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Waking up seems to even become a hassle, the alarm set to music doesn't even help me anymore, I slowly stop caring as it seems even my imagination is taking effects on this <V_-> & here I am complaining about waking up in Mornings on something that I wanted to do. ((Well to do to get people of my back)) I am sorry for the non posting as of today been in one of those phases. I just don't think I am a morning person or keep doing the same bull person. I come into class to listen to teachers that work pretty hard to have their knowledge only thrown aside by rude youth. Now that I think back I didn't really hate the teachers it was the piss ant students do you know how hard it is to set thru a good lesson such as Dante's inferno to hear someone in the back to always say "Fag!" or "That's gay!" It really does not take that much for me to start going in my happy place when listening to that. Sorry for the rant…but I just need to. Anyway still studying for my GED I took some test online and I did pretty well but of course I failed at one math ahh…..My arch nemesis hopefully with a bit more studying I can past thinking of taking the test around the 26th but not so sure

Yuso:Enough about you're worries child how about telling them about some good news for once? *pats her head* we have decided that we are going to change Howl name to ~Hysteria~  the name seems to fit for the story which…*cough* we are still working on…but stay tune we promise to have something by this week or weekend.
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Submitted on
February 12, 2013