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DELVE into fantasy
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Just checking up on the comic while clicking though my, "extended hiatus" links.

Hope whatever is going on is good. I enjoy your work. :D
I really wanted to thank you for linking TG on your site. ^^ <3 I've been following Delve since it first began (rather silently, I know), so that was kind of cool to see TG there. I need to link you back, since Delve is quite obviously deserving of being linked.
Awww, miss, of course! :D I keep adding to my links page, because stinky me keeps forgetting all the awesome webcomicing people I know! I remember when you started TG here on dA, and I'm so glad you're still updating it, it's beautiful! Awwgh and I'd love a link back- always appreciate getting the word out T-T!! :heart:
heh I would have to say Mathias cause he is soo cute ^^
duuuuuuude this comic is so awesome!! I keep going back and rereading it, I loooove it. one of the better comics I've stumbled across in a while, definitely, and definitely an instant favorite.
Thank you very much! I'm so glad you like it :D it's these kind of nice comments that keep me going full steam ;3 keep checking back or watch us- more pages will keep being posted! :D
I'm following it on the website (: the new chapter cover looks ulllllltra coooooooool *drooool*