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Manga-cun's info: Fanart yandere simulator  by DementionalArt Manga-cun's info: Fanart yandere simulator  by DementionalArt
When he's stalking oka: Oh oka,how I crave for you.Your eyes are like a purple diamond mine,your hair like the midnight air.I would understand you,and your club,I wish to be with you forever though. But how i,as different as you, convince his love to you? Mabye there is a chance for me to. I am someone who always try's! ok, i'll tell her tomarrow."

Quest: " Well,I did have this 'lucky ink pen' with me. My grandmother gave it to me as a family heirloom and now I'm worryed that if she finds out that I lost it, she have a heart attack! I promise I'll return the favor!" "You found the pen..Oh thank you so much! As promised I'll return you the favor, for starters I'll be your pal forever! just tell me if you need anything else!"

if you ask about his secret: " Oh, you have it all wrong! I don't do gross stuff like some students say!

yand.: Then, what is your secret that people keep talking about?

manga: i-its a problem my sister has..

yand.: what?

Manga: After my sister left sempi,he's been doing alot of mean things to her.

yand.: But..he's a nice guy.

Manga: he looks that way...

yand.: what things does sempi keep calling your sister?

manga: I think its..'you'll never be as good as osana?'

yand.: ..I'm going to stop sempi from teasing your sister.

manga: Wha? how?

yand.: you'll see

manga: well..thank you for decide to help, it'll make my sister alot happier!

yand.: your welcome.

the base belongs to GirlMoonDevil

base is here…

yandere simulator belongs to yandere dev
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February 25, 2017
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