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Kallisti IV Request - Royal TickleFest by johnjoseco Kallisti IV Request - Royal TickleFest :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 4,135 169 Epic Sneeze by MACKINN7 Epic Sneeze :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 765 63 0.Big One ! by MACKINN7 0.Big One ! :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 801 59 Terrible night by MACKINN7 Terrible night :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 870 52 Kallisti IV Request - Whassuuuup! by johnjoseco Kallisti IV Request - Whassuuuup! :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 6,196 602 Rainbow Dash by MACKINN7 Rainbow Dash :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 1,236 43 The Royal Princess Cleaning Brigade by johnjoseco The Royal Princess Cleaning Brigade :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 5,773 730 Free Chibi Give Away [On Hold] by MACKINN7 Free Chibi Give Away [On Hold] :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 382 658 Good job ! by MACKINN7 Good job ! :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 1,670 0 Princess Cadence Plush by EquestriaPlush Princess Cadence Plush :iconequestriaplush:EquestriaPlush 439 115 Swimming pool by MACKINN7 Swimming pool :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 1,691 118 Fluttershy by MACKINN7 Fluttershy :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 1,515 58 Charge! by MACKINN7 Charge! :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 1,540 104 Dream by MACKINN7 Dream :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 1,580 75 Merry Christmas ! by MACKINN7 Merry Christmas ! :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 1,187 47 One night by MACKINN7 One night :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 2,336 154




Edit: herp, haven't been here for a while :P
Must that be a giveaway I have been searching for?
Hmmm... I must find a good gif to post here...

___ACTIVE Giveaways!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
:iconsiamchuchusplushies: ( :siamchuchu: ) is having a 15' Fluttershy plush giveaway! :D 
And sooooooonn, It will be mine, MINE, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA :iconfluttershylaughplz:
Siamchuchu'sd Fluttershy Plushie Give Away Hya, People!! :D (Big Grin) 
It's 2 more days until the Plushie Give Away.
Tell your friends, I will surely give this big Fluttershy away to the winner of this Give Away. this is my first time , but I don't care that she is so big. I'LL GIVE HER AWAY, YA HEAR THAT. Keep the watching coming.It seems like they're not so many people interested, but they will regret it,because Fluttershy looks adorable.uhum!!!
SO get ready.
I'll be having this plushie give away.
I'll give away a 15"  Fluttershy pony plush.
Made with minky and machine embroidered details.
So if you want a chance to win ,here are the rules:
1. You should be a watcher
2. Post this in a journal on your page
3. You must make a comment on this journal
4.You must have ONLY one entry per person.
End date is June 15, 2014.
Here are some of my works:

:iconwhitedove-creations: is having a TS Winter wrap up giveaway! Go check it out here!
<da:thumb id="454511374"/>


THEY ALL ENDED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
So apparently, :iconstarmassacre: ( :starmassacre: ) is having a Floppy pony giveaway, which I think it's pretty cute :) , hue, you know what to do
<da:thumb id="452507602"/>
:iconcrescentmoon96: is having a plush giveaway :) Go over here!
or <da:thumb id="444562691"/>
Oh yeah, the rules:
:bademoticon: You must put all links in the Rafflecopter, not in comments here
:bademoticon: You need to make a journal; with a link back to this journal, mention of the prize, me, the rules, and the end date.
:bademoticon: This is a watcher contest, you MUST be watching me"
Prize: A 10"-11" Filly/Colt Plush of a simple OC, or Show Character
And the prize giving thing has been extended to around July 4 instead of May 15.
:iconkiashone: is doing a filly Derpy giveaway! :D
Go read it here :D It looks adorable~ :D
-Winner- Filly Derpy GiveawayCan't wait for the next giveaway!
This was the biggest one so far with 147.

They claimed her. ^W^
Winnner is:
Be nice to him!


Date: March 24- April 7, 2014
The winner will be picked at random on the 7th about 8:30pm central time.
The winner has 24 hours to claim their prize, before redrawing.

This Filly Derpy Hooves:
More picture of her: More picture here:
Rules to Enter:
Must be a watcher.Must write a journal about this giveaway/linking it, and link the journal in the comment below.
One entry per person, multiple entries will be disqualified.
Doesn't matter where you live, but must be 18 or older, or parents don't mind presents form strangers. Shipping is paid by me.No negativity. No complaining. I do these giveaways to share with those who can't afford a plush. I would be sad if people were to

PoniesAndWho ( :iconponiesandwho: ) and sewcrazycreations ( :iconsewcrazycreations: ) are having a contest/giveaway! :D
Winner of the contest gets to have a Derpy plush and the giveaway winner gets to have a Pinkie Pie plush! :D
<da:thumb id="435363543"/>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
perfectlyplushie ( :iconperfectlyplushie: ) is having a giveaway for have over 100 watchers!!! Go look it up here!
100 Watcher GIVEAWAY!To celebrate getting 100 Watchers I am doing a GIVEAWAY! I will give away an MLP Plush on April 1st (free shipping)! Be sure to vote for which pony I should give away!
This is a rafflecopter giveaway so that I can moderate it easily and it will choose a random winner. There are two mandatory things to enter and then several optional ways to get entries, including some that you can do once a day. BE SURE TO PUT LINKS IN THE RAFFLECOPTER so it will count your entry!
To enter click here

Pastelblueunicorn ( :iconpastelblueunicorn: ) is having a choose-your-own-plush giveaway! :D
If you win, you get to choose which character(obviously, that's why it's "choose-your-own") you want! Go look it up here!
<da:thumb id="438691221"/>
:iconadastreet: is having a baby Discord giveaway! :) [ever realize how cute that would be?]
OFFICIAL CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT! - WE HAVE WINNERS![EDIT from Jan 7/8: I realize that Jan 7 is over almost everywhere now, and I am so sorry I didn't get winners announced earlier, but I had some things come up and then making sure my lists were all correct and complete and checking them over twice and then randomizing them so that I could really draw a random name and such just all took waaaaay longer than I thought it would. If I didn't care about making it seriously random then I'd have been done sooner, but I just got all OCD with it and <agfwhfngask!> ...anyway... I DO HAVE WINNERS NOW!!
(and in which the first winner was NOT included)
Congratulations winners, and if you do not note me first then I will note you ver

:iconbelle43: is having a Custom character/Pony laying plush giveaway! Go find it over herreee! (I wonder what I should get.. if I win)
:iconbuttsnstuff: is having a giveaway! :) (mind you..CHIBI) Must has <<<(grammer pun)
<da:thumb id="411131635"/>
:iconcrescentmoon96: is having a pony Beanie plush giveaway! :) Go find it right here!
<da:thumb id="411171010"/>


:iconequinepalette: ( equinepalette ) is having a giveaway because she got over a 100 watchers! Go check this giveaway right now!
<da:thumb id="401671175"/>

:iconzuckerschnuti: is having a double giveaway! WOW. (this too ._.) Anyway.. go find it here! Good luck!
Double plush pony give away!Hey everypony! As promised it's give away time for my 500 watcher give away!
Well.. I thought alot about what kind of plush I should choose.. because the poll was erm.. ya.. not very helpful xD 
I decided to give you two different chances to win!
The Prizes:
First Prize: Winner's OC pony in my new cuddly pattern!
Second Prize: Chibi pony in costume (surprise)
international shipping included!

How to enter?

First Prize:
You have to be my watcherYou have to write a journal about this give awayYou have to fav this journalYou have to draw a picture of my OC Stellar Crystal (every medium allowed). You may NOT use bases or trace other peoples' art – I want to see your own originality! (pictures about nightmare night, christmas, spring and so on are very welcome!)You have to comment this journal (with picture link + jou
:iconpulsefirekitten: ( PulsefireKitten ) [REUPLOADED] is having a giveaway! Go find it here! (This is ending tomorrow and I just posted this ._.)
<da:thumb id="408409651"/>

:iconmoggymawee: is having a giveaway! Go find it right here! :)
or here: 
Pinkie Pie Plushie Giveaway! CLOSEDUpdate (12/10/13):
This contest has officially closed!  I will be drawing and announcing the winner later tonight!  :D (how exciting!)
Thank you all for sharing your stories, entering and GOOD LUCK!!!!!  :D
Update (1/10/13):
Wow!  I'm sooooo touched with the phenomenal amount of responses I've gotten so far!  This is beyond amazing, thank you all so very much :3 and Pinkie thanks you all too!
I've been having a lot of fun reading all your comments :3 most are clever, some are funny, a few are heartfelt.  Thank you all so much for sharing your reasons with me.
I've decided to shorten the contest, and end it on 12th October instead!  This means Pinkie will be able to meet her new owner and home sooner :) 
I was planning to hold another giveaway at 200 watchers, but looks like I'm reaching that target sooner than I'd anticipated... I will definitely be holding one for Christmas though!  ;) 
Anyway!  I'm blabbering and better stop.  Thank you so much again!  I really appreciate all your co
Here is a reason why I love MLP........ SONGS. Yes. SONGS. The songs are catchy as... as...I don't know they're catchy ._. As for the show, the characters are cute when the ponies :iconfluttershysqueeplz:
:iconperuserofpieces: ( :devPersuerofpieces: ) is having a plush giveaway!(ending on Sep. 30)
You can find it right.. HERE!
Pony Plushie Giveaway!EDIT:  Holy potatoes, Batman! 
I've been trying to thank everybody individually, but that has proven a truly herculean task against the tsunami of messages and new faces washing over my inbox!  I'll try to respond to everybody, but in case I don't, consider this my great big THANK YOU to everyone! 
This is just...phenomenal beyond words.  Thank you guys SO much, and best of luck to everypony! 
After four and a half years of being here on DA, I've finally reached what I consider to be a rather impressive milestone--I've reached my 100th watcher!  Frankly, I'm ecstatic to know that one hundred different people have viewed my art and decided that I am worth following--as an artist, I don't believe there is any greater compliment than that.  :-)
So in return for being so kind to me, I want to do something nice for all of you, my watchers!
:iconcrystal-comb: ( Crystal-Comb ) is having a drawing raffle (drawing 'art' not drawing in a raffle... you get it right?..)
uhh yeah so you can find it right here! :)
<da:thumb id="394833439"/> Wait when is it ending? I don't know.. When the participants fill up (that's why I don't know).
And :iconhappykittyplushies: ( HappyKittyPlushies ) is having a plush giveaway.. too!
You can win any one of the plush.. that she is available to make! oh yeah, she's giving away 2.. uhh plush (of course only 1 for each winner)
Go find  it here!..
<da:thumb id="395973748"/>

Well this is all I have for now!


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