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Girl with bullfinches

[link] - Gif process of work.
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BoFeng's avatar
i love the mood in your pictures
Lactopi's avatar
Hmm, bullfinches huh? Haven't heard of them though they look awfully cute ^_^

Very nicely drawn!
dianaghiba's avatar
I simply love this!
asomaguy's avatar
I love this piece, as-well as your others. Hope to see more. Keep on!!
BlueDragon62's avatar
Excellent painting! As with many in your gallery, at first glace I think it could have passed as photograph!
J-Skipper's avatar
This wonderful piece of art has been featured here: [link]
DikDikVanDik's avatar
просто шикарно смотрится!
Aidaclaire's avatar
Wow! Nice work!
Aidaclaire's avatar
Wow! Nice work!
Scarl785's avatar
her eyes are a bit ''zoned out '' she looks like she is in a daze ...the eyes could have been a bit more focused .
Zukira-Phaera's avatar
beautiful use of color. The eyes just jump out at you.
Baccano6's avatar
This is a lovely piece!:D
AiniRahma's avatar
shadowshot9's avatar
is that snow in the foreground? or does it just seem that way?
K-aze's avatar
very pretty 0:
Seylyn's avatar
Masterfully painted! Such a delicate palette :)
Sabrerine911's avatar
Realy beautifull!Such emotion traspires!
PeterPaul24's avatar
DrawDrone's avatar
You have a great skill in blending colors together. Very well done piece.
VV-Niala's avatar
So realistic...
The work is really amazing!
pyro-helfier's avatar
Very nice. It has a fairy tale sort of feeling to it- she reminds me a bit of Alice mixed with snow white.
robSHEPart's avatar
Well done use of muted colors.
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