what I think made a deal with the devil.
Before sallys wedding, Sally and her husband had planed to be actors for inkwell isle and raise a family together.

On the day of the wedding though, a piece of heavy decoration fell on sallys husband crushing him to death.

The priest decided to help Sally with her depression by taking her to a place where she can learn to be a nun, since she had lost he only love.
One night though, Sally begins to get dreams where she dies and goes to heaven to join her husband as a guardian angel and her husband as a normal angel pleasuring life in paradise.

Sally begins to believe that this dream means that she can't live without him. Even if it was against they way she was taught to become a nun, she decided to risk makeing a deal with the devil that her husband was never killed.
When she came back to where the nunnery was sapose to be, she sees a mansion instead where her husband was standing at. She then decided to look around and learn what had changed, witch is what we see in the boss fight we already know..

And that's my theory to what sallys actual deal was with the devil. Do you think that's what actually happened? or do you have other thought?

Comment below if you have a theory for this and if you have any theory you want me to make about cuphead
Go here for the rules…
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