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A small marker-painting I created for my advanced studio - created in Trias on Canvas.

I gave this to a good female friend of mine as a wedding gift.

Subject matter is a bit funny - it's supposed to be a pregnant fairy - if you ever see the other pieces from this suite, you'll understand that I was chalenging the idea of the innocent, gentle fairy, since in old fashioned fairy tales they weren't just pretty things that sit on toadstools. They're violent, agreesive and dangerous because they are extremely powerful.

I also tire of the innocent fairy, considering they used to switch their ill-mannered children with those of humans because they had no desire to raise their own brats.

Since she's nude, this gets a mature warning, though human gentials aren't present.
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Canon PowerShot A310
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1/501 second
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5 mm
Date Taken
Jun 4, 2005, 6:55:29 PM
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irishman91's avatar
I know those legeands they used to scare the crap out of me.

The fae who cursed robed and kidnapped human children simpy because they could, thats the old Irish legends that have pretty much faded out....
LunatComa's avatar
This rocks! I like the different take on the whole fairy thing. I think fairies are pretty mischevious and chaotic beings, and love how feral she looks.
bubastis's avatar
I love this, because you know of how most fae really are and because she looks awesome.
You know what I tire of the most though? Those fat "cute" babies with fairy wings. SUCH A HILARIOUS CONTRADICTION. XD
Dembai's avatar
I know - I mean, if you asked anyone what a "Fair One" looked like 1500 years ago they would have slapped you stupid for even asking, lest the Fair Ones make mischef due to being summoned in such a manner.