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Keepin it simple tonight :P :nod:

I doodled the picture of the kid standing in the crowd and then wrote the poem around it. It was for fun as I've been quite bothered lately and this thought has crossed my mind a few times in the past week or so.

The world is so


and life is pretty


and I have to wonder how many people reeaaallly stick with someone in their thoughts for their whole life. Even if they only spoken for a month maybe.

Do you think you're making an impact on peoples lives?
With the way you act, dress or treat/help them? Why or Why not?

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LivelovelifeEleni's avatar
LivelovelifeEleni|Hobbyist General Artist
I think so bc I dress bright colourful and am happy most of the time I love your art so much lisam you are all beautiful and memorable people
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xXmariisa23Xx's avatar
xXmariisa23Xx|Hobbyist General Artist
I've recently come to realize, that the meaning of your life, is the total of what you mean to others.
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Neonduck7's avatar
Neonduck7|Student General Artist
This is one of my favorite poems!
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SunsetSprite's avatar
SunsetSprite|Hobbyist General Artist
Not really because not many people like me for what I am.
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MissChibiChild's avatar
MissChibiChild|Student Digital Artist
What's weird is that I was thinking somewhere along the lines of this question. And to be honest, my character needs work. I'm not a great person and I know that I'm not anyone special in any particular. I asked myself today, "If life were a movie what would be my part?" and I thought, "That person that says a few lines that are kind of odd. Maybe a funny thing or two, but mostly just odd. Probably stupid. When the movie's said and done, I'm not majorly memorable." :/
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Bananatect's avatar
Bananatect|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love your poems!!!
when i was a toddler, i had three friends who lived in the next town from me, and for four years every friday i would go and see them. but when we had to start school we went to different schools and i didn't see them again until one of them invited me to her 8th birthday party and the other two didn't remember me at all.
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LordofStupidity's avatar
I used to wonder if my old friends still remembered me. Most of them were from kindergarten, so my ties to them are cut off. I still wonder if they think about me, but not as often. I wonder why?
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amyrose4everrrr's avatar
i still remember some people's names and faces that i've meet when i was like 4.
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DemoniqueAlma's avatar
DemoniqueAlma|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
It's a interesting thought and i do remember some people and i think it's very important to remember them it's a chance encounter so let it be a memorable one!
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alxa13's avatar
alxa13|Hobbyist General Artist
This is a great poem, it explains what I and other people feel. I'm going to be graduating from HS soon and I wonder about this all the time.

I try to help others but I'm the shy, book-worm type. I always smile and have a positive attitude, so maybe others will remember that about me?
Awesome work :)
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stealthyninja21's avatar
stealthyninja21|Student General Artist
im concerned about whether i made a good impact or bad
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dashrogue's avatar
i don't need people to remember me, my name, or w/e. the only important thing is the act
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Farelle's avatar
Farelle|Hobbyist General Artist
you will make impact on those people who think you are important to them in one or another way ;)
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Larkwing's avatar
Larkwing| General Artist
I can't say if I'm making an impact on other people's lives, but I can tell you that there are a select few (I can count them on the fingers of one of my hands, and thumbs aren't fingers) that have made an impact on me and I am going to be extremely upset if I ever lose contact with them.

Obviously, though, I didn't make a big enough impact on my best friend from second grade, because he sure as heck doesn't recognize me.

Then there are the people that I met once for a brief moment in time and lost. There was a little boy at the airport once who was going on the same plane as me, and he was so excited to talk to me. I was playing pokemon and so was he and he wanted to tell me all about his game. He showed me his pokemon cards and things, and he even gave me one. It's a Giratina.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to him, but at the time I had the feeling I'd see him again. Then there are the people that did little kind acts, like stopped to hold the door when I was still a ways back. Those are the people that inspire me to do the same, because I know that little act made me feel good and it's always nice to see that you made a person smile.

I always try to encourage people when they think they're not good enough. I always try to make people smile. Sometimes it's hard, because I can be an extremely cynical person at times, but it's always worth it. To get back on topic- in a way, I think the little things I say or do make a larger impact on people than other, larger things. It just seems that way.
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LesFromages's avatar
LesFromages|Student General Artist
I can agree with this entirely ^_^ I don't know why, but oftentimes I will remember these random people that I met... if only for an instant.
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Pandor17's avatar
Pandor17|Student Artist
In response to your poem,...
I am not making much impact on people's lives, mostly because I'm a shadow girl, even online I hide in the shadows and only come out only when I'm feeling YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH!!!
Dress doesn't affect much, unless you dressed in a special way that makes people remember you. Not weird, just special.
For example, my friend, she has this really cute naturally born gift/talent of picking out clothes that make her looks attractive in an innocent and lovely way, like the Taylor Swift feel not the Britney Spears feel. Even if the clothes she was wearing was very simple and plain, she wore them in such a way that when you part ways, she would imprint inside your mind an image of a very kind and caring and soft person. We lost touch. D:
Acting, yes, depends. If you act alright, you won't make an impression. If you act mean, they'll remember that you're mean, even if they forgot your name. But if you act nice, they might forget you, but they'll never forget the things that you've done for them. Like how I have always remembered my elementary school bully as a rotten and cruel girl even though now she's very well-mannered and nice. Or like how whenever I think of my mom or eat the food that she makes, it always create a warm safe feeling in my chest. Except when she's mad of course. ^^ I'm very lucky to be able to think that.
For treat and help, the above also applies for this one.
Why? huh....
I guess we humans have always like sweet things than harsh things, no?
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BrittyDee's avatar
BrittyDee|Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting thought ^^ It's funny cause I have so many memories from kids in school who I haven't seen since elementary school and wasn't even friends with, and I don't even remember some of their names. But I remember their faces, and some things they've said. And I wonder if some kids that have moved away that I was friends with remember me. There was a boy I was close to in 4th grade and I wonder sometimes if we coulda grew up being best friends if he hadn't moved away. And I wonder if he even remembers me.
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Fantasy-JG's avatar
Huh... That's a thought. :/
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pengirl100and2's avatar
The boy who gave me a free admission once, wthout even letting me thank him for the pass. The little girl in the grocery store who asked for an apple instead of fruit snacks.
Sometimes the people I think about once are the ones I'll never meet again.
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pilarouro's avatar
pilarouro|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think that maybe is better to do the opposite question to find an answer: is there people who made an impression in your life and that you will always remember? In my case, I would say yes. Of course not everybody I've met and not even everybody who has been my friend, but some people stay for years and become an important part of your life. And some others share with your an important life experience which makes them part of your story.
You shouldn't be sad if you don't made an impression in most of people around you, because you are, and never hesitate this, very important for someone.
And, as you said, life is long and you'll meet more people which will make an impression on you and you will on them. :)
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kashkat's avatar
I LOVE this thats exactly what I think! I have ALWAYS wondered if I really have an impact. But people tend to remember so I guess I do..........but that could just be becaue I have an unusual name..........I wonder?
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Crow1412's avatar
I thought about this too.
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