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Derpy's Socks

Naro's request from the 24 hour mare-a-thon, Naro wanted silly derpy, I wanted to do something in sports socks that don't fit her in my airbrushed style.

Yes, those are muffin-clouds. Yes, she's wearing three yellow socks and one purple-blue sock.

I hope you like this one! Tell me if you like this style!
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Oh man, that is too.....DERPY!!! I love it!
Dembai's avatar
Heehee, thank you!
ChickenPyro's avatar
aww shes so sexy nau
Dembai's avatar
Heehee, socks are always sexeh...
clouds of cookie dough?
Dembai's avatar
Well, they're supposed to be like muffin tops. XD
BlackBoltThunder's avatar
Well Dembai, you made it into EQD!
Dembai's avatar
I know, I'm so happy! <3
datNaro's avatar
Oh, wow. This is great.

It'll take some time getting used to the muscly definition, but this is amazing.
Dembai's avatar
I'm glad you like! I couldn't help putting in muscle definition. It's an old habit. XD
Maddog3060's avatar
The increased muscle definition is interesting. The wings look kinda odd, though, like crystal shards out of her back than feathers.

Overall a good picture. I likes. (Who doesn't like Derpy? Dirty, filthy Communists, that's who.)
Dembai's avatar
I thought about toning down the definition I put into the wings, but I sort of like them looking sort of stark and glittery.
Maddog3060's avatar
*Shrug* It's a personal thing; sometimes people disagree.

But as I said, I like the picture nonetheless.
owlity's avatar
Derpy is in muffin-heaven! Nice work!
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Well done Momma Dembai :3
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