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:icondeman812:deman812 posted a status
Certainly has been a while!!

Helloooo, thought it was time I poked my head out of the cave and post an update :3

To sum it up, not much... Almost passed NCEA lvl 3 (was just 8 points off! D: ), have been caught up in playing War Thunder most of the time (with Youtube and anime on the side), had a pretty good Christmas (didn't get sunburned for once :D), pretty much a good past year.

The main kicker was the amount of art I managed to draw... very little :/
I have gotten a new sort of style/technique for drawing animals and items, which is partially inspired by GAGBAGCHEN (but is instead drawn and not as good as his ;-; ). May as well put those up some stage when lighting is better (currently around 9pm).

The Leopard 2 I started is a bit more along since last time, but it's still incomplete and needs some more attention (which it wont get :P).

Writing has also been something shelved for the moment. May pick it up again this summer, as well as a few other short things I may come up with.

At some stage I plan on drawing a ship of some degree from the age of sails, most likely going to just be made up, because I copy/heavily reference too many things... (like some other things I have posted, but at least they were also free-handed). So yeah, maybe something to expect some stage?

At any rate, I hope to be a little more active this year (potentially getting into a polytechnic when I hand in the sodding admission slip...) but we'll see! I'm lazy and easily distracted! YAAAAAAAAY!

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