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First Law

Some of the characters from Joe Abercrombie's "The First Law" trilogy

Logen Ninefingers, Inquisitor Sand dan Glokta, Bayas, Cpt. Jezal dan Luthar and Ferro Maljinn

Please tell me if you pictured the characters in a different way. I want to be as accurate as possible

Hope you like it :)

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Cool. Very cool. I recognized everyone from what I'd read, they look good and it's fucking great. If I were to give criticism it would be that Luthar is either far more hansom than this fellow or has a broken jaw, not thinning hair and an average face, and Logan is supposed to be heavily scarred... Still, beautiful fun artwork about a story you like is hard not to like. I like it and I think it's awesome. you are an artist sir, and this is good work.
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I actually thought Luthar was West here; that is basically how I imagine him. Luthar is much younger, fairer and boyish in my mind. You have still drawn well though, even if our ideas are different. The others are great also! I'm just reading this for the first time and it probably won't be the last. I would like to see a few more pictures of Severard around the place XD
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A Robot must not harm a human or, through inaction, allow a human to come harm.
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I think the same about Luthar, but I haven't seen anyone comment on Logen.
I love your drawing but... Logen is supposed to be ugly and his face kind of deformed from all the fighting (broken nose, one eye upper than the other...), I find your Logen too atractiveeeee hahaha
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ferro :O well done, dude
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No as I imagine then, but them fine in any case! :D
This is completely awesome, but I imagined Bayaz as bulkier and Jezal to be younger, more boyish looking with more hair (as other comments have pointed out).
Amazing job! logen and ferro is perfect, though i think jezeal would look younger, less masculine and more hair.

Glokta also feels a little ''too'' crippled and old. If i remember correctly he was still kinda young (early 30's i think)
Eh, I dunno... I always imagine Glokta to look quite a bit older than he actually is. Torture, to me, seems like it would have that kind of effect - especially the level of torture he went through.
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I love this. Great work.

Tho Having just read it , isnt Jezal supposed to be much younger with a chin that stands out? :) I imagined Glokta to be much bigger since he is an old champion and Bayaz to be fatter and jollier. Others are spot on. Would love more deviations on first law series!
Love it, of course the interpretations of everyone's minds eye is different.
Ferro Maljinn looks amazing in this work, she is a great character (as they all are in The First Law series)
I would say that the image of Jezal dan Luthar here would be better suited to Major (then Colonel) West with dan Luthar a younger looking dude.
That is not a criticism by the way, it is how they appeared in my minds eye, it's quite remarkable how similar my image of West is to how Jezal is portrayed here!
I imagine the Practicals and their activities would be a great subject as well for an artist! (and yes, that is a veiled request lol)
Thanks for this, great stuff
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Freakin' love this! Almost exactly how i imagined all these characters. The tarmon gaidon pic was Epic as well. Respect.
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This is friggen awesome! I think I would have just made Jezal a bit younger looking with a bit more hair. The rest of them are perfect :)
Fantastic! I always pictured Bayaz as being heavyset, both otherwise it's spot-on!
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I imagined Jezal completely different. Like the people commenting before me I thought he would look a lot more "boyish".
Bayaz I imagined somehow fatter. I don't really know why. When he first was introduced I imagined him somehow like a bald version of Santa Claus and I think somewhere in the book, when someone (Glokta or Jezal, I don't remember) compares him to the statue of him he says he looked fatter than the statue so that deepened my impression.
Ferro turned out pretty much how I imagine her, though I pictured her with slightly longer hair. Don't quite understand why you gave her ragged clothes though. It's not like she has a hundred victims she could steal proper clothes from. ;)
Logan I somehow imagined with shorter hair and also with some kind of three-day beard.

And now that I think about it I never really had a picture of Glokta in my mind when I read the books. Maybe that was something I did not want to imagine.

I think if I had not read the description to this picture I would, even though I pictured some of them different, immediately recognized them. Good job!
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You know, now that I think about it, his Jezal would make a good Colem West. He's described as balding and having darkish-reddish hair if I remember correctly.

I recently read the Heroes, and yes, Bayaz is apparently supposed to be more heavyset.

I would also imagine Ferro as having some type of leather armor. She might be crazy, but she's also practical.
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Very cool looking. That's an interesting take on Luthar. I always pictured him as having long blond hair for some reason. But hey, everyone pictures characters differently when reading books.

Great picture.
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I love the little pliers in Glokta's hand. xDD
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Ferro looks absolutely amazing! She's exactly how I imagined her! You've captured Logen and Glokta extremely well, too, they're very close to how I interpreted them from Abercrombie's descriptions :)

I kind of saw Jezal as much younger/boyish with more sharp and pointed features as opposed to looking strong and overly masculine, however.

My only critique is that, if memory serves, Bayaz is supposed to be entirely bald, I'm sure he had no hair on his head at all. :S

However, you've done an amazing job, and I'd love to see more First Law art from you! Especially of secondary characters like Shylo Vitari and perhaps Jezal's friends, Brint and Jalenhorm? :)
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excellent work!
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I don´t know the trilogy, but i like those characters. They look so individual :thumbsup:
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