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Hello mister or miss or missessssssseseseseseesssss/missers (damnit... mrs.) whoevermaybereadingthis, I am back from... nowhere, I just haven't posted anything for a while (minus the wip...).
As seen in that bracketed part, I am working on something... not so exciting for the watchers I'd imagine, but something I'm quite interested in and was requested of since the start of the year abouts. I also still have to finish Timtamtimmy's request, but I still have yet to figure out how to sunflower field, AND keep my interest. My process is making it seem like a bit- pain. Buuuut is no big pain since I still have yet to even start :iconheplz:

News: I went on an "amazing race" with a church group, where I have had a stone and various other concrete dwelling things in my palm. Am not happy... It doesn't hurt, but (probably shouldn't write, might scare off readers >.>) so I might not know until it's healed. Good thing it's just a small puncture and nothing serious. Happy though that recently I found an old roleplay friend. She seems very serious about what she does, since she stopped replying to my lame jokes... *cough cough*

Anywhoooooo, as usual, look inside my favourites tab (… in case you're lazy) for more great artists, both pro and amateur (don't feel bad, I can't even draw a consistent character, or style x3 Angus, shush, those drawings were referenced.) I actually realized there should be over 200 deviants/deviations in the sub folder, but y'know... I was young and reckless.

(Side note; might do Christmas theme, but I doubt my ability to Christmas (I can't even English... I swear I spent most my time on this correcting myself.))
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Yes, mister/miss whoevermaybereadingthis! (sorry, I don't know who does, apart from Ssam x3)

Now before I rant about random shoop, I just want to say that I do have some art! Just... art. Not complete or anything (that should probably come before this...) The first part is one a friend requested from me (which I am killing myself about. REDO!) and some self help for what I need to improve after reading :iconnsio:'s tutorials on how to do (I-I mean draw o.o) people right. Worth checking out if you need some help. (Also, how-to deviant name link only? I don't link people enough...) 

Stories are... still up-coming... The one I am working on now is called The Blood, which is about people being born from a genetic "seed" mutation (birds 'n bees...) and from that gaining certain powers due to... sciency stuff... Basically it will make more sense when I actually put part of it up here (part of the prologue). I also write seriously in it -w- well, I guess it is something I enjoy :3

Enough from me, how about you mister/miss whoevermaybereadingthis? Enjoying yourself? I think I heard a yes? Sure, let's go with that :P

AH! Before I forget, I feel like I should put up some sort of celebratory thing for getting over 500 page views :3 I've been meaning to do so for a week, buuut... lazy >.> It would also be a thanks to the viewers that actually put up with me and my nothingness :D I do have to warn about lack of quality, perseverance, finishing before a year, remembering to do it, being depressed about the outcome... and numerous other things xD 

Early thank you!

(I felt like writing this due to being on a high from being watched so many times recently (2's a lot for me! Or was it 2... What was I on about again?))

AH AH! (enough sexual puns!) Whoevermaybereadingthis, don't forget to scout my faves! There's good art! HONEST! Please? I-I'll treat you? To... u-um... Digital sundae?
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I haven't uploaded anything to here in so long it makes me sad ;-;

The only things I've been doing in terms of art is drawing guns (I don't think anyone wants to see them...), a tank for my friend (not finished (or close to). It be Leopard 2), Koneko-chan from Highschool DxD (... my friend wanted me to?) and my friend (I added cat ears :D) I have wanted to try draw some other things, but it went from one thing, to another, to yet another in the space of a few minutes (and on the same page...), so yeah.

Basically I've done next to nil in terms of doing something I want to put up on here... I might have something though, just sitting around somewhere. I will try get something done >.<

On a separate note, sleep has been dwindling for these past week and few days, same with homework which needs to be done by monday. I managed to bruise and slightly skin my knuckles on a punching bag... that was actually rather fun x3 Uhh... yeah, not much else...

Yet again, please look at my favourites section for some good artists :D (I say some and yet after a week there's 3 pages of updates...) There may not be a little bit of everything, but please do take a quick peek!
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I have decided to write yet another story, which will hopefully FINALLY be finished. The amount of times I start and they just stay in the folder, staring at me... Well, the problem is that I don't stare at them... So damn.

Anyway, the story is called Babylon and I will put something up from the first chapter soon, once I've worked on it a little since there may be conflictions. At any rate it's the last week of the midyear holidays (two weeks as always) and I thought it was better to get something out.

In my defence I did try to draw a tripod from the War of The Worlds film, buuuut that... I don't wanna show o.o

I have put up something in my scraps from a while back, so there's another something x3

Ahh well, as always check out my favourites for some good artists and hopefully you have a good week :3

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I wish that I could say that the reason I'm so inactive is because "I'm busy," but we all know I am not ;)

At any rate, there has been some "behind closed doors" art in progress, but it's mainly tank stuff, and who wants to see that? No one but those who are actually into that kind of stuff really... well, those who are watching me don't... I think... OH WELL!! I need some stuff out there, so yeah.

On another similar note to this, I have two requests (from friends) about drawing them tanks (one Steampunk style, the other a Leopard II that floats from a hydrogen powered engine(the base is a b*tch to think of...)) and so I think that if ANYONE wants one (doubtful XD) just note me.

On a separate note, Razerzone has a competition on which can be found here:…

Just a nice little thing for people to enter :3

I can't think of anything else to say right now, not much has happened since last time...

Just make sure to check out my favourites to see plenty of great artists :3

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I know that not many people view the page these days, nor have I uploaded in a while (sad me), but please, whoever is reading this,

PLEASE LOOK IN MY FAVOURITES to see some great artists! I wont name any because then I feel like I have to name them all -w-; just because only naming some isn't fair to the others.

I know that a lot may be related to anime, but that doesn't mean they aren't very skilled in how they do things, whether it be photography, drawing or cut-outs (so detailed ;w;), they bring a tear to my eye that I can't steal their hands for myse- BE AS GOOD AN ARTIST.

On a separate note I do have some scrapbook stuff I can put up just to fill the gap, in case anyone is too bored of me.

On a VERY separate, but similar to what was said before, this new anime season (oh god, not again) seems like some very good shows are up and running. The ones I am watching this season are Date-A-Live, Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Hataraku Maou-sama, Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince and Devil Survivor 2 (animation), all nice openings.

I feel bad now, the one that's least important is the one that's taking up the most space...

ANYWAYS, look at those artists! You may enjoy! ... Please?

Wrapping up the late Easter weekend,

Basically I'm going to put up a few chapters of a story I'm writing on here so I can get some creative feedback on it and so people can correct my mistakes. Admittedly I have to write the story for me and my friend's manga.

With my personal story I will put up the prologue and first chapter to start off with. Whenever there's a fight I'm going to put up another chapter for more criticism.

That's all for now.

Nighty night,

Hello to everyone who reads these (AKA, no one but Angy...), it's been a looong time since last journal. Hopefully you had a good Christmas (I know I di- ... got sunburn again...) and year year and Waitangi day. Wait... only us Kiwis know that... OH WELL!

Surely you'd know that I haven't been away somewhere (I'm stuck to my couch) but the only reason why I haven't been posting anything is because I'm lazy. That's it. No trampled limbs, no house fires (sorry Aus) and nobody coming into my house and r**ing me in my sleep (wait, WHAT?!), I've just been lazy. Updates include I've started and put down another picture, started a story yesterday and currently doing nothing with it (just wait till I'm bored) and I wanted to draw you a picture. Main part to note is WANTED to. Too bad my art stuff is at home and I suck when using mouse or touch pad on Yep. Really want that drawing tablet now. And those headphones... And new laptop...... Lots of things I'm too poor to afford because I spend so much on other random things that I lose track on what I originally wanted to get. Yet again a WANTED note because WANTED means that I tried and failed. Or I just got bored of it and killed it with a shovel (just the usual).

In other news, or just me telling/forcing/pleading/other-things-that-get-you-to-do-something, check out the artists I have found goooood (basically look in my favourite arts folder) because I told you to. And various other things you to. Plz? I'll give you imaginary candy? Wait... you don't know what I look like... I left it on the bench for you :3

Also, recently gotten into LoL (Lost of Lupus), more or less commonly known as League of Legends, thanks to my friend (whowillremainunamedbecausewooourrrrhhhh). If you want to team with me and watch my failures just look up Craeleth (such a cool name. And I just noticed how many bracketed sentences and points I have... Whoohoo!)

Laters (AKA when I'm at mums place)

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I have decided to go with an idea that I had a while back about drawing chibi characters (if you do not know what they are, watch more comedic anime).

I know that this is probably just a natural reaction of mine to start something and finish it ages later, but due to the styles of pros being quite simple, I imagine that if I made OCs they wouldn't take too long to make as long as the proportions are constantly near "perfect" (perfect referring to the original work).

When I finish one I will post as soon as finished. As fillers, my old pad will meet the scanner.

On other news, I have little inspiration these days. I don't write in my book any more, my art has seen no hope of uploading, my page views is... terrible, and I don't see how that last one fits in.

Well, it'll be good soon :3


That's all I can say. I have been meaning to draw up the picture for the contest, but I have been screwing around so bloody much that there's just no hope.
I will continue it never the less (or some other filler...), and post it on DA. When is a big question, how good... pretty good right now, am I still distracted... ... ... well, what do you think ;)
Also, if anyone could help me with drawing legs, faces, hands, or anything else, please do, otherwise I may be unhappy with future works.

Other than this, if I don't say so later, Merry Christmas! I would draw a Christmas tree, but... yeah, the title...

Oh well :P

Hello people who will not at all be reading this but hopefully you do so here is what I'm going to say.
I have decided to join the competition (the latest one handed out) with an illustration of an industrialist-dystopia-cityscape. So far I have the basic outlining of the foreground buildings and hopefully in the next week I'll finish all of the building outlining and things like that. Everything will be in perspective thanks to the skills I picked up in my architecture class (holy crap I'm still in high school!). Lets just hope that this time (like my previous drawing of the full-body sketch) my cats wont walk all over it with wet paws...
By working on this competition I will be setting aside my latest work for the time being. This is to allow more time to work on the competition (not be held back until it's too late to finish and submit) and give me more time to study for upcoming exams. Because I need the credits to pass the year.
To everyone else (whoever the hell is reading this... I expect no one would...) who is competing, I wish you the best, and up most of luck! A little bit of competition makes everything a little more exciting. ^.^

That's all from me,

Haaaah... Finally rid of the long going image, and now I'm going onto another project involving an arm, a computer thing, and possibly tetris...

Recently my "want" for a digital pad/tablet/THING has come back and in more force... I REALLY WANT ONE!!

RANT RANT, RAVE RAVE, 'NUFF SAID, so I'm gonna shut up now. :3
Well, my plan for today is to find a clear file to stick drawings in, scan my shading practice page, and then actually DRAW the latest picture and upload it today or tomorrow, however long it takes to draw it. Also, I keep looking at my wrist to find the time... but my watch is off to be fixed by my mum so it's just awkward feeling...
Still trying to find out how to see people I'm watching (through the curtains...), as well as change my website... I wanna make it change to my photobucket account page but... yeah... Well, gonna try and get something out before the start of school, but gotta fit it into my study time... soo, busy to that point that I can't be stuffed doing the work anymore. :D

Still playing around with Deviantart, so anyone who has any pointers on things to try out just gimme a shout (even though I'm sure no one will read this!) :3
First off, coming to DeviantART was my friend's idea (he got backup from another friend >.>) and so I hope that I can make things that people will enjoy :3 Unfortunately right now I don't have any on my own profile pictures so I am currently using a fan art of Yuki (I think) from an anime, and a creature from a manga (of which I can't recall).

That's all for now!

Laters! :D