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"There he is!" Helmond shouted, pointing a stubby leg forward. "Hey mister! Mister!"
"What? Where?" Cordelia stood on her toes, trying to see where the wurmple was pointing at.
The halls of the researchers' guild were more crowded than they'd expected. Pokémon of all shapes and sizes strolled, trotted and ran around them, sometimes carrying enormous stacks of books or vials of brightly-coloured chemicals, sometimes nothing at all. At least Helmond had the advantage of climbing on the ceiling; a luxury Cordelia could only dream of. The servine saw Helmond descend by a thread of flickering yellow silk. Over there, then. She waded through the masses, trying not to get crushed while simultaneously trying to make progress. By skill or sheer luck, she managed to reach the wurmple.

"Hey mister! You're a robot, right?" Helmond asked an elderly metang, hovering only inches in front of him.
"Helmond! Don't you have any manners?" Cordelia attempted to correct him.
"Don't mind his enthusiasm, miss," the metang calmed her. "The boy is only curious, a healthy disposition for a child like himself. And to answer your inquiry; yes, I am indeed an automaton-type pokémon."
"I found him!" Helmond cheered, still hanging upside-down from the ceiling. "Um… Cory, why were we looking for him again?"
Cordelia shot him a poisonous glare, before turning to the metang. "Just… ignore my partner, please. My name is Cordelia of team Regalia, and this mannerless brat is Helmond."
"A pleasure." The metang nodded, and his silver-plated forehead almost hit the wurmple. "Morgan is the name. Morgan Boltzmann."

"Oh yeah! I remember now," Helmond said. "We're supposed to interview you!"
"Ah, do you?" Morgan helped the wurmple get down without hitting his head. "I would be honoured. What for, may I ask?"
Cordelia pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to suppress a headache. "Professor Alexander wants to know more about automaton pokémon like yourself. He asked us to escort you to his office, if you're willing of course, so he could ask you about what you do in your free time."
"Alexander, you say?" Morgan chuckled briefly. "Very well. Coincidentally, I was already on my way to his office. I figure I can do him a favor before I ask him for one."

--- --- ---

Cordelia knocked. Seconds passed, and no answer. Again.
"Professor Alexander?" She pressed her ear against the door, but she didn't hear anything. "I don't think he's in," she whispered to the others.
Helmond opened the door. "Yes he is. Hi Alexander!"
All three looked at the meowth. His back was turned to the door, covered by a white coat. On his desk in front of him were an enormous amount of notes, books and scrolls, haphazardly scattered about.
"Sort of… objective, prioritized by…" he muttered to himself.
Morgan politely coughed, even though it had no other function than to gather Alexander's attention. Which it failed to.
Then, Cordelia had an idea. "Digitalization."
"Hm? Oh!" The professor spun around, taking his chair with him. He briefly checked if his coat was properly buttoned and straightened his glasses. "H-Hello, um… You're here for the task I issued. Right?"
"Yep!" Helmond exclaimed before his teammate could open her mouth. "We brought you a robot!"
"No no no, don't call him that!" Alexander held up his paws. "They consider that term very impolite. 'Automaton-type' or 'automated pokémon' are much more widely accepted terms."
Helmond muttered something about him being a boy version of Cory.
"Ah, sorry, I forgot my introductions." He offered a paw to Morgan, but quickly switched to Cordelia when he saw the golden blades protruding from his wrists. "Alexander, Professor in mathematics and automatology."
"Cordelia," she introduced herself as she accepted his handshake. "The wurmple on the ceiling is Helmond and this is our volunteer, Morgan."

Alexander's eyes lit up. "Morgan? Morgan Boltzmann? Oh my, I've read reports about you. I'm glad to finally meet you in person!"
Morgan made a clumsy gesture which could be interpreted as a bow. "Likewise, professor. My escorts told me you required my attendance in a survey, correct?"
"That's right." Alexander swiped a seemingly random piece of paper from his desk and started scribbling away. "Luckily, I can fill most of this in by myself later, so let's get to the interesting part."
Cordelia shuffled towards the door, then made up her mind. "Do you need us for anything else, Professor? Else, we'll be taking our leave."
"Depends on the answer to this question," Alexander replied without even taking his eyes off the paper. "Morgan, what do you do in your spare time? Is there anything besides guild work you like to do?"

"A few, yes." He nodded solemnly. "For one, I enjoy the scent of freshly brewed tea. Besides that, I enjoy collecting and telling stories, preferably those based on actual events."
Helmond chose that moment to come dangling from the ceiling again. "Do you know any good fairy tales?"
"Not now, Helmond," Cordelia told the wurmple. "The professor doesn't have time for fairy tales right now, he's a busy man. Maybe you can ask Morgan later?"
Alexander waved her comments away before Helmond had time to become sad. "No, by all means, continue," he said, vigorously scribbling away. "I'd like to see him in his natural element. Take a chair, make yourself comfortable."
Morgan glanced at the meowth, then at the servine. "Very well then. Let's see…"
Helmond giggled with excitement, and made some room to sit by tossing stacks of paper off the desk. Cordelia tried to save them, but Alexander didn't seem to mind.

"How about the tale of the milotic with the missing scale? Once upon a time..."
Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

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In which Morgan tells a story. Kinda. Not really. Unless you're hungry for improvised pokémon-themed fairy tales.

Guess what? This errand was too perfect to pass up on. I still hate errands though. They're like tasks with three weeks of preparation time missing.

And if anyone is wondering where errand #5 went... Keep looking, I'm sure it's somewhere in some obscure corner of my gallery.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be rewriting the rest of the epilogue.

+1 star coin (Objective completed)

Edit: cailas-moon just told me Morgan didn't do the interview by being the subject himself. Unfortunately, I don't care enough, so the Chroniclers are not getting that coin. Eat it Curie. No monies for you.
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Helmond is going to be your most interesting character, well, besides Morgan of course. XD