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TFA Mosaic Script - Wasp
Featuring: WASP (Secondaries: Glyph, Ironhide, Beachcomber, Bumper, Bumblebee, Sentinel Minor (LOL), Cliffjumper, Longarm (shadow)...all secondaries are silent parts and for the most part are small background characters)
Writer/Lineartist/Colorist: Sarabeth Collins (bloodandsteel) (I know, I'm just asking to glitch LOL)
Summary: WASP learns the hard way that even though you work hard and strive for perfection, you don't always come out on top...

[All we see is Wasp sitting on the floor rocking back and forth alone in his cell. At this time, his optics are not as purple as seen in "Autoboot Camp" but are not quite blue anymore. He cell is dimly lit by the force-field bars...]
WASP: (mumbling to himself) Wasp not know what went wrong. Wasp was doing good. Wasp was praised. Wasp followed the rules...
WASP: [thoughts narrative] Why have things always been so hard for me
:icondelusionalhell:DelusionalHell 2 8
TFA MOSAIC - WASP by DelusionalHell TFA MOSAIC - WASP :icondelusionalhell:DelusionalHell 301 54
TFA Mosaic 'AMBITION' Script
Transformers: MOSAIC

Starscream (Animated)
By Sarabeth Collins
Starscream is sitting alone in a cell onboard the Elite Guard’s ship. His head is hanging low, looking at the floor. Mood is dark, room is dark, with just the light glow of the cell bars (Energon/electrical?).

Starscream: (thoughts narrative) A long time ago, an old friend told me that my ambitious streak would be the death of me. At the time, I ignored the comment, thinking it nothing more than a jealous remark from someone weak…someone who had not been chosen.
Profile-view of Starscream, silhouette profile of someone else (back to back) with blue glowing optics. Silhouette profile looks like a TFA-stylized Skyfire (G1 Sunbow). (Note: I know Jetfire is slated to show up in the cartoon, but Skyfire could easily be seen as a different character entirely. As he is not shown in full in this script, continuity should not be affected.)
Autobot: (flashback
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New Name, New Style, New Rules

Sat Sep 7, 2013, 5:38 PM

Welcome to the Madhouse.

    Hello, I'm the artist formerly known as "aerynsivahn".

    For the interim, just call me Cas (those of you who have me on Facebook will understand).

    I've been gone a while, removed most of my deviations--save those involved with the Transformers MOSAICS and coloring pages, and have basically been wondering what to do with this account. I've had it for ten years, it is mine, and I'm not the type to simply abandon something I've put so much of myself into. I don't have any new artwork to really showcase for my return, but I'm working on that. It's been a hellish few years and absolutely everything creative has ultimately suffered for it. I plan on drawing more Transformers, for one, because really I just miss the hell out of it. ALSO, in memory of the Legion of Superheroes, expect some fanart for them as well. As far as original characters and artwork, that's going to be pretty slim pickings for a while. Ultimately, I want to get myself back on track with my TFA fan-comics, do follow-ups for my Starscream and Wasp MOSAICS, and get my ass in gear on drawing and writing more for my webcomic that (once I was unable to renew my website) basically went kaput.

    Inspiration comes at the worst of times, like when you're exhausted from having to get up at 4am every day and deal with assholes at work until sometimes 5pm, not to mention have no air conditioning in Texas summer heat. Kills the urge to do much of anything, except maybe lie around in your own sweat and thinking "I should really work on [----] drawing...but I'm tired..."

    As per the norm, I'm accepting commissions to help pad out my pocket while I move up to Austin; my last day at work is the 11th and after that all I have is what's in my wallet. Fun fun. Nothing too intensive, mostly just sketches and single-character lineart, maybe cel-shaded color if you really really want it. Pricing starts at $5 per single-character sketch and goes up from there depending on what's required, and prices are negotiable; as it stands I can only accept Paypal or money-orders.


Send requests to my email (
You can also keep up with my random thoughts and crap on twitter (Xen0_C)
and once I get my password reset on the IDW Publishing forums, I'll be returning there, as well (as bloodandsteel).

  • Listening to: RaedwulfGamer on Youtube
  • Watching: RaedwulfGamer on Youtube
  • Playing: Skyrim (modded; PC)


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