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Most people refer to this painting as "The Barfing Fairy"...for obvious reasons.

The story behind where this image came from was due to my highly unimpressed art professor who deemed that "fairies are not a subject that can show depth, meaning, or any emotion beyond mind-numbing innocence". I did several sketches of what I considered to be 'unlikely fairies', which you can see in my gallery.

(pregnant) Tigerlily: [link]
(insane/violent) APPLELEAF!!!: [link]

My idea was that if clover (the plant) has a fairy, he'd be a drunk, and sort of wasting away like a strung out rocker on heroin. I drew several images of him doing various rude things, but then one of the sketches happened to be him losing his wine. It dawned on me that the image was exactly the opposite of what my professor was complaining about, and thus, this image was born.

It has a unique meaning to everyone who sees it - but it's the feelings of beauty combined with the grotesque that I personally find so chalenging.

Due to the way the brush strokes hit the canvas, there was no way to prevent glare - here it is on his bottle, and behind his back. I will be uploading a version of this in my scraps that has the glare elsewhere, so you can see the bottle better.

Oil on Canvas - roughly 3'x4'...though I can't recall the exact measurements.
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Very nice, kind unsettling when compared to the other fairy pictures i seen but good all the same.

this fairy is deifnatly Irish ...
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I love you. Let us have clone babies.
Dembai's avatar
LOL - ::dies::
Deadenddoll's avatar
It looks a bit like Marilyn Manson :)
Dembai's avatar
^^; Trust me, that wasn't my intention. I was thinking more of a character from an anime - the image from the very beginning of the opening theme of the lead singer from Black Heaven from the anime 'Legend of Black Heaven'.

But who knows - that guy might well be based off of Manson. ::laughs::

At any rate - Clover has big alien-like eyes when you can see them, which neither character has. x3
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[link] <--here you can see the bottle and the area behind his back more clearly.
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WOW thats really good. You're professor must be a real high-strung anal pain in the ass kind of guy, if he cant appreciate fairies or things of such nature. I think you did a wonderful job and though I'm not a fairy person but ANYTHING can show depth and meaning. Even sparkly fairies. But you took a different twist to the fairies, another side if you will. ITs really great, I like your viewpoint.
Dembai's avatar
::laughs:: Thanks! My teacher's actually female. One would think she'd be a little more in touch with nature...but then again, I think she had a thing for driving me insane because I told her flat out I wanted to be a commerical artist.
Itachi-hime's avatar
She didn't want you to be a commercial artist? What a stick in the mud....
Dembai's avatar
Same teacher told me that computer art wasn't real art, since hte computers do all the work.

She was just one of those "Fine artists" who don't get the new art scene, because they're beyond that sort of thing. And of course, people who sell their talent, and allow themselves to be TOLD what to draw are far inferior to REAL artists, who get paid for their own inspiration!

No one would ever buy this or put it up in a real gallery. So...I guess...I lose?

Itachi-hime's avatar
No, you follow your own ambition. And as long as you love to do something, then nothing really matters. If you can get paid to do something you love, you win at life. You have the best job ever. Wouldn't any artist pity the man who has the same monotonous schedule and sits and types in a small cubicle all day? Everyone is told what to do and its those artists who follow their own inspriation who live on bread and water their whole lives and rarely get appreciated and those who do are dead first. I would definately put your work up in a gallery. It sounds like this teacher has no respect for anything. A real hoity-toity old person who needs to just... die. Sorry, i hate people like that. Just follow your passion and remember if you love to do something, then do it. You really dont want to be stuck in a cubicle do you?
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Hells no. x3

Thanks Itachi. I could only convince my fiance not to put this up in the living room... :sweatdrop:
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I like this, great representation, I always though of Clover as more of a fighter, but that could be the irish thing
Dembai's avatar
The Drunkeness too. ::laughs:: St. Patty's day...though I figured wine was a bit better for the image, because beer...just shouldn't be poured on the ground.
ADarkerBreed's avatar
good point, would have been an even better point if you said tequila
Dembai's avatar
but then I should have drawn him flat on his face. x3
coolmarvin's avatar
Great colouring :D
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