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Koneko-chan by deman812 Koneko-chan by deman812
My friend wanted me to draw, so here you go o.o

This is Koneko-chan from Highschool DxD (R-18), and possibly the only google image, front on view that doesn't include skimpy dress wear :P
I admit that there are some little mistakes here and there (may not be visible here).
I apologize for the lack of quality photo, I used my camera instead of scan because my scanner is very low quality (doesn't pick up mid-tones too well) and the blue tone is the white balance of my camera.

I am doubtful, but if anyone wants a character drawn (and horribly uploaded ;-; ) I will draw for free (unless you want in person, in which I don't even postage... unless you are in CHCH :D). Really depends if anyone wants one. If popular (HAH, not possible >XD) then no, not free ;-;

I draw traditional since buying a tablet is too much for my wallet (and I want a speaker system...) and because then I can show my friends and get criticisms :3


(c) for character belongs to the rightful creator. I do NOT own the character in any way.
Timtamtimmy Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nicely done. Best I've seen of your works.
You're taking requests? Might you be able to draw Kohinata Hayami (H2O: Footprints in the Sand)? I'd like to challenge you, like I do with everyone, so let's give it a scenario... Simple scenario; Kohinata looking to the camera, a field of sunflowers in the background over her right shoulder, over her left shoulder, a windmill. Aaaand, lastly, dressed in her black dress she wears on the last episode. :3 That ought to challenge you some~
deman812 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
Aaaand goodbye free time xD 

The dress should be easy enough, the proportions of the body will pinch me a little. 
The main aspect that will beat me silly will be the sunflowers and the windmill, though I do see it possible. 

Before I start though, is it her that separates the two scenes, or just random light transition? Also, old wooden windmill or paper windmill? Any of these seem possible, as long as it's how I am imagining. Also depends if it's close up on face and shoulders, or if it's waist up... aaaand whether whichever shoulder is viewer perspective or perspective from paper...

Yeah, I don't like to disappoint, so I use questionare o.o
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