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She didn't realize how stressed she was until she smelled the flowers. Three days with Helmond, and she was already going mad. Whatever it was that made everybody like him so much, it didn't work on her. He needed to go. The kid weighed her down, dragging her across the city, ruining any attempt to have a proper conversation with someone. He was reckless, loud, and…

It didn't matter. She inhaled another time, letting the soothing aroma of freshly planted wildflowers calm her nerves. This was a great idea. After that big investment of building a cabin in Subseed Forest, the Explorers decided to plant another forest to replace some of their magically-disappearing lumber. She'd always felt at home in forests. Probably because her home… was a forest. That would explain. She watched as 'mons of all shapes and sizes planted their favourite variation of vegetation wherever they felt like it, and then some more. Flowers, berry bushes, trees… And the best part was that Helmond had no idea any of this was going on.

Cordelia stumbled to a halt. Behind her, the sapling she was carrying got stuck behind a rock again. She'd pulled the thing out of the ground in Subseed, including a large clump of earth stuck between its roots. Gavina would probably be livid if she found out Cordelia was plundering Subseed Forest. Then again, Gavina wasn't a servine. She prioritized preserving nature over letting it grow. This sapling wouldn't have stood a chance under the dense canopy of the original forest, where all the older trees hungrily absorbed all its sunlight. Out here, it would be the oldest itself. It could grow without much competition, flourishing into a majestic oak tree.

That is, if she managed to plant it somewhere. She tried pulling it upwards with her vine whip, but no luck. A few of the roots had managed to hook the thing under the rock, and it refused to move another inch. She tugged it the other way, but still no luck.

She stared the little plant down for a few moments. Then she sighed.
"You know what? Fine." She shoved some dirt over the rock in an attempt to bury the roots. "If you don't want to move, then you can stay here. Enjoy your new home."
She turned, and started walking away. She turned once to cast a glance over her shoulder. It still hadn't moved.

That was ok. As long as the next sapling wasn't as stubborn as this one, they'd have a beautiful forest in no time.
Client: Gavina
Errand: #7
Date Issued: July 26, 2014
Date Due: July 30, 2014

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Plants make for very poor conversation partners. Which is why there's only one line of dialogue here.

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