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Tarmon Gaidon

By dem888
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A lot of people have made requests for more Wheel of Time fan art, so I thought I do some more. If you haven't read the books, they are great, read them!

This is not a scene described in any of the books, I just felt like drawing the ta'veren ready for the last battle.

A big thanks to all of you in :iconthe-wheel-of-time: who helped me with getting the details right!

Hope you like it!


Wow! My first DD! Thank you! :D
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Hi, I hope you don't mind but I uploaded an upscaled version of this image here at 8000x11488, with the aid of AI

tarmon gaidon by dem888 Enhanced2

My biggest problem with this image is Perrin's hammer. It is too large. It is actually supposed to be the size of a blacksmith's hammer with just a slightly longer handle. What you have depicted here would be un-wieldable even with Perrin's size and strength. Other than that overall the image is well done, I just can't seem to not cringe when I see the hammer, after all Perrin is my favorite character.

Did you create this? I think you did. I bought a poster from Amazon with this artwork. I didn't know that you created it. I hope they paid you.

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I only wish he could have lived to see it.
Hey, can you make this into print/a poster? I need me one of them
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This is such a well done piece! I'm so glad you are still getting hits on it 7 years or so later! I know I've even seen it on a few Tee shirts.
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I love this so much more than any of the art they put on the books.
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Rand's sword is so well done. I really love the banners too. :) (Smile) Heart 
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Wow! Just amazing! This is exactly how I picture them!
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For some reason, this picture reminds me of the Ebonheart Pact from Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series. Is that weird?
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This is awesome, however IIRC Rand is taller than that, to the extent that most everyone but the Aiel are up to shoulder height on him.
this is really good, I like it
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This is the best WoT fanart I've seen. LOVE it. 
Why aren't you selling this as a print?! It's incredible!
Why aren't you selling this as a print?! It's incredible!
Compliments de France, ce fan art est tout simplement magnifique, probablement le meilleurs que j'ai vu! Gros gros talent, respect!
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This is just.... words cannot capture it. Extremely well done. I wish this was available as a print. 
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I have to say it.. Robert Jordan would have been proud! Simply epic. Wish I could have seen this image before reading the book!
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I have been looking for a Wheel of time Weapon Mod for skyrim... I couldnt find one so I am attempting to make one, I would like to use your versions of Callendor, Mah'alleinir and Ashandarei. Is there any chance you could re make them so I could use them as textures/ blueprints. If you are willing I need a side and front shot of each and a top for Mah'alleinir.

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I love it! Did you do the playlist up on Youtube? I neeeeeed them! XD
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Your depiction of Rand is just... perfect! Mat and Perrin look amazing too, but Rand! Just... wow!
this is amazing should be official without a single doubt

i also would like to get a version of the girls... pretty please ? ^^
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I'm am ridiculously impressed with this piece of art! Its the most accurate representation of Rand, Mat, and Perrin that I've seen yet! Now, whenever I picture them, they look like this. 
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