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I'm submitting this as proof that I did finish this in time. Well, you can't see I have, but just trust me 'kay? I did however choose not to submit the full thing because Chronologically, the new written apps come first. And that one isn't done. So I'll be uploading the real thing hopefully tomorrow, tuesday at worst if my laptop decides to derp out. Which is far too probable.

Aaand my laptop totally derped out. Here it finally is, guys. Click here if you want to know what the hell happened.

Since I can't make this a text-only thing anymore, have a tiny GCL screenshot as a thumbnail. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

--- --- ---

"Morgan, has anyone ever told you you look ridiculous when you try to carry many things at once?" Curie smirked as she flew backwards.
The metang was only a few paces behind her. "Not that I can remember. Either way, we're here." He started lifting various buckets, brushes and sponges off his head with his telekinesis.
"Wait, what? There's nothing here!"
The little ghost spun around, trying to figure out what was so special about this particular spot. The alley was relatively narrow with it being between two huge buildings, but wide enough for Morgan to fit through. The most interesting things around were a back door to one of the buildings, a few trash cans, and some graffiti. Besides that, it was deserted.

"What are we doing here, again?"
Morgan briefly glanced over the walls. "Now that we're officially employed by our guild, we are expected to aid in the general well-being of the city. Since we don't have any other big projects going on at present, that is our primary objective."
Curie rolled her eyes, and drifted about restlessly. "So we're making the city better. Thanks for clearing that up, I thought we were pointlessly carrying this stuff around. Good to know we had a goal after all."
"I wasn't quite finished yet," Morgan continued. "After the incident with the statue, a certain group of individuals took advantage of the disorder. With nobody to bring them to a halt, they could freely exercise their creativity on these walls."
Curie glanced around. Covering the rough bricks were several layers of multicoloured paint, and it was relatively fresh. "Smeargles, right? I've seen a few sketches."
"Correct. Luke, the Explorer's leader, suspects it was their doing." Morgan tapped his finger on one particular spot. "Regardless of their creator, he is also of the opinion some may not suit the city's child-friendly atmosphere."
Curie squinted to make out the scribbles Morgan indicated. "'The Hunter's guild is-' Whoa, that's kinda rude. I think. I just learned a new word."

"Now then, our part in this is simple." Morgan handed Curie a brush, and picked up two sponges himself. "Since Luke considers the removal of these pieces vandalism in its own right, our task is twofold. Remove particularly offensive scants, and replace them with a more positive message."
"Hey Mohgan." Curie put her brush down in order to talk. "I just noticed something. Smeargles all have their own colour of paint, right?"
"That coincides with my smeargle-related knowledge, yes," Morgan replied while his wrists started spinning.
"Then how did they make all this? Some of these are so colourful... That must've taken tons of teamwork. They worked really hard on this, while they knew it might get taken down within days."
The metang pressed his hands against a nearby wall, and the sponges in them started eroding the paint underneath. "Well-observed, Little Miss. It appears all text was done by a single individual, if your logic holds up."
"So we're censoring just one guy... The other teams must think they're all a band of rude monkeys." She picked up her brush in her mouth again, and floated over to a can of blue paint. "Ah whell. Ich can'ph vhe helphk."
"Quite right," Morgan nodded. "Now have that great mind of yours think up some inspirational replacements, and we're halfway done already."

--- --- ---

Morgan's wrists slowly came to a stop, and he dropped the ruined rags that were once sponges. "There, we did our part. If Luke planned this correctly, the other teams' territories should connect seamlessly with ours."
"Hmmhm," Curie mumbled absently. She was still working on a piece a few meters back, and demanded her part to blend in perfectly. She desperately tried to make the shades slowly merge with one another. Then Morgan actually looked at what he'd cleaned before. He'd focused on the words, but missed the actual pieces around them.

This one covered the entire side of a building. It must've taken half a dozen smeargle standing on top of each other just to reach the top. On the right, there were six eyes, arranged in three differently coloured pairs. Behind it was an impression of white stone overgrown with moss. On the left was an intricate pattern of grey and yellow, giving the illusion of a silver and gold reliëf. In the middle of this pattern was a red glowing eye, surrounded by symbols Morgan was more than familiar with.

"So you recognized it too," Curie guessed. She'd dropped her brush and went to float next to Morgan. "Seems like you made a few heads turn."
"Apparently so. Did you conjure those lyrics yourself?"
Curie read her own handiwork again. "Nah. Maxwell's second bundle, page fourteen. He makes some good poems." She looked down the alleyway, at the pieces she already treated a visit. "A lot of good poems, actually. Gosh, I'm such a nerd, aren't I?"
"Quite the contrary." Morgan touched the wall, careful not to disturb the still-drying paint. "You appear to have a knack for the arts, Little Miss. This is beautifully done."
She briefly laughed. "Hah! You made it sound like I drew that. I'm just citing and fixing. Though I am doing an amazing job at it."
"I must agree," Morgan said. "Just one more, then we can go. You've done well today, Little Miss. I'm proud of you."
"Hehe. A strong start." Her eyes widened. "Of course! A Strong Start, bundle four, page nineteen! I'm brilliant!" She whisked her brush and darted over to the last piece.

Morgan watched contently as she went to work, filling in the blank he left.

--- --- ---

Client: Luke
Errand no: #1
Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014

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You try and taunt me
But I can't hear you.
Your words torn apart
By the howling winds.

You spit at me
But it's already raining.
Only he who never fights
Truly wins.

I am forever safe from you
In the eye of the storm.

So errands are a thing now. Goodbye sweet free time.

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