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Samurai Wallpaper Set

By Deluxive
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Last night i was watching Star Wars - A New Hope for maybe the eighthundred time. It reminded me of George Lucas biggest inspiration, The movie The Hidden Fortress (隠し砦の三悪人) by the late great master Akira Kurosawa

It inspired me to have a late night Samurai movie marathon. I wtached and enjoyed numerous of Satochi films, and also Twilight Samurai, The Hidden Blade... It inspired me, as it did with George Lucas numerous years ago. I created The Samurai Wallpaper in about one hour.

I used a decayed paper texture, a photoshop brush from DA (don’t remember it’s name, or who the author is, let me know if you do). I also used a image of japanese caligraphy with the word “Samurai” that i vectorized and cleaned up.

I did however found out and hour later that the caligraphy
was downloadable as an .EPS file. So there i lost some time.
However. When your at it. It is like meditation.
So my lost time, was really time that i gain knowledge.

© Christopher Anderton - Deluxive State
2010 Stockholm, Sweden

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© 2010 - 2020 Deluxive
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never mind
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Not sure how to get it all i can get is the imagine with computer, i owuld love to have this picture for my computer
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JumbodStudent Digital Artist
Kewl ... ty ... !
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Hara-TaikiHobbyist General Artist
Amazing, many thanks, all my machines and devices that have a wallpaper option use this. many thanks
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Thank you for being kind enough to share this with everyone here on Deviant Art.

I, for one, sincerely appreciate it.

Best wishes,


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ArkholtHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool. Personally I prefer kung-fu films to samurai films, but... I guess I'm more of a Chinese type than a Japanese type.

Still, this wall looks awesome. Great job.
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Very nice/clean+simple. As a fellow Samurai film aficionado I'd like to recommend When the Last Sword is Drawn, its a bit more modern, similar to Twilight Samurai and Hidden Blade. Also you might want to look up Kihachi Okamoto (unless you already have) I often prefer his Samurai films to those of Kurosawa
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DeluxiveProfessional General Artist
Thanks for the recomendations and for the heads up!
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Can you make 2560x1600
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DeluxiveProfessional General Artist
I'll make one today, and update the package.
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DeluxiveProfessional General Artist
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MatthewTungHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! +fav and using right now ;)
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DeluxiveProfessional General Artist
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