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Early game concept (WIP) by deman812 Early game concept (WIP) by deman812
Me and my friend are wanting to create a squad controlled RTS. The ideas for it seem to be quite out-landish, but they do seem pretty possible and original. I decided that I would create some sort of art to get it started, just to get the thoughts rolling.

The troop type here is the berserker (obviously in early stages) which I decided to make female, pardon the male looking outfit. The idea behind the troops is that they have a weapon that, when influenced by "Mist," extends and powers up the weapon. In this instance the blade gains height and depth making it heavier and more able to shake the ground in a sort of attack (details are sketchy). The right arm is heavily tainted by "Mist" when the "Crystal" is consumed (either crushed or absorbed into the body somehow. Again, details are sketchy) which enables more attacks to be available. Because I'm not sure on the time period I decided to give the berserker a helmet (more concepts to come). The coat is just an add-on that I wanted to implement, and did so not too well, as a sort of rank. I am going to bring in a background eventually, which is where WIP comes in, that it going to be a city, probably going to be implemented as a way to make use of one of the key-features, but hush-hush for now.

I am not very confident that this will amount to anything great, nor that we will actually be creating this game. As I say, this is only a concept and there's only two of us. As far as I can tell there are no 3D concepts yet. We don't have anyone who is good at this (I am a shocker at both Blender and K-3D) but are not looking for "staff." We have no means of paying. If anything this is just for fun. But really, if more is needed to be said then the next post (either further WIP/finished versoin of this or something else) will have that info. I have forgotten the races apart from Vampires and Humans, of which berserker is the latter.

Hopefully you like the ideas we have (though they may not amount to anything) and possibly like the concept so far.
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April 25, 2013
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