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Tarot Set: Harry Potter Theme

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EDIT March 9, 2011

I have decided to post some FAQs about this deviation, considering I keep getting asked the same questions over and over again.

> Why is this *insert character* in this *insert card name* It should be *insert Character* ??

I would like to say, i did not write the descriptions. I was only asked to do this along with a friend of mine. The descriptions was made by a fellow Member of the Harry Potter Group i belonged to.

> Why did you only make the Major Arcana?

Thats the only one that I was asked to do. And I have no intention of making a whole set, I am Not really familiar with the Tarot and from the limited knowledge I have about tarot is that each card has a specific color or things that must be included in each card. I rather not be in the firing range of Tarot aficionados ^^

> Can i have a copy?
Sorry No, This is solely for Pinoy Harry Potter Group


The complete set yay~! to be used for the New World's Event this may 23 and 24 ^^

Im finally done T_T


harry potter (c) JK Rowling
HP tarot card (c) Pinoy Harry Potter
Lineart (c) !blacksakura
Colors, Layout and everything else (c) =dementedmonkey

0 - THE FOOL (Gilderoy Lockhart); To go forth blindly on an unknown path.
Ignorance is Bliss

I - THE MAGUS (Harry with Wand, at Ollivander's); Person with strong
potentials, has skills and talents to accomplish his tasks or goals. Power
is at hand.

II - THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Hermione carrying books); Keeper of wisdom and
knowledge. Has practical or working know-how but needs to be tempered with
tact. Research?

III - THE EMPRESS (Minerva McGonagall); An independent and strong-willed
woman. Stern and matriarchal but can also be nurturing when needed.

IV - THE EMPEROR (Dumbledore in his office); With great power comes great
responsibility. Decisions are not enough, do something!

V - THE HEIROPHANT (Remus Lupin); An elder who has been through a lot.
Experience is the best teacher.

VI - THE LOVERS (James and Lily Potter); a romantic life-bond. True
happiness is at hand. The search is almost over.

VII - THE CHARIOT (Ron Weasley on a Knight on giant Wizard's Chess); Hard
work pays off. Success!

VIII - STRENGTH (Godric's sword); Grace under pressure, inner resolve and
fortitude. Rise to the challenge.

IX - THE HERMIT (The Sorting Hat); Knowledge through seclusion and
meditation. Time for quiet reflection.

X. WHEEL OF FORTUNE (The Moving Staircases); Fate has the upper hand. Either
go with the flow, or challenge Fate. Do what you must.

XI - JUSTICE (Harry vs. Draco, Wizard's Duel); Balance needs to be achieved.
Must compromise for Yin and Yang.

XII - THE HANGED MAN (Sirius Black in Tower Cell); Indecision and
self-sacrifice. Sort priorities and have faith.

XIII - DEATH (Time-Turner); Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.

XIV - TEMPERANCE (Madam Pomfrey); Exercise moderation and caution. Patience
is a virtue.

XV - THE DEVIL (Professor Quirrel and Lord Voldemort); Don't even think
about it. Do not give in to the Dark side. Give up and you lose.

XVI - THE TOWER (Lucius Malfoy); A sense of impending DoomTM. Pride goes
before the fall.

XVII - THE STAR (Quidditch Harry chasing after Snitch); Wishes do come true.
Dream, believe, surviveTM.

XVIII - THE MOON (Scabbers and Peter Pettigrew); False hopes,
misconceptions, deception. There's more then what meets the eye.

XIX - THE SUN (House Cup); The rain is gone, no dark clouds on your horizon.
Your path is clear. Happiness!

XX - JUDGEMENT (Fawkes in flight); After death comes rebirth. Rise from the
ashes or despair, for you are given a second chance.

XXI - THE WORLD (Hogwarts Castle); You see the big picture. You're at the
center of the universe. Fulfillment and synergy.
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To put Gilderoy Lockhart in the same Arcana as Minato and Yu, that's a low blow. XD
Ask-Cranz-Bitch's avatar
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This a wonderful version of the Tarot! (Beat my own hands down!) My fave is probably The hanged man: Sirius Black! It's really good!
MelonCupcake's avatar
Very nice idea and I really like the motives^^
But you haven't quite figured out how to make characters un-cute yet:D
Peter Pettigrew being the most obvious. McGonagall and Dumbledore don't look old enough either.
But otherwise good work :thumbsup:
Disneylyric's avatar
Peter has a womanly face. Very pretty.
KoiDragon23's avatar
These are so awesome I wish they made them like this for real.
forestimp45's avatar
This is really cool! A few of the cards aren't the choices I'd have made, but that's part of why I like it! Good job.
Echelon1793's avatar
Very Interesting. I'd love to buy me a set of HP tarot. :)
InsanelyCute's avatar
aaargh! forgot to say: yeah, there are characters like the dementors who didn't make it - but the great arcana consists of only a limited number of cards. hp has enough for 42 cards. like fenrir greyback - easy thing. but - what could the pensive stand for? the mirror of erised? questions without end... now, good night every one! :-)
InsanelyCute's avatar
this is downright awesome! i would have expected snape as the hermit - or probably the strenght. but since the hat is on its own practically all the time and when he is not, he has insight into people's heads, it is just great. As for the strength: I always found him by far the strongest of all characters (both in terms of will power and ambivalent character) but probably you found him too dark for the eight. anyway - this is great. i am no huge fan of hp but this work shows once more that - yes! - hp IS more complex than twilight! good night!
ladyella190's avatar
This is really cool!
KoiDragon23's avatar
This is freakin awesome!!!
CobiTheWolf's avatar
MMm, good themes, but Death should'a been a dementor
BLEACH-Luv's avatar
I just wanted to point out that SIRIUS should be The Star. lol
doubleox515's avatar
wow. great stuff
TheNightmareAuthor's avatar
this is super sweet! i love the way that you matched everyone up! one thing that i can't understand, is why you didn't do the minor arcana. please don't be offended! tarot cards tell a person's story; the Major Arcana (the 22 above) are just the over all plot. the Minor Arcana are the fine details of the story. if it's just one or the other, it's off balance. i suggest that you add in the swords, wands, cups and pentacles. each suit has 14 cards each. i'll gladly take any criticism to this comment.
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Hi! thanks for the comment.
Its one of my popular deviations.
Unfortunately, as I have always mentioned to every time a comment like this pops up, this was actually a sort of commission / favour from a group that I belong to. It wasnt my choice to only do the Major Arcana, thats just what Me and my then boyfriend was asked to do for an event the Harry Potter Group I belong to held on the release of a movie a good while back.
I have no intention of continuing it, since, I am not really that familiar with the whole set. I mean I know tarots, but I am no expert plus I am really not an aficionado. I find it interesting but not enough to create a whole set. I hope you understand.

I should prolly post something of this sort in my artist comments, since i still occasionally get this sort of comments haha, In any case, Thank you for your comments and interest.
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Impressive work!!!
dementedmonkey's avatar
Its a joint effort. Thank you.
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