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Published: March 6, 2013
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Note: So much fail right now x.x anyway made a small little prose?..Yea…I am going to think of this as a prose. Been hella…sad lately so been kind of going nuts on my self, but today I think I kind of got out of the hole halfway. So I decided that I truly needed to think about my story. So what’s better than starting on the characters concept? Now being an artist of words only I used the next best thing Dream selfy wonderful site when I need to make a quick ref. Anyway hope you guys don’t mind. I’m kind of bad of the whole self meme thing I promise to do this a lot better in the future.


Info:Asia, known as the shy weird girl. Now to be honest there’s a WHOLE lot of me put into this character and by a whole lot I mean really like…80% minus the whole taking meds for her depression & anxiety thing. (Well the taking meds part) So far on what I got was that she just one day came to this town. ((working on the town name)) well she was found by these three people who would be her loyal friends to the end. She is known to see things to which the doctors have rolled it out to only be schizophrenia so they basically just pumped her with full of meds to make her life seem normal. But as she gets older the pills seem to stop working and the more every little nightmarish thing seems to be real. More info with less messy grammar coming soon.

Example:Three hours..Hehe…that’s a new a record, three hours since I was to take my medication. Today was a day where I actually wanted to live in danger I wanted to see the live action of my mind in full use as it used it’s trickery on me. Weather it is an eight legged creature climbing on my ceiling, with its head in a twisted ungodly manner, its two eyeballs evicted to rolling to the back of its mind as it mumbling profanity at me or the feel of me skin crawl as I swear I feel something under my skin eating and tearing away my muscle. I fought so badly everyday not to pick up the nearest knife and plunge right into my flesh to find what was eating me. But instead I embraced it..I embraced the pain that was haunting me I think I have finally lost my mind.

O if you are wondering why she is wearing a coat, I was thinking that the place that they all live in is basically like a Seattle like place but with snow.


She dies >:I & becomes this chick: {[link]}

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