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Hiya! I am still open for commissions. I have been commissioned to draw characters for games, books and more personal purposes before, and I have only had good experiences and good response.

I usually work rather fast, depending on the complexity of the piece, so I won't keep you waiting for too long ;) (Wink) I also have nothing against drawing NSFW stuff, altough I prefer to keep it artistic and not straight up pornographic. I will always supply at least ONE WIP for you before I start colouring, if anything would need to change.

Example prices:

Portrait $25: Portrait/Bust, full colour, simple/clear background. Extra details + $5.

Waist-up $35: Waist-up/Torso, full colour, simple/clear background. Detailed background + $10. Extra character + $15.

Fullbody $45: Full body, full colour, simple/clear background.
Detailed background + $10. Extra character + $15.


If you like my stuff and find yourself interested in commissioning me, please PM me.
Hiya! I am now open for commissions!
With the holidays coming up I once again have time to take comissions! Prices start at 15$, but will vary depending on the scale and complexity of the commission.

Guidelines :

-Send me a note/message here with what you're interested in and information about the piece (all prices will be negotiated via PM).
-I'll send you the high resolution file once the payment is completed (via PayPal).

-Adding characters will cost extra. Prices may vary depending on complexity.
-If you commission me, you have the right to use the image for personal purposes (website, avatars ect..)
-You may not claim the work to be your own.

If you are interested in something not listed here, please contact me.

In other news, a new role-playing forum for all us swedish speaking people have been started!

Head on over to and have a look around!
Perhaps the vampire is so compelling precisley because he is so repellent. Perhaps he works so powerfully on our imaginations because he represents such a distortion of human nature, a reversal of everything normal. And perhaps - just perhaps - we are fascinated by him because, in our heart of hearts, we want to be just like him.
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Got tickets for KISS, as they are playing in Sweden 30/5.

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The Hobbit movies will be made with Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh as producers! New Line and Jackson have reached agreement, the dispute between New Line boss Shaye and Jackson seems to be settled. Jackson and Walsh will produce two Hobbit movies, a director isn't named yet. Both movies will be shot simultaneously, like The Lord of the Rings movies were. Production will start in 2009, the movies are scheduled to come to our cinemas in 2010 and 2011.

I'm so bloody happy. I love Peter Jackson <3 I don't care if he's thin or if he's fat, he's still a frekkin' genius! I love him, I love him, I love him.

*can't find any words to describe my happiness*
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So. Yeah. I got a tattoo today. I'm just so stupid X)

Promise I'll post a better picture as the tattoo have healed.
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I saw Amon Amarth and Týr as they played in sweden this sunday. They rocked and the people were all crazy and stuff. I got beer in my shoes (don't ask) and now they smell nice.

And so, after like.. 1½ month of an total artblock, I have finally drawn a picture. Me likes.


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Yesturday [24/09-2006] I saw Blind Guardian live in Arenan, Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
I'm so glad I got tickets.
That was the best, freaking consert I ever been on. When BG comes back to Sweden I'll be prepeared, I'll be there, I'll be ROCK'N!

Powermetal forever!