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One moment, everything was silent. The next, three carts ripped apart the tranquility, barreling through streets barely wide enough for one.

This wasn't right. The other racers were right on their tails just a second ago, now all but three were gone. Curie peeked over the edge of hers, then ducked down to dodge an incoming electroweb from that wurmple kid.
"I think we took a wrong turn," the magby next to her mumbled. She then cautiously leaned over the edge, addressing her teammate. "Hey Blund. Are you sure about where we are going?"
"Just following those guys. You're supposed to be the navigator, Luisante," the grimer responded.
She wasn't exactly pulling the cart; it was more like she was hanging on to the thing for dear life while trying to influence its direction. The entire race was downhill, so it actually worked, to their surprise. The biggest challenge was making it to the finish in one piece.

--- --- ---

"I- I think they're just f-following us!" Helmond's other defender stuttered. The little grimer's voice barely topped the rattling of their wheels.
"Well, that's no good." The wurmple peered ahead. "We're crossing a big road soon. That means this whole secret race won't be so secret anymore. You sure Sona can't hear us if we just shout really loudly?"
"N-No. He r-really is deaf." Her expression slid from fear to desperation.
The cart kept going and going, and the wigglytuff pulling it remained oblivious to the panicked voices behind him. He was gonna win.

--- --- ---

The carts suddenly flung themselves across a busy shopping street.
"Yep, that's it. We're lost," Luisante sighed. The bow on her head was as droopy as her shoulders. "Stop the cart, Blund."
Their driver showed no hesitation. "What? Hell no! Curie, what were the rules again?"
"No teleporting, no flying. Keep to the streets." She whistled. "Moves are allowed, but no destroying the carts. No rules about sticking to the course. You guys thinking what I'm thinking?"
The magby's eyes lit up again. A smile creeped on her face. "That means that if we make it to the forest first, we win regardless of what route we took."
Blund cried a maniacal laugh while she tried to sling the cart around a lamppost, and her teammate spit into her hand. A small fireball lit up in her palm. They were going to win this, no matter what.

--- --- ---

This was bad, Sona thought. Weren't they supposed to be all secret-like with this whole race business? Then why were they running in plain sight? He just had to dodge an unsuspecting passerby and her cabbages. That couldn't be right.
"Oh dear," Helmond half-whispered. "Luisante has that look on her face when- Duck!"
A tiny ball of flames sailed through the sky before connecting with one of Helmond's well-timed electrowebs. The string burned up instantly, and the ember hit their cart on the back. Garlop stifled a scream.

--- --- ---

"Direct hit!" Blund reported.
Luisante shook her head, spit out another ember. "I was going for the wheels… Can you drive in a straight line for half a second?"
The cart swung around a lamppost, and their grimer-turned-steering wheel grimaced. "Nope. Sorry. A quarter, maybe."
The magby gritted her teeth as she watched her projectile roll uselessly over the paving stones until it died out.
"Hold up, let me try." Curie summoned her book. There were only a few pages left, but it should be enough…

--- --- ---

Suddenly, the carts left the city. Without warning, bricks made way for grass, and the houses turned into bushes.
"There's the forest!" Garlop squeaked. "Sona knows that's where the finish is, so he'll stop there. I hope."
"Good. Anyone there yet?" Helmond asked her.
"Nobody yet, I think. Gee, I think that means-"
Her sentence was cut short by something practically screaming 'Look at me!' Next to the cart floated a red-and-white spear. It glowed menacingly, as if taunting them. Curie grinned at them from the other cart, and watched as her paper construct thrusted itself between the spokes. Cart, passengers and puller somersaulted to a halt.
Client: Cuffin
Errand: #10
Date Issued: August 25, 2014
Date Due: August 29, 2014

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Hey look who decided to take advantage of the whole placeholder culture. It's bloody me. I recommend not reading this yet; it'll be updated to the full version shortly. It shows my dudes racing though so I guess I can still cash in my coins. Hurray.

In other news, Sona is a huge dumbass and has no sense of direction.

Finally got around to 'finishing' this. Remember what Cuffin said about not destroying the carts? Curie doesn't do subtle. Sorry Helmond, you'll have to explain this to Cory.

Also, @Neprezi, you should prolly submit this to the atlas. Thankye.
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I'm looking forward to the rest of this! Also, Lusitante "pulling" the cart is wicked awesome.