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WIP - Fuchikoma - Ghost in the Shell by deman812 WIP - Fuchikoma - Ghost in the Shell by deman812
This is from the intro to Ghost in the Shell PSX (multi-platform, originally PS1) which I wanted to recreate.
Not entirely to proportional the original, but from the original scene. The scene is where the red Fuchikoma shoots out the grey Fuchikoma (yes, I'm being VERY vague with what's what.)
To understand the basics, watch the trailer, but to understand why I want to redo this myself then play the game! If you can't find the game then ... I just can't explain X3

I do apologize for the lack of quality, just a quick update using phone camera which doesn't pick up the light pencil too well (but better than my expensive camera and scanner).

Hopefully this turns out close to the original (though the top-left optic is too angled).

For those cheeky people who like to know what the artists use; so far I've used a 2H Faber-Castell and DAS A4 Sketch pad. Phone is Alcatel OT-922 with 3MP camera (explains poor quality). I will use darker pencils for the shadows and sheep like that.

Finished picture will be, as always, grey-tone. Really wanting that tablet ... So bad ... So bad it hurts my wallet.

... Anyway, please tell me if you would want a print of the finished (no estimation of time) or anything else, just leave a comment and I'll reply (no estimation of emotion depending on comment).

(PS. I do apologize again for the long reading. Just seems better to put out more details than need more questions later on.)
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March 7, 2013
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