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lace cocktails 2

By delynn
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The finished collection that got on the runway in the 2005 Pratt Fashion Show.
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oh wow they're wonderful!

I'm thinking of going to pratt...but I'm just hoping i can get more money from them to be able to do so...

I need to make a decision in like 7 days...but yeah

how's the fashion program? do people get good jobs straight out of school? would you recommend pratt?

I got accepted to Otis and Parsons too...
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Great designs! I love the middle ones, especially the pants-y one - very unique design! I love the cleanness of the cream and black, too, and lace is very sexy.

I really really really need to get my sewing machine fixed . . . .
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Thank you! Yes, the palazzo pants one is the only design I never changed from start to finish.
I'm so tired of waiting for machines to be fixed, I am determined to learn how to fix them myself! (just as soon as I get around to it...)
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haha, I hear you!

I had to gather a skirt by hand for a puppet I'm making for class . . . the machine threads broke and it's due Monday, so I did two little running stitches . . . took way too long!
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this is a really great set you have here. congratz on making it even tho its kinda late >_> lol but yea, my fave would be the two at the end :)
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RukiaTenshi Interface Designer
Do you mind if I'll use those as reference pics ? I'll link you back if I do ^^
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Sure, go ahead.
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RukiaTenshi Interface Designer
thank you ^^ I'll send you a link when i make them :P
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I like the 2nd one to the right:D
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ooo i love the middle 2 *o*
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very nice designs, me likes!
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my favorite is the 3rd one (going left to right)
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