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In The Zone.

It's me. =) Hehe.

I loved the way this photo turned out, especially the movement of the beads round my neck ^-^ It just seemed to sing...

I bought the pink tutu to put under my Leavers' Ball dress to make it flair more. I'm ashamed to say I already owned the yellow one underneath from ravers nights. :XD:

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Looks wonderful!
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wow sara you look good here! :D
delusional-dreams's avatar
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I love the motion and the colors in this! You look so happy and care-free, but..."In The Zone" at the same time ^-^
Also, you are really pretty.
delusional-dreams's avatar
Thanks very much indeed! :D
sassafrased's avatar
You're welcome ^-^
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I really like this picture. I was wondering if I could draw it with your permission. I would post in on my deviantart and give you credit and a link to your page/picture. Please?
delusional-dreams's avatar
Sounds fine to me! As you said, if you could put the thumb of the photo in the description, that would be great. Also, please let me know when it's up, as I would love to see it! :D
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sure thing! Thanks so much!
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Wowwww! It's so cool! I love the skirt! X3 It's really nice. ^^
delusional-dreams's avatar
haha, only for dressup really though =P I picked them up for a neon raver night a couple of years back :D
DaiiDachi's avatar
Ohh Cool! :D haha
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Love the action and colors :x
JAE462's avatar
wonderful image :clap:
delusional-dreams's avatar
Thank you very much ^-^
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it's a great picture. i soooo love the sense of movement and life that you get from it. i also really like the pose and the colours.
Tugera's avatar
Hehe. :> Very pretty. I love the happy colors. <3
delusional-dreams's avatar
Thanks! :D Glad you like it
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wow. really nice self-portrait. It's very dynamic and interesting. The white background's just great and the colours are perfect. In my opinion, the only thing to improve is the composition. I don't like. It doesn't fit this picture :). Anyway, great photo and well done.
Btw, you're really pretty
delusional-dreams's avatar
Thanks for the feedback! :D
I agree the composition is a bit bland >.<
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