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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Finale
‘’Father…’’ Unorak’s expression was as ghostly as the orc who stood before him. ‘’What happened to you?’’
‘’I’ve evolved, my son.’’ replied Mergosh. ‘’And I have both you and Delurk to thank.’’
Since the shaman was still oblivious as to how he came to be that way, the death knight felt an explanation was in order.
‘’When Delurk banished you from the clan, he banished one of the Frostwolves’ most efficient fighters.’’ continued Mergosh. ‘’An unsound maneuver, considering he’d only halted the Stormpike’s advance for several weeks when he left. The dwarves came again, and I was captured in battle while fighting them.’’
‘’An unfortunate fate.’’ Unorak sympathized. ‘’That shouldn’t have happened, father. I’m sorry.’’
‘’Nonsense, son.’
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Chapt 9
Despite the arduous journey, Delurk Bloodsnarl arrived at Tyr’s Hand, his monstrous mount unfatigued. Durek paused to snarl at a dwarven bystander, who scrunched his nose rudely at the orc.
If it hadn’t been for omnipresent guardsmen, he would’ve encouraged the ghost wolf to feast on the bearded blunderer’s soul. He despised the dwarves nearly as much as he did the humans, as they were one of the most ambitious Alliance races, and one of the strongest. Their spirit was hard to crush, but if it wouldn’t break, the titanium orc settle for their skull instead.
NONETHELESS, Conclavis’s magnificently decorated chapel stood in the distance. Both Horde and Alliance races chatted merrily before Delurk came into view, but as he passed by, they all fell silent. The knights eyed him, many of even the Horde races holding him in contempt. They had joined the Argent Crusade because they were sick of the faction conflict, and they knew the titanium orc was one of i
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Chapt 8
Delurk Bloodsnarl prepared to depart from the Razor Hill barracks. After hours of careful strategizing, the greatest rebel figureheads had concluded on sound battle tactics. The process was grueling due to the racial variety present, each with their own ‘genius’ ideas, although a compromise was met.
Before the titanium orc could saunter across the outpost and up the slope, a gruff, fuzzy hand halted him.
‘’What do you want, Heavypaw?’’ Delurk eyed the pandaren peevishly.
‘’I have seen you fight.’’ he responded. ‘’And I have watched you train the warriors. No spy could command soldiers like you do. I was wrong, Delurk Bloodsnarl. You are no traitor to our cause.’’
Folding his tree-trunk sized arms, Delurk prepared to reply before Husto interrupted him.
‘’But you are still a monster who only joined us for self-fulfilling purposes.’’ the pandaren’s steely gaze met Delurk
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Chapt 7
The evening spent on the coarse wooden floor was unpleasant, although Delurk detected the Darkspear meant no disrespect by neglecting to provide him with a bed in his energy prison. Sleeping on the ground was a deeply held tradition to Sen’jin’s people, and even the highest ranking trolls only slumbered on thin mats.
Despite uncomfortable living conditions, the meal provided was exquisite. Grilled kodo peppered with spices, one of Delurk’s personal favorites.
Unsurprisingly, the titanium orc had an appetite for Barrens-grown food.
As a pair of three-toed legs shuffled down the stairs, the orc instantly stood to attention.
‘’You have come to free me, Koah?’’ Delurk glanced up the troll hopefully, although avoiding to seem groveling.
A morbid expression frozen on his face, the troll shook his head.
‘’Sorry mon, but…’’
Faint rattling broke the silence as the barrier faded away.
‘’You’re goin’ f
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Chapt 6
Vrang Wildgore awoke to the sound of struggle.
He peered out the window curiously, to see his son, Razonek Wildgore, surrounded by Kor’kron. Leaping impressively fast out of bed, the Frostwolf bolted down the stairs.
Hellscream’s true colors had finally been shown.
‘’What’s this?!’’ shouted Vrang, his ire invoked by the endangered state of his son.
‘’They speak all lies, father!’’ Razonek growled, his bow nocked. ‘’They claim we betrayed the Warchief, although we haven’t done anything!’’
‘’Cut out his tongue before you execute him.’’ snapped Malkorok to his comrades. ‘’Not only is he a traitor, but he’s a liar as well.’’
Two reddish-brown clad orcs inched forward to commit the dastardly deed, although neither of them managed to advance more than two feet before their hands were confiscated by Vrang’s axes.
The device whirled menacin
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Chapt 5
Unorak Bloodsnarl sat atop a humongous, narrow stone pillar, his legs dangling off the edge. Dismally, it appeared that the feat the earth spirit had tasked him with was impossible.
Suddenly, his vision grew blurred, and his world fell away as his spirit soared through the sky.
Knowing that the wind sought to show him something, the shaman waited patiently as his soul passed through the great sea, slowly coming to a halt as he approached the Wetlands. Upon reaching Dragonmaw Port, the wind released his essence. It had taken him to the place he needed to see.
The shaman tilted his spectral head upward to notice it was the crack of dawn. Several black-skinned orcs wielding vicious axes shifted uneasily outside a tavern as they deployed a goblin into it. A single green-skinned orc, barely identifiable by his armor, paced the ranks fiercely. Wisely, Unorak thought it best to follow the goblin, and stalked after him into the tavern. Judging by the creature’s dark leather and thin blad
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Chapt 4
‘’Hail, Warlord.’’ Vrang greeted his longtime ally as he hobbled into Bloodsnarl’s private quarters. ‘’ Are you fully re-acquainted with your position?’’
‘’I am, friend.’’ nodded Delurk, his mood more agreeable than it had been in times past. ‘’What brings you here?’’
The Frostwolf grimaced slightly at the inquiry. Why must only circumstance bring him to his longtime friend? He hated the constant instability and turmoil in Azeroth, even in the presumably serene Barrens. It seemed these days that every meeting had a purpose.
Someday, Vrang wished to spend a casual afternoon with the titanium orc. Perhaps they’d go fishing, or maybe they’d engage in the longtime Frostwolf pastime of hunting.
Alas, however, the Warlord was right. There was a reason that Vrang appeared before him tonight.
Two, actually.
‘’It’s customary that the victor of the Mak’gora cl
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Chapt 3
Conclavis and Silvercoin hunched uncomfortably over the assassin organization known only as ‘’the Black Bag’s’’ headquarters. Diverse crooks, cutthroats, and criminals chattered amongst themselves within, as the cold winds of Silverpine engulfed themselves around the heroes.
A goblin warlock could be seen communicating with a human death knight, the slimy creature waving what appeared to be a schematic madly in the man’s face.
‘’Shall we?’’ Silvercoin inquired, tightening his fists. Undoubtedly, the sight of this unity of iniquity perturbed him.
‘’Now, sooner than later.’’ nodded Conclavis in agreement.
Taking what seemed like an unnecessarily large gulp of brew, Thomas smashed his fist against the glass, shattering it. He rolled gracefully into the room, the shards penetrating the eyes of alerted mooks.
As Conclavis levitated after him, Silvercoin slammed his fist into a nearby dwarf. His drinking comp
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness chapt 2
What Delurk Bloodsnarl was about to do questioned everything he believed in. Any of his commanding officers would have him dishonorably discharged or beheaded for even considering it, but alas, they were fighting wars elsewhere.
And Delurk’s reputation of loyalty served him well.
The warlock met him far from the keep, out of sight, as requested. Eyes of Kil’rogg were dispatched to ensure the meeting was kept private.
‘’Hello, brother.’’ sneered the malicious voice.
First linking the sentence to Unorak, Delurk’s eyed him up. ‘’You are no brother of m—‘’
His gaze met a completely identical copy of himself, save the fact this version had hair on either side of his head, whereas Delurk was bald.
Zin’oxx chuckled slightly. ‘’Now, are you ready to make the transaction?’’
Delurk remembered Vrang’s warning.
‘’Demons are vile creatures who can’t be trusted!’’
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness chapter
Flames roared like lions throughout the Hellfire Penninsula as a shadowy figure treaded through it on foot, the soul of a demon following close by. Despite the flames erupting around him, the silhouette was undaunted as he was guided to the Blood Furnace.
The figure expected fel orcs to impede his quest, but he gave them little mind. After a majority of their numbers were butchered by the Alliance and Horde forces so long ago, they weren’t enough of a threat to consider.
Fel Iron doors flung open as the figure trekked the abysmal halls. To Zin’oxx’s disappointment, any traces of fel magic that the warlocks of old might have left had long faded, vanishing into the stone cold floor. Unfortunately for the spirit, snooping around to find any more energy wasn’t part of the deal they made. The demon pursued his colleague, because his partner wouldn’t wait for him.
‘’Do you hear that?’’ one orc called from down the hall.
‘’It s
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Breaking of Mists FINALE
Like a child in a mother's womb, Unorak had been cradled inside the water elemental for some months, his body sustained by the life the water gave. In the time he had spent there, however, he had grown anxious to finish his trial. Frusterated. Even angry.
Eventually, he had lost all control and attempted to blow the elemental apart, although the wind wouldn't assist him in the venture. Gloomily, he had come to the realization that the trial might not ever end. The oceans seemed to have a merciless nature as it ignored his pleas for answers.
The waters tightly engulfing his skin, he wondered about the wellbeing of his father, Mergosh Bloodsnarl. His father, he who had given him life and raised him so selflessly, despite the harsh condition the world was in.. Where was he now? Was he still alive?
He ignored the burdening doubt that his father might be dead. The shaman couldn't lose hope this far in his journey, not even if he did lose his father. While he had first embarked on the quest
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Breaking of Mists Act 5
In her free time at Lion's Landing, Eliyne Fallglade obsessed over the callous orc who had seemingly destroyed her life. After giving a detailed description of her widow-maker and kidnapper to a human officer who kept tabs on higher ranking Horde members, his name was revealed to be Delurk Bloodsnarl. From the research she had accumulated about this burly beast of an orc, he had been a detrimental burden to the Alliance ever since the Catacylsm, the recorded beginning of his bloody career being with the gruesome death of General Hawthorne, who had been remembered as a kindhearted general reluctant to kill innocents.
Yet the monster didn't care. The book spoke of how Delurk dug the old general's eyes from his skull, indifferent to the human's merciful nature.
What drove this orc to become the barbaric fiend he was today? Unfortunately, no recorded text in the Alliance libraries documents why. Perhaps the Legionnaire was what he behaved like; an animal, who only knows the path of violenc
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Breaking of Mists Act 4
After wandering for several weeks, the elements felt Unorak Bloodsnarl was ready for the first trial: a trial by wind.
The scraggly bearded shaman was suddenly unbalanced by a strong gust of wind. Posturing up, he found a mighty wind ascendant standing before him.
''The first trial, shaman,'' he breathed, beginning to accumulate wind under Unorak's feet. ''A trial of faith and clear-mindedness.''
Swiftly, Unorak rose above the clouds, however the second he pierced the sky, he began to fall.
''Winds, please carry me to safety!'' he beseeched as he began to fall.
Suddenly, he felt his footing regained. He slowly took to his feet and walked on thin air through the sky.
''Mmmm..'' the elemental said, grinning. ''It seems you've already tempered your faith in the elements a good deal.''
His flabberghaust turning into exhiliration, Unorak took off, soaring across the clouds.
A humongous bird with a beak as sharp as an axe and feathers as tough as steel made a dive at the shaman. Strangely pr
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Breaking of Mists Act 3
Delurk narrowed his eyes to get a better view of the figure who stood in the distance. Thin, golden blades of grass blew in the wind as the distant visage's hair hung loosely in the wind. Her small tusks, gleaming as bright as diamonds in the sunlight, curved into a kindly smile.
As be walked toward the mysterious figure, wind began to buffet him back. Unwilling to allow his curiousity to be quenched by a mere breeze, Delurk shielded his eyes as he pushed forward for a better view. The buffeting force proving no match for his muscular legs. Alas, he was finally within distance to see her..
It was his beloved.
It was Rika.
His body exploded in effort, he doubled the speed in which he pursued her. Her heavenly beauty encouraged him not to relent. Elegantly, she treaded toward Delurk with arms wide open.
As the winds began to tear everything from the ground, Delurk pressed on. He was almost there. The mountains themselves were flung like stones in the face of the wind, and homes were upro
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Breaking of Mists Act 2
Cheers rang through the Valley of Strength that night as the warriors returned home from battle. A massive feast, encored by a party, was prepared for the victors, and Delurk wouldn't miss a moment of it.
Clanking his mug with both Scargash and Bloodhilt, the three reckless orcs chugged grog. Delurk had removed his Kor'kron regalia for the occasion, and he wore only his titanium legplates. It'd be a shame to get grease on his gear!
''....And then the tauren said, 'That's not a shovel!' '' Delurk concluded to one of his bar jokes.
The warlord and commander hooted with laughter, slapping their knees and clapping each other on the back. Taking another ludicrous bite off a plainstrider leg and forcing it into his mouth, Delurk washed down the meat with more grog.
''How many gnomes does it take to paint a wall red?'' Bloodhilt inquired, nobly attempting to hold in his laughter.
''How many?'' Scargash grinned
''Why, it depends on how hard you throw them!'' Bloodhilt answered.
Scargash shot h
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Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Breaking of Mists Act 1
The days converted into months and the months into years since the time of Rika's death. Depression settled into Delurk's titanium-shrouded heart, worsening with each passing day. His quest for genocide against the Alliance was seemingly all but forgotten, as he spent his time gravitating from drinking his sorrows away in the Wyvern's Tail tavern, to making vain attempts in resurrecting his mate. Collaboration with the warlocks of the Cleft of Shadow proved futile, however, as their research was restricted by Garrosh Hellscream's anti-fel magic agenda. Nontheless, Delurk kept the ashes of his beloved closer to him than his own armor, finding them important in case they were required as a reagant in a ritual.
It was midday, and Delurk was in the tavern. By now, he had developed a strong liking to grog, and it seemed to be the only thing that took his mind off his worries.
However, he was approached as he drank.
A huge orc abruptly sat beside him, nearly shaking the table with his aggres
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‘’Father…’’ Unorak’s expression was as ghostly as the orc who stood before him. ‘’What happened to you?’’

‘’I’ve evolved, my son.’’ replied Mergosh. ‘’And I have both you and Delurk to thank.’’

Since the shaman was still oblivious as to how he came to be that way, the death knight felt an explanation was in order.

‘’When Delurk banished you from the clan, he banished one of the Frostwolves’ most efficient fighters.’’ continued Mergosh. ‘’An unsound maneuver, considering he’d only halted the Stormpike’s advance for several weeks when he left. The dwarves came again, and I was captured in battle while fighting them.’’

‘’An unfortunate fate.’’ Unorak sympathized. ‘’That shouldn’t have happened, father. I’m sorry.’’

‘’Nonsense, son.’’ Mergosh chuckled. ‘’It was a gift. But let me finish the story. When Hellscream’s men annihilated many of the dwarves in Hillsbrad, Vannadar felt an impending sense of doom, and hence, he sent a divergence of Stormpike to the Plaguelands to request aid from the Alliance, who were locked in battle with the Horde at Andorhal.’’

The death knight sighed. ‘’I was forced to go, of course, as a slave, a trophy of their conquest. However, when we reached the warring city, everything was in chaos. Mercilessly, the Stormpike were ambushed by Scourge, and most of them fled, leaving me in chains. The ones that stayed to fight were quickly reanimated after we were slain and taken to a lich.’’

‘’I….’’ Unorak was at a loss for words, allowing Mergosh to continue his monologue unabated.

‘’During the time I was deceased, my soul floated in the nether for what seemed like an eternity.’’ The death knight reported, his tone growing grim. ‘’It was…. frigid nothingness. An infinite voyage through the cosmos with no beginning and no end. Only the coldness of the great dark beyond.’’

‘’That’s not true!’’ Unorak protested. ‘’I’ve been to the Afterlife as well! It’s beautiful! Harmonious! Spirits of our ancestors laugh and sing toge—‘’

‘’A naïve fantasy.’’ Mergosh interrupted. ‘’The truth is that death is an endless pit of morbid, chilling nothingness. However, it doesn’t need to be that way, my son! In this second, undead life, we are preserved for eternity. Never again shall a soul wander aimlessly through the nether!’’

‘’But that’s not how we were meant to live!’’ objected Unorak passionately. ‘’This life is supposed to be temporary, and that’s what makes every moment so valuable! That’s what makes life beautiful! Even beyond this mortal realm, a paradise awaits those with noble hearts!’’

‘’I have had enough of your lies.’’ Mergosh retorted coldly. ‘’Even if you’re right, this ‘paradise’ found no place for me, and thus, I will do everything in my power to destroy your realm of self-righteous truths. Never again shall my soul wander aimlessly in despair!’’

The Death Knight drew his sword as a dense blizzard began to stir.

Two bony undead hands shot out of the ground and snatched Unorak by his heels as Mergosh lunged forward. The air whisked the death knight to the side as the earth swallowed Unorak’s risen assailants.

Taking advantage of Mergosh while he was off balance, Unorak knocked the death knight into the sky with a granite fist. However, necrotic hands grasped the shaman’s thighs as Mergosh pulled him into the sky with him.

As Unorak’s axes clanged against his father’s sword in midair, gargoyles gnawed on the shaman’s vulnerable spots. However, after briefly coating his skin in fire, they swiftly fell like moths scorched from a flame.

Landing a successful gash across Mergosh’s left arm, Unorak made a second right horizontal swing at his throat. The blade sliced his neck, and he fell through the sky.

However, to Unorak’s horror, Mergosh was far from defeated. Yanking the shaman with him in a necrotic grasp, he slammed his head into the ground, then sped through the region at an inhuman speed, dragging Unorak along face first.

‘’The Hammer is not the only thing which empowers me.’’ Mergosh roared as he raced along the snow. ‘’Death itself has made me undefeatable!’’

With snow flying into his eyes, the shaman remembered the wind’s lesson.


Blasting Mergosh skyward with a gust of wind, Unorak was free to barrage him with fiery boulders, followed by a punch to the gut with earthern fists. The Death Knight howled as he was knocked through the mountainside

Relentlessly, Unorak jumped into the hole he had created in the mountain and brought his right axe down in a vertical slash on Mergosh. Skillfully, the death knight sidestepped the strike and brought his two handed blade across Unorak’s shoulder. Yelping, the shaman gritted his teeth as he attempted to preserver.

His shoulder burned with pain, but he remembered the lesson of fire.


While the shaman’s mouth only sparked with primal flame at first, he spontaneously spat a torrent of heat upon Mergosh. The death knight stumbled back as he cast a magic shield, reducing the damage of the miniature cataclysm. Ash blackened his already dark armor as he moved forward, although his advance was quickly halted by other elements which began assailing him.

A gust of water emerged from Unorak’s hands, overwhelming his father’s push forward. Boulders from the mountain collapsed on the death knight, burying him, as fire sealed the makeshift tomb. Mergosh’s screams were drowned out by the wind’s ceaseless screeches, and then…

It was finished.

Or so Unorak thought.

Gradually, the blood fury faded from the shaman’s eyes as his breath grew heavier, and his once fiery veins now grew dim.

In a display of horrifically magnificent power, Mergosh erupted from the rubble to seize Unorak’s throat. He hoisted his son into the air, his feet wildly attempting to kick at the necro-crazed death knight.

‘’You’ll thank me for this someday.’’ Mergosh’s voice was more sorrowful than spiteful as Unorak’s skin grew pale. Slaying his own son was an abysmal task, but an essential one nonetheless.

Wheezing, the shaman began to grow dizzy. He could feel his life energy slipping from his body. While he struggled against his father, Mergosh’s iron grip seemed unbreakable.

The water spirit whispered a single word in his ear.


Instantly, Unorak’s body was revitalized, and his spirit was refreshed with new life. Spinning quickly enough to be mistaken for a living hurricane, Unorak sent Mergosh plummeting out of the Cliffside, gripping his son defiantly as they crashed near the Engine of the Makers.

As the dust settled, Delurk, who was now within sight of the catastrophic brawl, grimaced.

Through the thick blizzard, he saw Mergosh’s sword impale Unorak’s heart.

The shaman had lost.

Darak towered over Conclavis, his otherwise emotionless expression bent slightly into a sadistic smirk.

‘’I do not fear you, minion of Arthas.’’ the priest scoffed at his adversary.

‘’Not yet.’’ Darak replied. ‘’Allow me to give you a reason to.’’

Gripping his blade with two hands, the Scourgelord swung his blade in a right vertical slash. Narrowly, Conclavis avoided the sweep as he sent a bolt of holy energy through his staff at the death knight, causing Darak’s body to spasm. As he retreated, he accidently stumbled over. Luckily, a chain prevented him from falling unto a ghastly demise.

For now.

Leaning on his staff for support, the priest readied himself as Darak regained composure.

With icy, unwavering determination, the Scourgelord made a low sweep at the priest’s leg. While the priest again managed to evade the brunt of the blow, he could feel his rotten blood splash against his sanctified robes. Discipline prevented him from screaming with agony, although he desperately wanted to. Unlike most forsaken, he felt enhanced pain due to his extended contact with the Light.

Despite Conclavis’s valiant effort to conceal his suffering, Darak detected it within him. While his initial goal was to immediately slay him, they were now both alone, left to struggle against each other.

No one was there to save Conclavis, and hence, his kill wouldn’t be botched. He’d toy with the priest before granting him an undignified death.

Flesh devouring insects crawled from beneath Darak’s robe as they made their way toward Conclavis. However, the grimy critters were all incinerated by holy nova before they could lay a single fang on him.

Unexpectedly, as the priest fended off the parasites, Darak rushed forward, grabbing Conclavis by his tabard and tossing him into the next room. Anguished, Rotzinger rubbed the back of his damaged head thoughtfully after it cracked against the hard saronite floor.

‘’I can’t decide what to do with you.’’ sighed the Scourgelord. ‘’Should I convert you into a mindless, babbling minion, bent on serving my every desire, or instead dissect you and use your parts for my latest creations?’’

Sickened, Conclavis smote Darak across the chest with holy energy. ‘’You shall do neither, pawn of the Dark One.’’

Dazed, the Scourgelord leaned on a nearby ledge, calling for several deformed horrors to come to his aid. When Conclavis examined them, they appeared like the spawn of a worgen and an old god. The abominations had a worgen’s exoskeleton, but a faceless one’s manacled skin.

Several more holy bolts ensued, cremating the unruly creatures before they could tear him to pieces.

Noticing that Darak hadn’t yet fully recovered, Conclavis mustered a tide of holy wrath and directed it at the Scourgelord. Quivering with strain, the death knight mustered an anti-magic shield to protect himself, although it did little against the Light which charred him.

Snarling, Darak jolted Conclavis forward with necrotic hands, extending his blade to impale him. Midway through the unprecedented pull, the priest cut off the necrotic arm with a swing of his divine staff, releasing him. A second unholy ray extended toward Conclavis in an attempt to snare him again, but it too was countered by a brilliant burst of Light. The Scourgelord’s mouth hung agape as the priest walked forward.

‘’In the Light’s name, I smite this wicked man and plunge him into the pit!’’ the Archbishop pronounced, shoving Darak over the ledge with his staff, mustering all the force he could.

Silently, the Death Knight tumbled off the balcony and into the grinder below. As he fell, he didn’t scream, instead glaring spitefully at his slayer. A final necrotic ray emerged from his hands, snagging Conclavis’s leg to pull him down with him.

‘’Hnnngh!’’ gasped the startled priest as he grappled a nearby ledge chain for support. His feet dangled over the balcony as the sound of Darak’s body scrunching against the unstoppable metal resonated in the chamber. Black blood stained his robe, although to his relief, it appeared he would live.

Pulling himself to safety, he sat down to regain his calm, pompous comportment. He had survived the deleterious encounter.

But had his argent brethren?

‘’Don’t rock the boat, wanker!’’ Reagan scowled at Thomas as the monk made a surprise appearance on deck. ‘’Reckon I’ll cut you a deal and let you walk scot free if you just hop off now.’’

Motioning toward the parachutes, Luthen stared at the monk expectantly.

Boldly, Silvercoin knocked them off the zeppelin in one sweep of his leg.

‘’One of us is destined to perish atop this nefarious contraption.’’ Thomas replied. ‘’You’re a fiend in an undead guise, Mr. Luthen, and bluntly, I’d like to see you die like one.’’

Assuming a combative stance, Silvercoin beckoned him provocatively. ‘’Let’s have a go at it, ‘mate.’’’

Snarling, Reagan released a sharp whistle. Two hulking vargul brutes emerged from below the deck.

‘’This bloke’s spoiling for a fight.’’ Luthen reported to his summoned muscle. ‘’Be lads and give it to ‘em for me, will you?’’

Emitting a guttural growl, the decaying behemoths lumbered toward Thomas as Luthen slipped below deck.

((Play ))

The first vargul made a left vertical swing at Thomas with his greataxe, although he slid between the giant’s legs and punched him between the thighs.

Unfortunately, as the monster was deceased, it didn’t harm the creature as much as the monk had hoped. It scooped Silvercoin off the ground with one hand and began to squeeze the life out of him.

‘’Where does Luthen GET these things?!’’ Thomas asked himself as his ribcage felt as if it were being run over by a tank.

Bracing himself, he bashed his head against the vargul’s. Blackened teeth flung from its mouth as it fell back, but before Thomas could kick it into the wall, the second monster made a swing at his backside.

Luckily, the monk anticipated the underhanded attack and acted accordingly. He flipped around his foe to disarm the weapon with a snap kick, sending it tumbling into the sea.

The sea!

Abysmally, the Tirisfal coast loomed in the distance.

Instilled with vigor, Thomas twisted around to uppercut the first oncoming vargul in the chin. Impressively, his head snapped off from the force, and black blood oozed from his neckhole as the corpse tumbled to the ground.

The second vargul braced himself as the monk approached with a savageness in his eyes yet unseen by even his closest friends. Narrowly, he blocked Thomas’s first two pelvic jabs, before raising his fists in an effort to shatter the monk’s spine. As he brought his arms down, Silvercoin leapt to the side, causing the vargul to lose his balance. With a swift kick to the side of the head, Thomas sent the creature spinning across the deck, and after a final jab to the chest, it fell to its death on the rocky cliffs below.

Meanwhile, Reagan paced anxiously beneath deck. Onlookers peered curiously at the zeppelin as it flew over Brill. Only Thomas could be seen atop the armed aircraft.

‘’They’re taking too long!’’ snapped Luthen to his mooks. ‘’Go get ‘em, ladies ‘n’ gents!’’

Black clad figures poured from the door to meet their adversary.

‘’You too, pilot.’’ growled the Felblade to the goblin at the wheel. ‘’Lemme drive for a spell.’’

‘’This was not in my contract!’’ the little green figure objected as Luthen shooed him out the door.

Meanwhile, Thomas prepared for the next wave of thugs. His first assailant, surprisingly a draenei male, attempted to brain the monk with a sledgehammer, however Thomas pried at his fingers before the weapon could strike home, causing it to fling into the air. Catching it, he brought it down on the draenei’s skull, crushing his head like a watermelon.

Two more adversaries lunged at him, both slender female Night Elves. Their skin was flawless, and decorative, thin markings adorned their cheeks like permanent tears. Each carried beautiful silver swords, although the monk had no doubt they’d slice him the ribbons if he wasn’t on his toes.

The first elf opened with a thrust to the chest, which Silvercoin countered by hopping atop her blade and kicking her in the face. She stumbled back, nursing her bloodied nose as her sister comforted her. While the elves were impressed by his agility, the Kaldeori had seen feats far more impressive.

They were hardly deterred.

With her blade clutched backwards in her hand, the second sister slashed mercilessly at Thomas. Attempting to fight her hand against blade would be suicide since she was vastly superior to her peers in swordsmanship, so he contented himself to dodging the lethal attacks.

As the second sister recovered, she too began her offensive on the monk. After accumulating several scathing injuries, the monk knew he had to react immediately if he was to succeed and survive against the twins.

Sending chi lightning scrawling from his palms, he shocked the duo, their purple figures contorting unnaturally in agony. After slamming their twisted bodies together, he flung them off the aircraft. Their screams filled the air, before they were silenced by a pair of ‘splats.’

Taking a brief second glance over the zeppelin, it appeared as if they were nearing the Argent Bulwark. Unfortunately, the blimp-like contraption passed the border, the levitating juggernaut seemingly unstoppable

‘’Alright, bub!’’ shouted a petulant, impervious goblin, bearing a bag filled with dynamite on his back. ‘’You’re about to have a real bad day!’’

The slimy green creature was barely able to huck a single explosive at him before Thomas exploded it with a wave of chi energy.

‘’Eh…heheh…’’ the goblin backed up, then tried to flee back down the cockpit. Before he could touch the handle, Thomas seized him by the back of his plaid shirt and snapped his neck.

One of the goblin’s explosives tumbled out of his pack, detonating and setting the zeppelin aflame.

Doggedly determined, Silvercoin kicked down the door leading below deck. As he entered, Luthen emerged from the shadows, stabbing Thomas in the back of the spine. Luckily for the monk, he was undead, and thus, such a blow wasn’t fatal.

Reaching behind him, Silvercoin grabbed Reagan and threw him against the control panel. Ominously, the zeppelin’s gears groaned as the aircraft shook, releasing part of its cargo. Several plague barrels fell onto the grassland below, although to Thomas’s relief, it wasn’t in argent territory.

‘’I thought you would’ve learned not to cross me the first time I killed you.’’ Reagan hissed, withdrawing his revolver and shooting at the monk.

Gracefully, Thomas rolled beneath the gun and twisted Luthen’s wrist, before plucking it out of his hand and tossing it to the side. Grabbing the Felblade’s neck, Silvercoin slammed him headfirst into the control panel.

Activating his poisoned boot knife, Reagan jammed the back of his heel into Thomas’s shin. Viciously, he spun around, backhanding the monk with brass knuckles, causing him to stumble dizzily out of the cabin.

‘’Ain’t so tough now, eh wanker?’’ Luthen grinned as he smashed his fist against his dazed foe’s jaw, the fires still blazing all around them. With a second cross hook to the cheek, Luthen sent several of Silvercoin’s teeth flying out of his mouth. ‘’Now see, most poison doesn’t work on undead, but this here concoction I used was mind numbing. Catch is, Tommy boy, without our brains, we’re just corpses.’’

Dropping his knuckles to unsheathe his daggers, Reagan lunged forward to behead Thomas. The monk staggered out of harm’s way, and to Luthen’s bewilderment, he took a swig of alcohol.

‘’Bloody loony.’’ sneered Reagan, bringing his right dagger down in a vertical line, aimed at Thomas’s kneecap. ‘’This is a fight, not a social gathering!’’

What happened next was vexing.

As if he were completely renewed, Silvercoin obviated the blade, coming back in to punch Luthen in the mouth. The impact flung the Felblade back, cursing in pain as his head banged against the edge of the zeppelin.

From out of the blinding smoke, Thomas emerged, confidently, and, in this rare occasion, scowling. He hoisted Reagan over the edge as the rogue squirmed against his grasp.

‘’This zeppelin is still flying without a driver. Why.’’ The monk inquired, his inner gentleman murdered by the monster which lurks inside all forsaken.

‘’Auto pilot, mate!’’ Reagan smiled weakly. ‘’Since you decided to hop ship, I had to change course to make sure none of the folks back at home saw me. Tirisfal is too bloody close, y’see.’’

‘’Please, do go on.’’ Thomas gestured, beginning to loosen his grip on the Felblade.

Still stifling, Luthen gave his best effort to elucidate. ‘’I can’t go disguising as you when you’re already here, and we all know priesty would never nuke his own people.’’

‘’Where’s it headed now?’’ demanded Thomas.

‘’Tyr’s Hand!’’ croaked the Felblade, a hint of fear creeping into his eyes. ‘’And the only way this zeppelin can deviate from its path is if it’s driven manually!’’

Reagan’s eyes darted to his scorching surroundings, managing to crack a cruel smirk ‘’Reckon this here zeppelin doesn’t have much time, either.’’

‘’So it doesn’t.’’ noted Thomas. ‘’And neither do you.’’

Thomas released his quarry, and Luthen screamed as he fell through the air.


Thomas polished his crimson leather suit as he reentered the cabin, burning chunks of iron and wood crashing behind him. ‘’Good riddance.’’

Guiding the zeppelin with one hand on the wheel, he took a long swig from his flask as he redirected it into the lake separating the East and West Plaguelands.

The monk closed his eyes as he placed his drink down.

‘’It has been an honor and a privilege to make your acquaintance, Mr. Rotzinger.’’ Thomas said aloud, the flames invoking sweat to trickle down his forehead. ’’I shall rest well knowing that my undeath has been spent preserving the lives of righteous men and women.’’

With that, Thomas Silvercoin’s aircraft crashed into the shallow lake, exploding into a brilliant combination of flames and plague gas.
Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Finale
That concludes my earliest OC, folks! I hope you enjoyed it - it was an amazing time to write!
Despite the arduous journey, Delurk Bloodsnarl arrived at Tyr’s Hand, his monstrous mount unfatigued. Durek paused to snarl at a dwarven bystander, who scrunched his nose rudely at the orc.

If it hadn’t been for omnipresent guardsmen, he would’ve encouraged the ghost wolf to feast on the bearded blunderer’s soul. He despised the dwarves nearly as much as he did the humans, as they were one of the most ambitious Alliance races, and one of the strongest. Their spirit was hard to crush, but if it wouldn’t break, the titanium orc settle for their skull instead.

NONETHELESS, Conclavis’s magnificently decorated chapel stood in the distance. Both Horde and Alliance races chatted merrily before Delurk came into view, but as he passed by, they all fell silent. The knights eyed him, many of even the Horde races holding him in contempt. They had joined the Argent Crusade because they were sick of the faction conflict, and they knew the titanium orc was one of its more vocal advocators.

Ignoring their sour gazes, Delurk dismounted to walk up the steps. The opinions of traitors were of little concern to him. As he entered the Cathedral, he heard the hastening of footsteps. After ascending the stairs, he caught a glimpse of Conclavis hurriedly scurrying across the room, gathering various supplies and reagents. Peculiarly, an undead monk assisted him.

‘’What ails you, pri—‘’ Delurk began, before being interrupted.

‘’That bastard Luthen has the rest of the Hammer fragments.’’ Conclavis spouted, as if he had held the sentence in for some time. ‘’And if I don’t act quickly, he might do something stupid with it.’’

‘’He also threatened our dear Rotzinger with a fate most ghastly, although both you and I know that’s not the primary source of his strife.’’ commented Thomas Silvercoin, sipping his tea before placing it down delicately on the table.

‘’Indeed.’’ agreed Conclavis, slumping his shoulders. Silvercoin’s voice was soft and pleasant, but firm, reflecting his nature well. It calmed the priest down a good deal, who was usually difficult to agitate. ‘’Nevertheless, I’ve collected my notes. By your presence here, I infer you’re now willing to accompany me, hence we leave at once.’’

Grumbling under his breath, a goblin wheeled a teleporter into the room.

‘’The good Felblade has given us his address.’’ informed Silvercoin. ‘’He resides in the Forge of Souls. Perhaps we should pay him a visit?’’

The monk’s question was, in reality, a statement. Solemnly, the orc and priest nodded as they entered the portal.

Delurk only wished it had been that easy getting to Tyr’s Hand.

Upon their arrival at Icecrown Citadel’s ramparts, a slender human female emerged from the Forge to greet them. Judging by her battered appearance and hopeless demeanor, the trio deduced she was Luthen’s slave.

‘’Right this way, gentlemen.’’ She motioned them inside, her frail handing shaking slightly as she beckoned toward the portcullis.

Both Thomas and Conclavis showed obvious disapproval of the abused state the slave was kept in, although Delurk seemed content, even impressed by the Felblade’s treatment of humans.

As the metal gate grinded upward, they cautiously entered, their guide the most timid of them all. A humongous, soul-grinding pit churned endlessly below them, unsettling even the titanium orc as they navigated across the narrow bridges. Screams of damned souls were distant, yet audible.

‘’Quite the operation Mr. Luthen has in the works.’’ Thomas noted, his lip pursed.

‘’Hmmph.’’ Snorted Delurk, irritated by the forsaken’s aristocratic pompousness.

‘’Fret not, friend. There’s a good chance you’ll be reunited with your mate before day’s end.’’ commented Conclavis, eyeing his horrifically macabre surroundings. ‘’One way or another.’’

‘’I wouldn’t be too certain.’’ remarked the monk, peering over the bridge at the soul-ensnaring machine. ‘’That contraption looks particularly nefarious to the recently deceased.’’

As they continued on, a buzzing sound became prominent. At first, it went unnoticed due to the ceaseless laments of the fallen, however the noise was now too loud to be overlooked.

Rounding the corner, Delurk saw Luthen aboard a menacing, jet black zeppelin, with plague cannons jutting from its broadsides. A figure, shrouded in dark shadow, stood to the right of the zeppelin, while Darak stood to the left. Luthen’s crew bristled with activity on deck as he leaned off to the side to greet them.

‘’Terribly big of you to drop by!’’ yelled the Felblade over the whirring. ‘’Just in time to finish this here hammer!’’

‘’The devil are you babbling about?’’ snapped Conclavis, sickened by Luthen’s presence.

‘’A little birdy told me that you were boys with the Argents.’’ Reagan continued. ‘’So I built a zeppelin and loaded it with plague barrels! You’re going to hand me the rest of them Hammer shards, or I’m going to be dropping my cargo like Greatfather Winter drops presents!’’

‘’A shameless lie.’’ retorted Silvercoin, while Conclavis attempted to assess the situation. ‘’If you bomb the Argents, Sylvanas will remove you from the Horde, and perhaps even execute you.’’

‘’But that’s the real treat!’’ grinned Reagan. ‘’I ain’t going to do it.’’

Fel vapors amassed around Luthen, before enshrouding him completely. After they melded into his skin, the rogue’s crooked visage was replaced with Thomas’s handsome features.

‘’You are.’’

Taken aback, Silvercoin placed his hand over his chest. ‘’You wry bastard.’’

‘’I may be a wry bastard, but I’ll also be a very rich and powerful one real soon.’’ Reagan responded. ‘’That, or you’re going to end up infamous with your own people like priesty here did. Either way, I win.’’

Rummaging through his robe, Conclavis pulled out his shards and stared at them inquisitively. He had two choices: allow his allies, who had given him shelter during his darkest hours, to perish, or relinquish a weapon of unimaginable power to a sadistic psychopath who almost definitely had a malevolent purpose for it.

‘’Do it.’’ Ignotus insisted. ‘’It’s for the greater good.’’

‘’Silence your squirming tongue, before I feed you a dinner of steel.’’ The titanium orc barked defensively.

‘’Ah, Delurk.’’ The silhouette smiled beneath his hood as he took several steps forward. ‘’Always the first into a fight. Always doing the reckless thing, never the wise thing.’’

‘’Show your face, coward.’’ spat the titanium orc, the death knight’s chastising contributing to his belligerence.

‘’I’m offended you don’t recognize me, even beneath this hood.’’ answered Ignotus. ‘’After all, you killed me.’’

‘’You speak in riddles.’’ Delurk glowered. ‘’Show me the pig I gutted.’’

‘’In good time.’’ The figure reassured. ‘’But for now, your priest has a decision to make.’’

Conclavis peered at the shards intently. ‘’Yes, I think I’ve decided.’’ He declared.

Predetermining his answer by his facial expression and tone, Ignotus extended his arm as necrotic hands swiped the pieces from the priest’s grasp before he could close his fist.

‘’Good choice.’’ The silhouette commended ironically as the stolen shards landed in his palm. ‘’Luthen, attend to them while I conclude my business.’’

‘’No worries!’’ Reagan grinned as several Bag members approached the trio, inhibiting their path toward the mad Death Knight. Taking full advantage of his diversion, Ignotus leapt atop his Frostbrood Vanquisher and took to Icecrown’s skies.

‘’He mustn’t reach the Engine of the Makers!’’ urged Conclavis. ‘’The ancient titan construct would be conducive to his diabolical endgame!’’

Nodding at the priest, Delurk mounted Doomfang and took after Ignotus.

‘’Reckon you just waved goodbye to all your muscle.’’ smirked Luthen.

‘’Not ALL of it.’’ Thomas countered, assuming tiger stance.

((Play… ))

‘’Focus on dismantling the machine below.’’ Thomas instructed Conclavis, his eyes affixed upon his foes. ‘’It may still spin, but you must diminish its unholy properties, for if it’s deactivating, the Felblade loses his main power engine.’’

‘’Very well.’’ The priest agreed, running behind the monk to channel holy energy into the soul-grinder.

‘’Oi!’’ snapped Luthen to his compatriots. ‘’Don’t let that bloody wanker screw with the juice, you yobbos!’’

While Reagan’s bagged men had the upper hand in numbers, Silvercoin held the bottleneck. The first to lunge, a large, cumbersome tauren wielding a dreadful greataxe, was met with an uppercut, which shattered several teeth and sent him crashing into his colleagues.

A worgen warrior managed to dodge his falling friend and swung his right weapon, a morning star, at the monk. While Thomas successfully snapped the weapon’s chain, effectively destroying it, the spiked ball swung out of control, creating a vertical gash above his forehead.

Anticipating the gilnean’s offhand dagger, he snatched his elbow before the strike could land, and swirled him around several times before sending him plunging to his grisly death in the grinder below.

‘’Would anyone else care to spar?’’ Thomas remarked, tilting his head inquisitively.

‘’Darak!’’ snapped Luthen. ‘’Get medieval.’’

Ominously, the death knight brushed past his fallen allies like an angel of death. They sat in silence as he drew his weapon and faced the monk.

‘’I’ve fought worse.’’ Silvercoin smirked, attempting to convince himself he could defeat the Scourge Lord.

Before Thomas could open with a heel to the chin, icy chains materialized around his feet.

‘’Wh—‘’ the monk was taken by surprise.

Darak wasted no time. Lunging at Silvercoin, his blade narrowly missed him as he rolled to the side.

Deviously, Thomas shot chi lightning from his fingers in retaliation, although the death knight was only slightly dissuaded from his attack. He continued to approach the monk, using his left arm as a shield.

‘’Damn.’’ muttered the unfortunate forsaken.

Threateningly, Darak raised his blade for a second strike, although he was kicked in the crotch before he could bring it down. His eyes went wide for a brief moment, before his brow creased in anger.

Before Thomas could maneuver around him, he seized the monk by his throat and pinned him against a saronite wall.

‘’For that, I will unmake you.’’ he hissed, pulling one of his fists back to bash the monk’s head in.

Suddenly, the room trembled unstably, and Darak lost his footing. He clutched onto a nearby rail chain for support, while Silvercoin’s natural balance kept him on his toes.

Luthen leaned over the ramparts, only to discover, to his horror, that the priest had successfully released every soul from the grinder. The huge metal gears spun lifelessly below him, completely drained of the Felblade’s coveted essence.

‘’The ‘stache!’’ he cried out. ‘’CONCLAVIS STOLE THE ‘STACHE!’’

‘’Indeed.’’ cooed the priest smugly, appearing behind Silvercoin

‘’That… that was my supply line, you uppity wanker!’’ exclaimed Luthen. ‘’You took from me my easy living, so I’m going to take yours.’’

Enthusiastically, the Black Bag thugs piled onto the zeppelin.

‘’I’ll get you some good company for the nether!’’ Luthen hollered over the propeller. ‘’Darak! Finish ‘em off.’’

Gathering himself, the death knight arose to finish his work as the zeppelin took off.

Conclavis watched helplessly as what would be the deathbringer of every argent in the plaguelands sped toward its destination.

Suddenly, a ‘thud’ pierced the terror of the priest’s mind. To his utmost relief, Thomas had managed to leap on board the zeppelin before it got too far!

The monk was now the only one who could save the lives of one of Azeroth’s final bastions of Light.

Conclavis took a second glance at Darak as the death knight came toward him.

His colleagues weren’t the only ones in grave danger.

((Play… ))

Lightning flashed across the sky as Delurk chased Ignotus through Icecrown. The death knight’s Frostbrood Vanquisher was irrefutably both more powerful and more durable, but the titanium orc’s spectral wyvern was faster.

Doomfang gnawed at the dragon’s bare bones as it flew, only to pull out of the way to evade icy devastation.

‘’Come, Delurk.’’ Ignotus’s voice was perfectly calm, masking his frustration with the orc’s efficient strategy. ‘’Surely you’ve been taught more honorable tactics than this! You maneuver like a coward.’’

‘’There is no honor in how you fight,’’ Delurk returned as his wyvern came in for another bite. ‘’But who you fight, and why!’’

Ignotus’s Frostbrood successfully batted its wing at Doomfang, causing the creature to spiral back as the titanium orc held on for his life.

‘’Perceptive.’’ commented the death knight, freezing Delurk’s gloves in an effort to make him lose his grip on his reins.

Recovering, Delurk swooped below the Vanquisher to slice at its stomach. The dragon screeched in pain, and if it were living, it would’ve died. ‘’What do you know of honor, anyway? You steal from the weak and mask your identity like a thief!’’

Pragmatically, the wyvern dodged the Frostbrood’s beating wings the second time before hovering atop it.

‘’You never were particularly foresightful.’’ retorted Ignotus, abandoning his calm demeanor for one more grave. ‘’And that shall be your downfall.’’

Turning around to extend his hand, Ignotus gripped Doomfang with necrotic energies. Agonizingly, it screeched as the death knight appeared to be vacuuming its essence into his palm, before it disappeared completely. Now without a mount, Delurk roared as he fell through the air, however he managed to grab onto the dragon’s tail, narrowly evading a gory death. To his dread, he looked up to notice the creature had passed into the Storm Peaks.

They were nearing their destination.

‘’While I admire your tenacity, your struggle to stay alive is purposeless and empty.’’ Ignotus spoke, his eyes affixed on the path. ‘’Death is underrated.’’

Ferociously, the dragon wagged its tail as Delurk pulled himself up gradually, his grip shattering the Frostbrood’s bones.

Wind blew his titanium helmet off as he held on, revealing his bald head and prematurely aged features.

‘’But again, you’ll discover that soon.’’ Ignotus announced. ‘’For when I have fulfilled my duty, no heart shall beat, and no green shall grow, for everything shall be dead.’’

Gritting his teeth, Delurk attempted to scale up the dragon. Desperation shone on his face as his blood red eyes flared with hatred.

Ignotus looked at his mount’s backside as he rode, glimpsing at the titanium orc’s sheer determination. His struggle to survive.

It reminded the dark silhouette of himself, once.

‘’Don’t be afraid, Delurk. Death is not the end.’’

With that, the dragon smashed him against the mountainside, and he lost his grip. He fell through the air before landing in a shallow pile of snow, his legs breaking instantly upon impact with the ground.

Satisfied, Ignotus rode onward to his destination as Delurk spectated the horrific event powerlessly. After reaching the Engine of the Makers, he dismounted, before combining Conclavis’s fragments with Luthen’s.

Treading over to the immeasurably steep hole in the snow, neatly decorated with prehistoric metal, he triumphantly placed the Hammer over the ledge. Despite a momentary pause, ancient titan energies were quick to spout from the engine like a backward waterfall. They engulfed the Hammer as power flowed from it into Ignotus’s hand, imbuing him with untold might.

It seemed like his skin shook as it gleamed with ancient titan potency. His dark veins pulsed as his power grew. His mouth cracked a small smile, before splitting into a full, genuine grin.

Suddenly, a presence washed over Delurk, who, despite having broken legs, was still valiantly attempting to crawl across the Storm Peaks’ vast plains toward the Death Knight. Ignotus was beyond view, although the titanium orc could easily trace him by following the shimmering pillar of energy jutting into the sky. The beacon was both gorgeous and grim.

While he sensed his legs beginning to heal, he was still currently far from battle ready.

The presence which had restored him soared toward Ignotus. It was an orc, whose skin was earthern, with water coursing through his veins. Gusts of air surrounded him, and fire blazed In his eyes.

It was his brother, Unorak Bloodsnarl.

The ascended shaman tackled the Death Knight, the impact causing all snow in a 50 yard radius to part. Ignotus grunted as the Hammer was flung from his hand, and now dwindled near the Engine’s edge. Abruptly, the flow of energy ceased.

Unorak slammed his fist into Ignotus’s jaw, creating a small crater as he followed up with an infernal blast. Snarling, the Death Knight was drilled through the earth as the shaman continued to pummel him with rocky fists.

Wrathfully, necrotic rays emerged from Ignotus’s hands, sending his elemental adversary hurdling back to the surface.

‘’The spirits have called me to purge your scourge from the earth.’’ Unorak narrowed his eyes.

‘’And it is a call in vain.’’ answered the Death Knight. ‘’You are far too late, shaman. I have already absorbed enough titan energy from the Hammer to defeat any mortal who might oppose my objective. The elements have no place in the world I will shape, but I will ensure you do. Stop this foolish mission, and take your place as a prince of the damned.’’

‘’Preserving life is never a foolish venture.’’ countered Unorak. ‘’Although a fiend like you probably has no value for it.’’

‘’Now, Unorak.’’ Ignotus chided, removing his hood as the thick, dark fog around him lifted. ‘’Have some respect for your elders.’’

The shaman took several steps back, his mouth agape.

Beneath Ignotus’s frightful guise was none other than his father, Mergosh Bloodsnarl.
Delurk Bloodsnarl prepared to depart from the Razor Hill barracks. After hours of careful strategizing, the greatest rebel figureheads had concluded on sound battle tactics. The process was grueling due to the racial variety present, each with their own ‘genius’ ideas, although a compromise was met.

Before the titanium orc could saunter across the outpost and up the slope, a gruff, fuzzy hand halted him.

‘’What do you want, Heavypaw?’’ Delurk eyed the pandaren peevishly.

‘’I have seen you fight.’’ he responded. ‘’And I have watched you train the warriors. No spy could command soldiers like you do. I was wrong, Delurk Bloodsnarl. You are no traitor to our cause.’’

Folding his tree-trunk sized arms, Delurk prepared to reply before Husto interrupted him.

‘’But you are still a monster who only joined us for self-fulfilling purposes.’’ the pandaren’s steely gaze met Delurk’s intensely. ‘’And I will never forget what you and your grunts did in Pandaria.’’

‘’I do not seek your forgiveness, you corpulent fool.’’ Delurk growled. ‘’I seek your aid in this war.’’

Hesitatingly, Husto begrudgingly agreed. ‘’You are the lesser of two evils.’’

‘’Hmmph.’’ the titanium orc rumbled warningly.

Without another word, the brawler joined his ally-of-circumstance up the dusty path leading to Far Watch Post.

And from there…


All around Unorak, fire blazed ceaselessly. The very heat of the burning realm would’ve dehydrated him in minutes if his water hadn’t constantly kept him preserved and refreshed.

Screams filled the air, screams which sounded as if they belonged to mortals. That detail, however, was overlooked upon seeing what horrors the fire plane bore; colossal, two headed behemoths which roamed the charred earth, as shrill cries of phoenixes pierced the sky, their wings rhythmically beating as they scoured for prey.

Searing tornados wandered astray across the barren land, pursuing whatever could be incinerated. Anything green, if it had ever grown here, had been burned to ash long before recorded history.

Spontaneously, a fire spirit coalesced in front of the Shaman.

‘’Your trial is simple.’’ The creature told him. ‘’DEFEAT ME!’’

A fiery claw reached out to engulf Unorak, although the shaman surrounded himself with water before the spirit could snag him. The struggle between fire and water resulted in a thick coat of steam covering the battlefield.

From out of the smoke, the orc charged. The wind aided his step as he barged into the elemental, flying into the air with it. With a stern kick, he pushed himself from the infernal before dousing it with torrents of water. Summoning tremendous gusts of wind, the shaman then hurtled the spirit into the ground.

With anticipation, he shifted nervously as the smoke became clearer. The earth hardened his will, allowing him to press on. He’d need to, because…

The spirit appeared unharmed.

‘’The lesson in fire is simple.’’ The otherworldly being smirked at him. ‘’POWER IS THE ONLY TRUTH IN NATURE!’’

A pyroblast sent Unorak hurdling back into the rocks, although the earth caught him and set him down gently before any more damage was done.

Tossing an axe at the spirit, the shaman couldn’t help but to smile as it struck the elemental’s shoulder. He enchanted the weapon with Frostbite as it sunk into the being’s fiery body.

Belching an unholy shriek, it hucked another wave of consuming fire in his direction. Resourcefully, Unorak created a stone barrier to shield himself, but it didn’t hold, and the shaman was forced to roll away as it crumbled before his eyes.

Calling down rain on the elemental, Unorak used it to assist him in his offensive as he swung fiercely at the flaming foe with his bare fists. The wind parted the elemental as he struck, making his blows much more deadly. He aimed to strike the core.

‘’Don’t you understand?’’ crackled the creature, knocking the shaman’s hand out of his burning body. ‘’The other elements have taught you nothing but WEAKNESS! DENOUNCE THEM, AND EMBRACE UNTAMABLE POWER!’’

The fire spirit disappeared as Unorak swung again, only to reappear behind him and place both burning claws on Bloodsnarl’s thighs, instantly sending scorching pain up his backside.

‘’HNNNNNNGH!’’ the shaman cried out as he collapsed, desperately crawling away from the fire spirit. It pursued him yet, towering over him ominously.


Unorak flipped around to blast the elemental’s fiery skin aside, in an effort to reveal the core. Hopefully, he sent a geyster of water at it, although the spirit was able to recover before any true damage could be dealt. Its next move was to envelop Unorak completely in a flaming tornado, in an effort to char his skin off.


Expelling a final effort to defeat his impeccably indestructible infernal adversary, Unorak blasted at the inside of the tornado with water, earth, and wind alike. Nothing was able to overcome it.

‘’The other elements have taught me lessons of tenacity! Freedom! Patience!’’ retorted Unorak, despite parched lungs. ‘’If they are virtues I take to my grave, so be it!’’

Slowly, the searing tornado came to a halt, and the shaman collapsed onto the hard molten floor.

‘’Well played.’’ The spirit applauded. ‘’You have passed the trial of fire.’’

‘’W-what?’’ Unorak barely coughed the words as he attempted to quell his dry throat with restorative water.

‘’Fire is power.’’ The creature continued. ‘’You did not have the strength to defeat me, but you are merely mortal. However, despite the fact that you were going to lose and die, you resisted my offer of otherworldly might under my servitude. Power without control is chaos incarnate. I am an elemental, but that places me as a force of the universe, not a force to unmake it.’’

Both infuriated and relieved, Unorak rose to his feet, his breath still heavy. ‘’Are we done here?’’

‘’So energetic. So…. passionate.’’ It almost seemed as if the spirit licked its lips at the final word. ‘’There is one more element you must visit before you reach ascendancy.’’

Too tired to ask, the shaman merely met the fire spirit’s gaze. The creature’s brightness stung his eyes, although he was too fatigued to care.

‘’It won’t be a trial or lesson like the ones you’ve faced thusfar.’’ reassured the creature, detecting Unorak’s haggard expression. ‘’Think of it as a humble meeting.’’

With that, the spirit wrapped its bright claws around him. Surprisingly, the fire didn’t sting as it once had. It seemed as if Unorak had truly mastered the element.

Despite such a terrific achievement, he had little time to take pride in himself, as the fire creature had teleported him to the final realm.

The realm of life.

And it was beautiful.

Approximately several hundred yards from the Valley of Spirits, the wind seemed to have a pungent smell about it. Every fighter rode tensely as Delurk led them toward their destination, perhaps their final destination. Both Koah and Husto requested they fight under the titanium orc’s guidance, albeit with different reasons for doing so. Oddly enough, a blood elf had also desired to join them. While Delurk noticed her, he never spoke of or directly to the woman.

Her hair was a short blonde, her eyes the standard emerald green. Pragmatically, she donned brownish-gray leather armor, perfect for disappearing into Orgrimmar’s rustic environment. The Blood Elf looked extremely useful for penetrating enemy lines and tearing them apart from the inside, and the titanium orc made a mental note to take advantage of her skill.

Nontheless, more pressing matters were at hand. As they encroached on the Orcish capital, silhouettes could be seen in the distance.


Kor’kron who were expecting them.

‘’WARRIORS OF THE HORDE!’’ Delurk thundered, facing his battalion. ‘’The day has come! Today, we will take back OUR city, and restore the Horde to its full glory!’’

His steely gaze drifted amongst his combatants. Some of them, the elf included, were barely more than teenagers.

Some of them WERE teenagers.

‘’But do not fight this battle merely in the name of your honor, or your riches!’’ the titanium orc continued. ‘’Fight it so that the next generation may prosper, and the generation after! Today, we show Garrosh that no force on this planet OR ANY OTHER will conquer us!’’

Inspired, his warriors shouted in approval.

‘’There are two fates of the coming battle.’’ The titanium orc spoke as he removed his helmet. His bald head reflected off the sun. ‘’You will live and become heroes, or you will die and become legends!’’

Cheers rang out again, almost deafeningly.

Unsheathing his humongous weapon, Delurk spurred Durek as he led the pack into the fray.


‘’Don’t just stand there!’’ snapped Norkom at the other side of the battlefield. ‘’KILL THEM, YOU COWARDS!’’

Foaming, starved wolves snarled as they pounced forward, their riders just as eager for blood as the rebels seizing the gate.

Delurk leapt off Durek and into the fray, cleaving the first two Kor’kron heads clean off before thrusting his blade into an oncoming wolf, sending its rider catapulting forward. Anticipating the flying orc, Koah speared him through the chest with an earthern barb, before dodging an incoming axe. To the second Kor’kron’s disdain, his blade lodged itself in the troll’s makeshift pole.

Taking advantage of the stuck weapon, the shaman swung at its wielder, although the grunt jolted back as Koah’s axe was also caught in the earth barb.

Growling, the Kor’kron tackled the troll and rapidly rammed his fists into his narrow sides. Torntusk wheezed for breath, attempted to block the beating with his elbow, although the sheer brunt of the force was overwhelming.

Wisely, Koah took a different approach. He ignited his fingers with flame and jabbed them into the grunt’s eyes, causing him to stumble back, screaming. While he was blinded, the troll removed his axe from its dirt sheathe and chopped at the orc’s side, killing him instantly.

Meanwhile, Delurk faced off against two riderless wolves and an atrociously massive orc, which the titanium rebel suspected to be genetically enhanced. Voraciously, the wolf to his right pounced first with jaws extended, although Delurk caught the wolf with its mouth open as it knocked him to the ground.

The orc-giant loomed belligerently as the two creatures wrestled with their titanium-clad meal. Reaching for his boot knife, Delurk attempted to ram it into the aggressor wolf’s mouth, although its brother bit his arm before he could do so, causing him to lose his grip on the dagger. It whimpered as the ex-Warlord’s titanium plates cracked its teeth, although the pain paled in comparison to the fist in the snout which followed shortly after.

Flung back several feet, the white wolf whimpered as it struggled to get up. Before it could, Delurk hurtled its brother atop it, pinning both beasts down as a man-sized sword ran them both through the heart.

‘’YOU KILL PUPPIES?!’’ boomed the larger orc in rage, his wrath no longer inhibited by his furry companions. ‘’I KILL YOU, PUNY REBEL SCUM.’’

Clumsily lumbering forward, the titan-orc took the first swing as Delurk dove out of the way. The ground shook as he fell on his stomach, but he hopped back to his feet and drew his sword, facing the colossus with courage.

Drooling slightly, the massive orc charged at him again, his wingspan snagging the titanium rebel before he could escape. Hamfistedly, he compressed his bulk against Delurk, and while the smaller orc struggled, he could hear his bones crack.

‘’Gonna crush you like coconut.’’ the brute giggled sadistically.

While he writhed, the goliath’s iron hold seemed impenetrable. His second boot knife was close, yet out of reach. It seemed as if for all his cunning and tactics, he’d still be flattened by a mook of raw strength.

Suddenly, Koah appeared atop the behemoth with two axes and began slashing madly at the back of its neck. Screaming in pain, the huge orc dropped Delurk to seize this new threat, but by the time his overgrown hands found Koah, the titanium rebel’s blade had run him through the stomach.

‘’OOooourouugh….’’ the humongous man-beast fell, not with a bang, but a whimper.

Licking the blood from his face, Koah grinned at Delurk, and the former Warlord couldn’t help but to admire his bluish ally’s combat prowess.

Meanwhile, the slender Blood Elf engaged Norkom in an intense melee. Quite similar to the massive foe they had just defeated, the faceplated orc swung awkwardly as the girl danced away from his attacks, landing several stabs on him with every ill placed stroke.

‘’STOP CHEATING! HOLD STILL!’’ whined Norkom as he was incited into rage.

Wildly, he initiated a frenzied assault on the blonde elf, consisting entirely of horizontal slashes. She boredly dodged them, even yawning as she plunged one of her daggers into his kneecap. If not for his armor, the orc would’ve been dead long ago.

Surprising her with a vertical cleave, the orc’s decorated red axe bit deeply into her skin.

‘’Auuuyugh!’’ she gasped before collapsing to the floor.

‘’AHAHAHAHAHAH!’’ jeered Norkom, closing his eyes to take in his triumph. ‘’I AM THE GREATEST! I AM THE BEST! I AM UNDEFEATA---‘’

The orc detected his lone boasts in the silence and opened his eyes. Almost everyone under his command was dead, and the titanium rebel was rushing at him with vindictive rage.

‘’GET ME THE WARCHIEF’S GIFT! NOW!’’ screamed Norkom to his engineers as he retreated over the bridge leading to the Valley of Spirits.

By the time Delurk had caught up with him, Norkom had already pulled his trump card.

An enormous metal scorpion, complete with razor claws, a laser cannon tail, and a furnace for a mouth, clanked threateningly before him.

‘’YAHAHAHAH!’’ howled the faceplated loyalist as he activated the Scorpion’s heat ray.

Racing away from the beam, the titanium orc knew he had to think swiftly. As fast as he was, the laser was faster.

Cunningly, he plunged into the water next to the bridge, and as Norkom’s beam struck it, a thick fog emerged.

‘’Where’d you go?’’ Norkom scowled. ‘’COME OUT AND DIE!’’

A loud ‘thump’ caused the newly appointed warlord to stiffen, followed by the puncturing of metal.

The titanium figure appeared atop the cockpit, and his hand lunged forward to pluck his cowardly nemesis out of his death machine.

‘’NO NO NO NO!’’ pouted Norkom as he forced the controls forward. ‘’STOP CHEATING, DELURK!’’

Hanging on by the sword implanted into the creature’s metal hide, Delurk braced himself as the scorpion clacked out of the Valley of Spirits and into the Cleft of Shadow.

Norkom attempted to detach his rival with his juggernaut’s metal tail, but to his absolute horror, Delurk had already ripped it off.

‘’Gyah!’’ shrieked the faceplated orc as he intentionally drove his machine against the walls of the cleft while it ran. Sparks flew as Delurk grunted, but he remained steadfast.

Barely managing to place his hand on the edge of the cockpit, Delurk hoisted himself up as Norkom continued dragging his machine against the cavern wall.

Grunting, the titanium orc seized his fumbling foe by the back of the tabard and threw him across the Cleft of Shadow, causing him to collide into a wall before falling into a hut.

Delurk swiftly yanked his blade from the juggernaut, before jumping off it as it smashed into a nearby Doom Guard, which the warlocks had doubtlessly summoned to fend off the Kor’kron.

Wasting little time to dust himself off, Norkom raced through the Ragefire Chasm, with Delurk in hot pursuit. While the faceplated orc was much slower, the lava which the cave emitted proved a worthy obstacle for the titanium rebel, as his enemy navigated through it with relative ease.

As they raced through the Kor’kron Barracks, war raged all around them. Humans fought alongside trolls against orcs and goblins.

‘’Pinkskins? Here?’’ Delurk muttered under his breath. If he wasn’t preoccupied, he would’ve slain them personally. This was the Siege of Orgrimmar, true, but the Alliance had no place in the Orc Capital, regardless of occasion.

Frightfully, Norkom bolted up iron stairs as Delurk’s sword nipped at his heels. The faceplated Warlord turned the corner and darted into next room…

Where another hulking orc awaited him. This was no mere orc, either.

It was none other than the Kor’kron Leader, Malkorok, who was now five times Delurk’s size.

‘’Great leader!’’ rasped the out of breath underling. ‘’Our halls have been breached! Invaders pour from the stairway! Defend us!’’

‘’I should kill you where you stand.’’ retorted the towering Blackrock. ‘’Although you’d serve me better to warn the Warchief. Tell him that intruders have broken through the gates, and have now slunk into the Underhold. Go, before I gut you!’’

‘’He will go NOWHERE.’’ roared Delurk, marching into the chamber.

‘’Warlord.’’ Grinned Malkorok, as Norkom took the chance to flee further through the Underhold. ‘’It looks like Norkom isn’t useless as I thought. He has brought you to me…’’

The Blackrock took several groundshaking steps forward.

‘’And to your death.’’

Thrusting his blade-hand forth, the Kor’kron leader snarled as Delurk ran through his legs, his sword directed upward.

In reprisal, Malkorok swiftly turned around to swat the titanium orc against the wall as if he were weightless.

Before he could follow up with a more devastating blow, a sword pierced his back. Usually, such a thrust would be lethal, although in Malkorok’s altered state, it was little surprise that it merely agitated the hulkish levitation.

The sword’s wielder was a brown-furred tauren, completely covered in golden armor, a beacon of Light in one of the world’s darkest hours.

‘’Go now.’’ he nodded to Delurk as his titanic opponent turned to face him. ‘’Finish what was started. I’ll hold him off.’’

After a brief salute, the orc took after the faceplated fiend.

‘’You’ll regret that.’’ leered Malkorok, shaking with fury at the Sunwalker. ‘’The Warchief gives me STRENGTH!’’

The tauren elected to remain silent as reinforcements came to his side.

Then, the Kor’kron Leader charged.

While Delurk was uncertain of what lurked further down the hall, he wasn’t afraid as he traversed the dungeon-like stronghold.

Torches burned dimly along the cold iron walls, as if they had been lit some time ago. Contributing to the unkempt atmosphere, spider webs could be found In several corners.

Delurk noticed a small whimpering sound, and after stalking around the corner, he noticed three thin orcs, one adult male, one female, and one sickly child, all shackled against the wall.

Peculiarly, the small family was familiar to Delurk. Upon closer examination, each orc was covered in bruises and oil stains.

Revelation struck like a hammer.

This was the family Scargash took him to see after the demise of Deathwing, during the days depression held him down. The same family which motivated Delurk to reemerge from the depths of despair and fight again!

A family which was now forced into slavery by the Warchief, subjugated while they were weak.

Vigilantly, Delurk prepared to cut down their chains, although after noticing the fear in the child’s eye, he spun around with sword in hand to parry Norkom’s axe.

As he forced the faceplated orc’s blade back and began his offensive, a hand struck him from behind, pushing him forward as Norkom’s axe cleaved his stomach.

Fortunately, Delurk’s titanium armor blocked enough of the blow so that it wouldn’t be fatal. Seizing his ambusher from behind, he smashed him into Norkom, and they both went crashing into the wall.

To his astonishment, it was none other than Husto Heavypaw.

‘’BETRAYER!’’ roared Delurk, provoked into rushing at the pandaren.

‘’I do what I must!’’ the brawler retorted, catching Delurk’s falling blade between his palms before kicking him away. ‘’The Kor’kron will EXECUTE my child if I fail to obey them! It’s YOUR fault they have him in the first place!’’

‘’You will waggle your lying tongue less after I’ve severed your head from your bloated body!’’ Delurk snapped back, hucking an idle axe on the ground in Husto’s direction.

Deflecting the projectile with his fist, it flew across the room, nearly beheading the chained female orc as it clattered to the floor.

Finally recuperated, Norkom came at Delurk with full force, although the titanium rebel effortlessly seized the orc by his arm and smashed him against the wall behind them. The Kor’kron slunk to the floor as Husto came in for another spin kick.

Blocking the foot with the blunt of his sword, he jammed the hilt into the brawler’s nose, matting his fur with fresh blood.

Husto wavered, but didn’t falter. He came at Delurk again, faking a front kick before going in for a punch. His strike landed successfully on the warrior’s chest, and his titanium armor bent from the impact.

Suddenly, a dagger pierced Delurk’s back, and he keeled over.

‘’AHAHAHA!’’ bragged Norkom as he stood victoriously over his longtime foe. ‘’I HAVE WON! I AM THE B---‘’

An axe pierced the back of his scalp, and the faceplated fool died before his carcass struck the floor.

The male orc, who had managed to wrestle the stray axe that landed near him from the ground, had cut his family free before rushing to the titanium orc’s side.

Husto Heavypaw sank to his knees in shame of what he had done. Since Norkom was slain, his children were safe.

Finished with their rumble with Malkorok, the revolutionaries raced down the stairs to catch a glimpse of the commotion.

A masked, white furred pandaren placed a hand on Husto’s shoulder and hoisted him up gruffly. ‘’You will answer for your actions in Pandaria.’’

Koah brushed by the Monk to find his friend lying deathly still in a shallow pool of blood, not all of it his.

‘’Delurk, mon!’’ the troll exclaimed, hobbling over to his side.

The two adult orcs gave him room to examine his friend. However, their child was more reluctant. It took several minutes of coaxing for the parents to call their son back. Touchingly, it seemed as if the youth’s devotion to the veteran enabled him to open his eyes.

He reminded the titanium orc of what was worth fighting for.

The future of the Horde, so that all races, orc, blood elf, and everyone in between, could live in prosperity, without the burden of darker times looming ahead. Where a troll child’s shelter would be accounted for, due to freshly sawed Ashenvale trees. Where slaves would scrub the floors and build the houses, instead of orcish laborers. Where famine would be solved by the accumulation of fertile Alliance land.

Delurk sat up painfully fast, causing him to rub his back softly.

‘’Careful mon!’’ urged Koah. ‘’If dat Kor’kron’s dagger was an inch closer to ya spine, you neva would’ve fought again!’’

‘’Hmmmph.’’ grunted the titanium orc, unwilling to acknowledge the medical analysis.

The dagger to his spine was far from the first of his injuries. His chest was battered, with a sizable gash through his stomach. Restorative waters patched him up as best they could, though it’d take an hour or so before he fully recovered.

Helplessly, he watched as rebels poured through the iron-clad doors, slaying the Kor’kron in their path. Everyone present knew he would’ve instantly traded places with them if he were able, but fate’s sadistic hand prevented him from assisting his brothers and sisters in combat.

Unorak Bloodsnarl couldn’t believe his eyes. The realm of life bloomed as an open, green field, surrounded by distant mountains. The sky was white, although the atmosphere was joyous, not dismal.

‘’Welcome.’’ Something whispered in Unorak’s ear.

He turned around to find the origin of the voice, but he saw only spirits flocking gracefully past him and back through the underbrush. Interestingly, they appeared to be spirits of departed Frostwolves, although he knew none of them. Their lives, once drowned in conflict, were now restful for eternity.

In this realm, there was no physical pain, death, famine, disease, or even sleep. There was only the sheer ecstasy of existence. He knew he shouldn’t envy them, but he couldn’t resist.

As he rustled out of the grassy field, a lake came into view. There, sitting by the lake, were two females, one orc, and one Night Elf. The Kaldorei was clearly trying to soothe her melancholy companion, who seemed depressed despite her tranquil surroundings.

Unorak extended his hand to the Night Elf, although he fell through her and onto the other side. Strangely enough, she didn’t even notice him.

To his complete surprise, it was the priestess Delurk had slain so long ago! His beloved Keya! (…)

Frantically waving his hands, he attempted to seize her attention, although she seemed too affixed on her orcish friend to notice. Desperately, he tried to shake the water by the pond in which they rested, but it wouldn’t heed him either.

‘’They cannot see or hear you.’’ it seemed as if the plane itself spoke to him. ‘’For the living and the dead cannot communicate.’’

‘’W-what?’’ called out Unorak to whatever it was that spoke to him. ‘’Life spirit, can you not allow me to speak with my departed?’’

‘’I shall, my dear servant.’’ replied the plane. ‘’Although there is something you must do first.’’

‘’What is it? Anything!’’ he cried.

Suddenly, his world seemed to fall away as an image of inside a dreary citadel appeared before him.

A dark figure approached an undead rogue, who stood confidently beside a human death knight with folded arms.

‘’Are you prepared?’’ the silhouette inquired.

‘’You’d better believe it!’’ grinned the rogue, nodding eagerly. He jutted a finger at what Unorak expected to be a massive machine covered with black cloth. ‘’The boys dug up the rest of the hammer fragments, so all we’re needin’ now is the priest’s half. Reckon this here device’ll flush ‘em out.’’

The dark figure held out his hand as the undead placed ancient crystals into it.

‘’Conclavis has the rest?’’ frowned the bulky figure.

‘’Don’t you worry a smidgen.’’ giddily replied the Felblade. ‘’I’ve sent him a postcard of my latest works. Reckon he’s going to get over here in a real jiffy to finish this Hammer.’’

His larger companion appeared somewhat impressed. ‘’I would commend you, although I’ll save my praise for after the Hammer is in my possession.’’

‘’No worries, bossman.’’ The undead replied. ‘’No worries at all…’’

The image faded away.

‘’The shrouded figure, who identifies himself as Ignotus, wishes to end all life on Azeroth.’’ gravely reported the life spirit. ‘’If he completes the Hammer, it’s quite possible he’ll be able to achieve his dark goal.’’

‘’But spirit,’’ replied Unorak. ‘’Why stop him? This realm is so tranquil! So harmonious! None of the world’s flaws exist here! If every mortal lived in this plane, we would all be at complete peace!’’

‘’Incorrect.’’ the voice replied. ‘’If Ignotus exterminates all life, the cycle shall be broken, and this realm will fall into chaos. Wicked hearts will drive the plane into something unrecognizable. You must stop him, and with the lessons you’ve learned, you’re equipped to do so. It is your calling. Your destiny.’’

Unorak swallowed. ‘’I understand. But spirit, who is this shadowy demon? He hides his identity so keenly, Ignotus can’t be his real name.’’

Unfortunately, he began to fade from the realm of life as the spirit’s final words echoed in his mind.

‘’Live and learn.’’

After an hour, Delurk was fully rested. Vindictively, the revolutionaries had struck down everything in their way and broken into Garrosh’s throne room. However, not everything went according to plan, and Thrall had been defeated by Garrosh Hellscream. They were now in a standoff with the Warchief, as a massive, dark heart pumped rhythmically above him.

Rendezvousing with the rebels, Delurk assessed the situation. Thrall laid there, thrashed and whimpering like a disobedient puppy. The titanium orc couldn’t help but to scoff. After Garrosh was deposed, perhaps he’d cut out this weakness in the Horde as well.

His Sunwalker companion had survived the battle with Malkorok, save for a few scratches. Torches lit his glorious golden armor, although humility gleamed in his eyes.

‘’He must be stopped, and now.’’ rumbled his stalwart ally. ‘’If he consumes the Heart completely, he may single-handedly destroy both us and the Alliance.’’

Flinching at the last part of his comment, Delurk growled under his breath. He had almost forgotten about the infestation which had befallen Orgrimmar. Even overzealous orcs belonged in the City more than humans and their allies did.

Yet that was an issue for another time.

‘’Then let us strike now, and end this!’’ Delurk drew his black great sword.

‘’For the Horde!’’ every rebel voice rallied in unison.

‘’I, Garrosh, son of Grom, will show you what it means to be called HELLSCREAM.’’ Bellowed the Warchief meeting the challenge vigorously.

Gorehowl swung forward, splintering the Sunwalker’s shield. Many blades rose up in an attempt to run the Warchief through the chest, although most were countered by his weapon.

As Garrosh finished his parry, Delurk thrust his sword into the Warchief’s leg. Jolting it back, Hellscream avoided most of the damage, but it did create a wound just above his knee.

‘’Grrroawwwugh!’’ roared the Warchief, backhanding the titanium orc with enough force to send him sailing across the room. ‘’Farseers! Mend our wounds!’’

Enthusiastically, several dark shaman hustled into the chamber, closely accompanied by a holdout line of Kor’kron warriors.

‘’Delurk!’’ Vrang called out, locked in the fray with Garrosh. ‘’Cut off his reinforcements! Leave his death to us!’’

Nodding at his old friend, Delurk leapt to his feet and charged at the encroaching shaman. His strike was intercepted by a Kor’kron warrior’s axe, although the titanium orc’s blade broke the weapon as if it were a twig.

Violently, he snatched the warrior by the neck and stabbed him in the face with his sword, cleaving his skull in half.

‘’Anger… hatred…. Fear… the weapons of war… THE TOOLS OF A WARCHIEF!’’ Garrosh proclaimed as dark energies from the heart levitated him into the air.

Even the Kor’kron paused in astonishment as Sha power engulfed the Warchief’s body. Chaotic energy shot uncontrollably through the room, slaying several Kor’kron and rebel alike before Garrosh disappeared with the revolutionaries he was fighting.

The silence didn’t persist for long before combat broke out once again. Since their protectors had either vanished or perished, the remaining Kor’kron shaman attempted to flee from the titanium orc. Tossing the sword between the healers as they fled, it pierced both of their sides deeply as it spun.

((Play ))


As if on queue, the room began to shake violently. Suddenly, the Warchief, along with the rebels, came crashing out of the Heart and onto the floor. Garrosh now resonated with sha energy as it pulsed through his veins.

Unfortunately, Vrang’s fall seemed to be more fatal than others. After cracking his head against the iron floor, he laid perturbingly still.

Motivated by their fallen ally, the revolutionaries fought harder than ever. Rapidly, blade and spell pierced Garrosh’s flesh as the army began backing him into a corner.

Frothing with rage, the Warchief signaled for his engineers, which, until this time, had been unseen.

((… ))

Siege engines groaned as it seemed like massive chunks of the wall were coming out. To the Sunwalker’s horror, they were positioned directly at the raid.

The giant metal wheel raged forth as it spun to bring death toward Hellscream’s enemies, although before it could make impact, it was halted.

Screaming as he held the machine in check, the massive golden tauren shook with effort against the bestial device. Every fiber of his being was expended to keep his allies safe, and the titanium orc couldn’t help but to salute as the wheel came to a full halt.

Instantly, the tauren collapsed, but by that time, Garrosh had nearly succumbed to his wounds.

Losing any sense of restraint he might have had, the Warchief seized the Heart of Y’Shaaraj and devoured it, causing him to grow tenfold in size, and a hundredfold in power.

He had so much sha energy, he himself couldn’t contain it. Rabidly, he attempted to shake off his attackers, although they held on with a death grip.

His own corrupted blood seeped down the bridge of his nose as his body began to grow numb. The dreams he had of orc supremacy had been shattered before his eyes, and the men and women in his presence were to blame. He had had enough.

Gyrating ferociously, the Warchief extended his axe in a final act of spite.

Horrific tides of dark energy began rippling through the room, and while many sought shelter, few found it. Delurk frantically searched for a safe haven, although he found nothing.

He closed his eyes as a wave of devouring sha magic approached him, but it never made contact.

Instantly, he reopened them. Koah Torntusk was sprawled out across the floor, his body limp and lifeless.

He had sacrificed himself so that Delurk might live, and instantly, the titanium orc’s mind drifted back to Rika, who died in a similar scenario.

Defeated, Garrosh Hellscream collapsed to the floor as Thrall finally stood up to chastise him. However, Delurk’s priorities were currently elsewhere.

‘’Ya did good, mon.’’ Koah offered a ghostly smile.

‘’Troll….’’ Delurk began, though he was at a loss for words. ‘’…..Why?’’

‘’I goan be honest witchu.’’ Torntusk replied. ‘’I got one crappy life. Ya spend all your time in a desert, with no girl, no friends, and no status. Then you go to war as a grunt, where no one cares watchu think. It’s hard, mon. But you. I heard about you and your girl. There’s still a chance. It may be hard to believe, but you’re da only friend I got. And my only friend is worth dying for.’’

Outstretching his hand, the troll gently tugged the titanium orc to his side.

‘’Love is da best thing ya can have in life. Ya hold onto it, or ya die trying. Understand?’’

Gradually, Delurk nodded.

‘’I understand.’’

‘’Good.’’ wheezed Koah, clearly nearing his last breath. ‘’One last thing.’’

‘’What is it, old friend?’’ asked Delurk.

The troll beckoned him closer, to whisper in his ear.

‘’Stay away from da voodoo.’’

He allowed himself a raucous cackle, and then.

Delurk Bloodsnarl and the Hidden Darkness Chapt 8
Getting close to the finale! Better get some snacks, because this is a long one!
The evening spent on the coarse wooden floor was unpleasant, although Delurk detected the Darkspear meant no disrespect by neglecting to provide him with a bed in his energy prison. Sleeping on the ground was a deeply held tradition to Sen’jin’s people, and even the highest ranking trolls only slumbered on thin mats.

Despite uncomfortable living conditions, the meal provided was exquisite. Grilled kodo peppered with spices, one of Delurk’s personal favorites.

Unsurprisingly, the titanium orc had an appetite for Barrens-grown food.

As a pair of three-toed legs shuffled down the stairs, the orc instantly stood to attention.

‘’You have come to free me, Koah?’’ Delurk glanced up the troll hopefully, although avoiding to seem groveling.

A morbid expression frozen on his face, the troll shook his head.

‘’Sorry mon, but…’’

Faint rattling broke the silence as the barrier faded away.

‘’You’re goin’ free!’’

Koah couldn’t resist spreading a broad grin as he hoisted his companion to his feet.

‘’On a more serious note, though, da Chief demoted you to a Sergeant in the New Horde. You goin’ train troops, yeah, and lead ‘em into battle, but you goin’ be taking more orders from higher ups.’’

To the troll’s surprise, the orc offered no outburst. Craning his neck slightly, Koah caught a glimpse into Delurk’s eyes, eyes which offered only hatred for the Mag’har who stole his land from him.

‘’I understand.’’ The titanium orc sighed. ‘’Tell Vol’jin that I am grateful for his offer of redemption.’’

Koah smiled softly, thankful that Delurk didn’t lash out at him. ‘’Jah, mon. Will d-‘’

Sweat pouring down his greasy face, a male troll scout raced into the room, flaunting his arms in wild gestures in an attempt to deliver a clearly baleful message.

‘’Da Kor’kron be everywhere, mon! Come outside, quick!’’

The three men rushed out of the hut to see an army of Kor’kron surrounding the village, and closing in like a pack of wolves would corner a sheep.

Since his imprisonment had been of magical origin, Delurk’s weapon hadn’t been confiscated from him, and thus, he was prepared for battle.

His tusks curved into a snarl, he joined the Darkspear at the lines. The Kor’kron, of course, had nothing to say to the trolls and their rebel allies before they struck.

Death was the only acceptable fate for dissenters.

The first line of Kor’kron bore round shields with spikes outlining the rim. With spears in hand, they moved in one synchronized line as goblin mercenaries fired cannonballs into the village.

While the trolls were fiercely loyal to Vol’jin and more than competent in individual fighting, organized warfare was foreign to them. In their bloodlust, many of them ran out to meet the centurions, only to be butchered before they could lay an axe on a Kor’kron shield.

As the brutal march continued, several rebel shaman took to the field, their palms pulsing with elemental potency. The Kor’kron were hoisted skyward, and their formation was lost as the elementalists scattered them across the village.

Attempting to rouse the warriors, Delurk bellowed a deep roar. Orc, tauren, and troll voice alike joined his battlecry as they met their newly divided enemies in combat.

Near the main hut, two orcs, one male, one female, collected themselves to strike at their titanium adversary. The male charged at Delurk as the female loaded her gun in an attempt to land a clean shot, although the Ex-Warlord thrust his blade into the warrior’s chest before kicking him back into the marksman.

The female orc attempted to shove her deceased comrade aside, although the titanium rebel was already upon her. Snatching her by the face, Delurk elevated her into the air as he cracked her skull with his hand. The woman emitted a muffled scream at first, although it was swiftly silenced with a loud crunch.

Meanwhile, Vrang Wildgore had elected to infiltrate enemy lines. If the cannons were left unchecked, they’d destroy the village, even if the Kor’kron lost.

As he approached a cannon, two goblins, one wielding a wrench, the other with a stick of dynamite, hissed as intimidatingly as they could at the Frostwolf. While the wrench-bearing goblin attempted to kneecap Vrang, the elder orc brought his axes down on either side of the greasy creature’s neck, decapitating his head effortlessly. Blood spurted against Wildgore’s face as he leered menacingly at the remaining adversary.

Closing his eyes in fear, the other goblin wimpishly hucked his stick of dynamite at Vrang, although a floating weapon knocked it into the dirt before it could leave the engineer’s hand, causing it to blow up at his feet.

With the booming of gunpowder and the screams of the dying filling his ears, Vrang rushed to dismantle the first cannon, his hands steady, and his mind focused. This hadn’t been the first battle the old orc had fought, and he felt it wouldn’t be his last.

As Vrang worked to destroy the remaining artillery, Delurk noticed a brown-clad figure attempting to ambush the old orc from behind. Miraculously, one of the Frostwolf’s sentient weapons parried the blow before it landed, and the Kor’kron leapt back in surprise.

Unfortunately, it seemed as if Norkom had survived his brush with death in the Highlands.

‘’NO FAIR!’’ hissed the faceplated buffoon. ‘’Your weapons are enchanted! THAT’S CHEATING!’’

Norkom swung a right verticle slash at Vrang, but he ducked as the red axe swished above his head. The Frostwolf jammed one of his daggers into the loyalist’s ribcage before seizing him by his tabard and shoving him back with it.

While Norkom was obviously hurt, he somehow remained alive and standing. It seemed that the orc relied on gear more than talent to win his battles, his unwavering loyalty to Hellscream earning him the finest armor Orgrimmar had to offer.

Noticing his allies die all around him, the remaining loyalist fled the battlefield, cursing the rebels with every step.

The battle for Sen’jin Village had ended.

With the smell of corpses baking in the sun filling his nose, Delurk folded his arms as he observed several tauren dumping orcish carcasses into the sea. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a troll, accompanied a raptor, vigorously collecting fingers and toes from Kor’kron bodies as trinkets from the battle.

Wrathfully, Delurk knocked the knife out of the troll’s bloodied hands.

‘’They are your brothers and sisters, Darkspear, even if they’re bound by loyalty to the false Warchief. You will respect their bodies.’’

Disgruntled, the hunter eyed the titanium orc like a lion would size up prey. The troll stood and stared at Delurk before offering a spiteful snort. He cocked his head at his raptor, and the troll lurched off with his beast.

Koah approached Delurk, placing a hand cautiously on his friend’s spiked shoulderplate.

‘’Da Chief wants us to push north while we got da Kor’kron on de run.’’ He reported. ‘’We gotta leave now.’’

‘’And what of our injured warriors?’’ replied Delurk, turning to face the troll.

‘’Doan worry ‘bout dem.’’ Koah smiled grimly. ‘’We got our best healas fixing ‘em up.’’

The Darkspear shaman jerked a lanky finger at a lean, well built Blood Elf paladin with jet-black hair, whose epaulettes glowed like the warm sun. The elf was too fixated on the fallen to notice the titanium orc’s gaze at first, but when he caught it, he offered a swift, responsive nod.

Feeling his fellow warriors were in good hands, Delurk returned the gesture before accompanying Koah to their next destination.

Razor Hill.

With the immediate threat on his brother’s life ended, Unorak refocused on his conundrum; how to complete the earth ancient’s challenge. He certainly couldn’t jump over the platforms, as they were far enough to the extent that such an effort would merely reduce him to a bloody stain on the grassy floor.

The element insisted that he didn’t use any other elements, which meant that the air couldn’t float him to safety…

Suddenly, a realization came to him.

Any OTHER elements!

‘’Earth spirit!’’ he called out. ‘’I am allowed to invoke your assistance in this trial!’’

Stoic at first, the massive rock giant gradually came to his feet. He stared at Unorak at first, his expression stone cold.

‘’Goooooooooooooooooood……’’ his granite lips slowly curved into a smile.

The earthen platforms came together, provided a clear, neat path to the ground.

As Unorak descended, the spirit spoke in its familiar low, amiable tone.

‘’Your determination…. Is as unbudging…. As the rock……… but learn……….. that even the strongest boulder…… can crack. Sometimes, you may……. Disagree with others…… but learn…….. not to harden………. Your heart.’’

Suddenly, the roots snagged him by his heels and dragged him beneath the earth. They were guiding him to his final and most difficult trial yet.

The Trial of Fire.


The charge into Razor Hill had been costly for the rebellion, as marksmen were strategically placed around its perimeters. Many rebels had fallen attempting to rush the gate, although once they penetrated the Kor’kron defenses, many more orcs had died to compensate for their loss.

The battle had been easier than the one in Sen’jin, as despite the brilliant placing of Garrosh’s snipers, their defense strategy was rushed by the reckless press of the Rebellion.

Delurk had been assigned to the task of training fresh-faced rebel recruits once the Hill was claimed, as their more experienced brethren took to the Barrens in an effort to secure supplies for the Horde.

((Play… ))

The titanium orc patrolled the rebel ranks, displeased with what he saw. True, the recruits he had been given were ripe for training, although the growth process would undisputedly be grueling.

‘’You are here not because you have to be, but because you choose to be.’’ he began, eyeing his recruits’ facials expressions as he paced. ‘’You choose to take back what was the Horde’s for the Horde. Look at the man next to you.’’

The soldiers glanced at their nearest companion.

‘’If you’re willing to die for him, you’re willing to die for a purpose. Many strategies both I and my superiors will employ will DEMAND impeccable teamwork and a willingness to die for a cause. If jumping on a grenade means the survival of your unit, you will jump, eagerly and with pleasure.’’

He stopped, now dead in the center of the ranks.

‘’If anyone has a problem with that, leave now. You’re a weakness to this army.’’

Some of the recruits looked at each other uncertainly, and several orcs and tauren drifting away. Not a single troll left. They couldn’t.

This was their home they were fighting for.

As the spineless recruits drifted off, Delurk eyed them before turning back to his men.

‘’Now that the weakness has left the body, I am fit to train it.’’

The titanium orc motioned a peon over, who bore a bundle of training sticks. Dropping the load with a grunt, the smaller orc stumbled away as Delurk distributed the practice weapons to his trainees.

‘’We don’t have much time to train before the Siege of Orgrimmar commences, so I’ll skip basic conditioning. Most of you have been hardened by life’s trials, so this shouldn’t be an issue.’’

The recruits curiously picked up their makeshift weapons and swung them experimentally.

‘’Do not fight for the body you want, but the body you have.’’ Delurk told the trainees. He turned to the Darkspear segment of his warriors. ‘’Your arms are long, but thin. Keep the orcs and tauren away by striking them from as far as possible. A good thrust can end you in a real battle, so fight conservatively. You only live once.’’

He walked onward toward the tauren. ‘’You’re strong, but not agile. Try to anticipate your swifter opponents’ moves and strike accordingly. If your enemy is stupid or over-pressured, he’ll likely attempt to stab at your body. You can and should endure the attack if it offers you a killing stroke. Your thick bones and durable armor will provide enough protection to withstand most strikes.’’

Lastly, he faced his orcish recruits. ‘’I know what you’re going to do won’t be easy, but it’s for the good of our homeland, our people, and our proud history. Remember that honor doesn’t come from how you fight, but who you defeat, and why. The Kor’kron are well trained, but their attacks are feral. Fight defensively until they tire, then strike true.’’

Delurk leaned back against the Razor Hill Inn’s doorway and took a sip of grog. ‘’Now find a partner, and begin.’’

Several weeks and many bruises later, the Warmaster approached his entourage, swelling with pride. For initiates, they had learned faster than he could’ve hoped, and some of them fought with the passion he himself had exhibited while under Bloodhilt’s tutelage.

‘’The rebel generals are pleased with what I’ve done with you.’’ he reported to them, his voice firm with a hint of appraisal. ‘’They’ve gathered the resources we need to retake Orgrimmar and liberate its citizens from tyranny. It’s our responsibility to use them, and wisely.’’

He equipped his titanium helmet. ‘’The time for training is over. The battle for the Horde’s identity is upon us.’’

Delurk headed for the War Room. ‘’We leave in several hours. Sharpen your blades, ready your souls, and make peace with your ancestors. Some of you won’t witness the glorious new dawn of the Horde.’’

(( Play… ))

Trouble brewed in the Warchief’s throne room.

‘’The attack on Sen’jin has FAILED?!’’ Malkorok roared at Norkom’s report, pacing like a caged lion. ‘’And Razor Hill has fallen as well? YOU ARE USELESS!’’

Gulping nervously, the faceplated orc attempted to remain composed as Malkorok drilled him. While every fiber of his being screamed for him to cower and beg for mercy at the hands of the Kor’kron leader, he knew such an act would only receive more ire, not less.

‘’T-they knew we were coming.’’ Norkom lied. ‘’And they had their offensives advanced as we retreated. I think there are SPIES in our rank, great commander!’’

‘’I will deal with them personally.’’ the Blackrock grunted. ‘’But there’s still one problem.’’

‘’What ales you, great leader?’’ sniveled Norkom, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

‘’You STILL haven’t killed Delurk Bloodsnarl!’’ Malkorok lashed out at his underling, backhanding him and sending him sprawling to the floor. The three-fingered fiend loomed ominously over Norkom as he backed up against the wall.

‘’How many chances have I given you to take care of him?’’ he spat. ‘’Three! The first was in Krasarang, when you told me the artifact you found would be enough to convert him into a brainless, loyal sha brute, under the guise of Bloodhilt’s last will. The second was in the Dragonmaw Port, where you had over FIFTY grunts at your disposal, not to mention the fact that HE WAS SLEEPING! The THI—‘’

‘’He h-had a shaman helping him… in Dragonmaw Port!’’ peeped Norkom. ‘’The wind w—‘’

Madly, Malkorok seized the faceplated orc by his tattered tabard and hoisted him close enough to the point where he could see grime on the Blackrock’s teeth.

‘’I don’t want excuses. I want results. Our spies have reported that the rebels will march soon, and that Bloodsnarl’s Battalion will take the side entrance through the Valley of Spirits.’’

He shoved Norkom against the wall. ‘’You have one more chance to kill him, peon, and if you don’t, you had best hope you die battle.’’

‘’Bloodsnarl’s Battalion? How am I supposed t—‘’

‘’I will provide you with the means.’’ interjected the Blackrock Leader. ‘’You must merely bring about his end. He and his soldiers will never reach the Valley of Spirits. Am I clear?’’

‘’Yes sir.’’ saluted Norkom, with an immense effort to rile up his confidence.

‘’Good.’’ Malkorok replied, his furious scowl reduced to a malicious smirk. ‘’A new dawn is coming, Norkom. Kill Bloodsnarl, and you shall see the sunrise.’’
Vrang Wildgore awoke to the sound of struggle.

He peered out the window curiously, to see his son, Razonek Wildgore, surrounded by Kor’kron. Leaping impressively fast out of bed, the Frostwolf bolted down the stairs.

Hellscream’s true colors had finally been shown.

‘’What’s this?!’’ shouted Vrang, his ire invoked by the endangered state of his son.

‘’They speak all lies, father!’’ Razonek growled, his bow nocked. ‘’They claim we betrayed the Warchief, although we haven’t done anything!’’

‘’Cut out his tongue before you execute him.’’ snapped Malkorok to his comrades. ‘’Not only is he a traitor, but he’s a liar as well.’’

Two reddish-brown clad orcs inched forward to commit the dastardly deed, although neither of them managed to advance more than two feet before their hands were confiscated by Vrang’s axes.

The device whirled menacingly over Malkorok’s head before completing its cycle and landing back in the Frostwolf’s hand.

Whimpering, the orcs retreated as the Blackrock commander stepped forth, his gaze concentrated on Vrang.

‘’You’ll find that we don’t take threats kindly.’’ snarled the elder Wildgore, stepping up to meet the orc.

‘’That wasn’t a threat.’’ grinned Malkorok ghoulishly, gesturing upward to the snipers he had strategically placed atop Desolation Hold’s gates.

Suddenly, a Kor’kron ambusher seized Razonek from behind, his startling presence causing the hunter to drop his bow. Placing a blade at his throat, the rogue nodded at Malkorok.

‘’Say the word, and he’s a corpse.’’ sneered the assassin.

Leering at Vrang, Malkorok puffed out his chest triumphantly.

‘’You have two options, traitor. Option one: You may resist and be restrained, and I will force you to watch your whelp die, before killing you myself. Option two: You surrender, we execute you to set an example, and your spawn rots in a dungeon for the rest of his days.’’

‘’Father, don—‘’ Razonek began, before the ambusher silenced his plea by compressing the dagger against his throat tighter.

Vrang closed his eyes to contemplate the situation for a moment, before reopening them. Taking a knee, he nodded to the Kor’kron leader.

‘’My son will live.’’ He practically choked the submissive words.

‘’He will live, yes.’’ smiled Malkorok cruelly as he lifted his right-hand axe dramatically above his head. ‘’If you call life in a pent-up dungeon living.’’

As he brought his weapon down, an arrow pierced his wrist.

‘’Grouuguh!’’ he screamed at the unexpected assailment as he dropped his decapitator.

Instantly, Razonek jerked his head backwards, crushing the nose of his assassin and causing him to lose his grip on the knife. Catching the dagger before it could fall, the younger Wildgore slit his captor’s jugular vein, causing him to keel over, writhing in a shallow pool of his own blood.

Vrang tilted his head up to look upon his savior.

It was his daughter, Draynu Wildgore, and riding with her was none other than Delurk Bloodsnarl.

With bullets from the marksmen atop the gate zinging over their heads, the titanium orc hoisted his old friend onto Durek, while Razonek hitched a ride with Draynu’s wolf.

‘’If you don’t execute the traitors, you’ll take their places!’’ snapped Malkorok to his grunts.

((Play Heavy Violence while reading))

The Kor’kron mounted their dire wolves in close pursuit Bloodsnarl and the Wildgores as they fled through the Battlescar.

Durek leapt down the hill skillfully, while the other less agile Hellscream wolves were forced to navigate through the side. Dexterously, Razonek fired arrows at the incoming adversaries, filling the small unarmored gaps they had in their helmets with razor-sharp steel.

Several less fortunate orcs tumbled off their wolves, causing the riderless beasts to halt, dumbfounded. One of the Kor’kron managed to toss a throwing axe at the hunter’s bow, snapping its string and rendering it useless.

Swearing, Razonek glared spitefully at his gaining foes.

‘’Vrang!’’ roared Delurk, now approaching the end of the Battlescar. ‘’Can you do anything about the stragglers?’’

‘’I’m old, not powerless.’’ Wildgore returned, his brash speech incited by the rage of battle. A small array of weapons emerged from the elder Frostwolf’s light mail armor and began hacking at the Kor’kron’s diminishing numbers.

‘’WHAT!?’’ screamed one of the loyalists as the weapons flew toward him. ‘’KYAAARGH!’’

A dagger plunged itself into the orc’s heart, as an axe decapitated his nearby ally.

‘’Thrall’s balls!’’ Delurk exclaimed. ‘’How’d you do that?’’

‘’I forged those blades from a certain mineral found in Deepholm.’’ Vrang replied. ‘’It’s connected to my will. Think of it as a unique type of soulbound equipment.’’

‘’Hmmph.’’ was all Bloodsnarl answered with, hiding his admiration for the well crafted killing machines. Banter would have to wait, as an armed squadron of Kor’kron led by Malkorok greeted them just outside the crevice they escaped from.

‘’FIRE!’’ shouted the Blackrock orc from behind the line of gunsmen, a small amount of saliva the byproduct of his enthusiasm.

Lunging off his wolf, Delurk charged against the barrage of bullets as they thudded against his titanium armor. As Bloodsnarl neared the line of soldiers, their frantic shots began to grow more inaccurate and unorganized. A few marksmen even fled before impact was made!

Seizing the nearest Kor’kron by the back of the scalp, Delurk plunged his colossal sword into the orc’s neck, making a clean decapitation. Peevishly, he tossed the severed head at the nearest orc’s gun, causing it to misfire, shooting Malkorok in the foot.

‘’Argh! Watch where you shoot that thing, you idiot!’’ hissed the Kor’kron commander, taking a swing at Delurk while he was distracted with the remaining snipers.

Inches before the axe could cleave the titanium orc’s head in half, it appeared as if a stray blade blocked the blow.

‘’Hrrgh!?’’ rumbled the Blackrock with both agitation and wonder.

‘’I should’ve known Hellscream’s lackey would commit such dishonorable treachery.’’ Vrang Wildgore growled, a multitude of weapons buzzing at his side.

‘’The Warchief will annihilate his enemies!’’ bellowed the Blackrock as he charged at Vrang.

A dagger attempted to pierce Malkorok’s back as he ran at the Frostwolf, but he managed to clasp the weapon before it could make contact. Hurling it back at Vrang with extreme force, he barely managed to get out of the way as the blade stuck into the ground.

Drawing his axes, the Blackrock swung his left blade down on the grounded orc. Wisely, Vrang didn’t bother parrying the attack, and elected to roll out of the way and back onto his feet. While he expected Malkorok’s axe to be buried into the ground, the Blackrock paused inches before it struck, aware of the fact that his prey had moved.

Mentally hewing a sword at him, Vrang grimaced as Malkorok sidestepped the weapon and sliced it in two.

‘’Your tricks do nothing, traitor!’’ barked the Blackrock. ‘’Garrosh has begun giving the Horde – the TRUE Horde – strength beyond your feeble imagination!’’

Spontaenously, bullets began barraging the orc from behind.

Leering around, the remaining orc stared hatefully at the two young Wildgores.

‘’We have strength you couldn’t possible imagine, either.’’ Draynu glared, staring the bulky orc down. ‘’Unity.’’

A bloodstained Delurk nodded at Vrang’s daughter, flicking loose limbs from his humongous weapon.

A bloodstained Delurk nodded at Vrang’s daughter, flicking loose limbs from his humongous weapon.

Vrang’s blades began to recollect themselves as Malkorok gradually became surrounded.

‘’Know this, wretches. When Hellscream’s empire comes to fruition, you will be forced to watch as your allies are executed, WISHING you were there with them. But no --- YOU --- ALL of you will starve to death in the darkest, DAMPEST DUNGEONS!’’

Spinning around, Malkorok hurled his two axes into Razonek and Draynu’s guns right as they fired. A catastrophic explosion followed, creating a thick fog of smoke. Coughing, Vrang was the first to dust himself off, just to realize that as the smoke had cleared, the despicable Blackrock was gone.

‘’Well.’’ Razonek attempted to break the anticlimactic dismay. ‘’We should go back to the base.’’

‘’The base?’’ rumbled Delurk, stepping forward to eye the son of Vrang. ‘’What base?’’

The elder Wildgore creased his brow, acknowledging that he’d eventually be forced to explain to his titanium companion the truth of the situation.

‘’Well.’’ he began, as the party mounted up and headed north. ‘’Ever since Vol’jin’s ‘death’ in Krasarang…’’

Slightly tense, Reagan Luthen treaded Brill’s graveyard, where he was told to contact Ignotus after his deed was complete. While the sweet smell of rotting corpses and the blissful music of distant, screaming tongues would usually place the Felblade in a jaunty mood, he couldn’t help but to feel queasy.

‘’Ello, mate!’’ Luthen waved to his ominous employer, attempting to veil his shortcoming with optimism.

‘’You didn’t kill the priest.’’ Ignotus scowled. Despite his imposing nature, the Felblade couldn’t help but to respect his straightforwardness.

‘’No no!’’ Reagan denied, keeling back almost as if he were insulted by the notion. ‘’I didn’t fail to kill ‘em! He’s on death row, you trust me big guy. It’s all part of the plan.’’

Luthen boyishly smirked at the death knight as he playfully punched his shoulder.

Suddenly, two hands erupted from the earth’s crust, grasping Reagan’s ankles. Ignotus snatched the Felblade by the wrist as he pressed his forehead against Luthen’s bag.

‘’We have a contract.’’ Ignotus stated, his voice calm, yet threatening. ‘’And if you don’t follow through with it, I promise you that NOTHING you could do to him will be worse than what I’ll do to you.’’

‘’Augh!’’ Reagan croaked, adrenaline inhibiting an otherwise silver tongue. A small piece of parchment tumbled out of the rogue’s pocket, which reminded him of a scheme he had in the works.

‘’I’ll tell you what, mate.’’ Luthen creaked. ‘’You give me the materials I need to make that contraption, provide me the fel energy to complete it, throw in a safe, friendly work environment, and you’ve got your fragments. Hell, if you act now, I’ll even throw in Conclavis’s head absolutely free! Guaranteed or your gold back!’’

Ignotus released Luthen, jerking a single menacing finger in his direction as the undead plopped onto the pavement. ‘’I will take more than my gold back if you fail me again, Forsaken.’’

‘’Sounds like a plan.’’ Luthen agreed, rubbing his wrists thoughtfully. ‘’Now, what workspace are we lookin’ at?’’

‘’It’s called the Forge of Souls.’’ The Death Knight announced.

‘’The Forge ‘O’ Souls!’’ cried Reagan. ‘’Ain’t that place crawlin’ with argents?’’

‘’No.’’ Ignotus responded, masking his irritation. ‘’Ever since the Lich King was defeated and the Scourge dismantled, the paladins abandoned it and returned to the Western Plaguelands. It’s still bristling with all the souls you can devour.’’

‘’Brilliant!’’ cheered Luthen. ‘’I’ll pack my things and rally the ‘ol troops!’’

‘’Ensure you succeed.’’ Ignotus smiled as he waved goodbye to the fleet-footed Forsaken Felblade. ‘’Because if you don’t, you’ll find a death like Zin’oxx’s to be merciful.

Silently, Delurk and the Wildgores rode through Durotar on their wolves. Vrang had enlightened the former warlord regarding recent events, which, while informative, proved nonetheless difficult.

In the past, the two orcs had vigorously debated Hellscream’s caliber to lead, dating back even before the taking of Taurajo. While the titanium orc had been able to verbally defend his Warchief previously, it’d take a Blood Elf’s tongue to absolve Garrosh in this age.

Not that Delurk would see the Mag’har leave Orgrimmar with his head.

He had defiled the Barrens, and in doing so, the orc felt as if he had taken a remnant of Rika from him. That was THEIR sacred land, where orc, troll, and everyone in between could spend their lives peacefully in a turbulent world. It wasn’t some…


Banishing the thought temporarily from his mind, Delurk came to his senses. They were approaching Sen’jin village.

‘’Wildgores!’’ rang a thick troll accent. ‘’Why you be bringin’ him here? Wat you be doin?’’

‘’He has witnessed Hellscream’s foolishness and renounced his loyalty to the Warchief.’’ Vrang responded. ‘’I have not brought an enemy here, Torntusk.’’

‘’Torntusk!’’ Delurk thought. Could it be the Koah Torntusk he knew from the Pandaren campaign?

Deferentially, the small party dismounted once inside the village. A petite female troll courteously stabled the Wildgore wolves, although a low growl from Durek discouraged the notion that he wished to be shackled. Instead, the beast faded back into the spiritual plane, patiently waiting to be summoned on a moment’s notice

‘’You be turnin’ your back on Hellscream afta all dis time?’’ the shaman eyed the titanium orc, more curious than suspicious. ‘’Why?’’

‘’He has defiled the Barrens, attacked me, and mistreated the Horde’s non-orcish races.’’ Delurk responded, unconsciously lowering his head in shame.

‘’You didn’t seem to have an issue with that on Pandaria.’’ rumbled a thick voice.

A stout pandaren emerged from a small tent, his tremendous weight doing little to inhibit his speed.

Husto Heavypaw.

‘’You forced me out of my home to assist in Garrosh’s schemes. Threatened to slay my only child if I disagreed.’’

The scrappy pandaren took several steps forward, until he was close enough to hear the blazing sun sizzle Delurk slowly in his armor.

‘’But I could forgive that, orc. I could forgive it if you didn’t leave me to your Kor’kron after our long, arduous journey was complete. Through the trial and tribulation, I thought we were bonding. I thought that perhaps we could become friends one day. But what do you do instead?’’

The pandaren turned away from Delurk to face his audience. ‘’He left me to the DOGS!’’

‘’Silence!’’ roared Delurk, losing his temper. ‘’I no longer wave Hellscream’s banners! Y—‘’

‘’You no longer wave Hellscream’s banners only because he betrayed you and what you love.’’ Husto interjected coldly. ‘’You don’t value the other races of the Horde. If you did, you would’ve turned from your path once you saw how your fellow Kor’kron treated them. I think you’re a spy.’’

The titanium orc was taken aback by the pandaren’s stinging comment. He attempted to defend himself from the accusation, although his flustered state offered no words.

‘’Alright.’’ Koah muttered under his breath, noticing Bloodsnarl’s confounded and increasing belligerent mood. ‘’I’m goin’ talk to da Chief ‘bout dis, see what he says. Dat will decide what happens to Delurk. For da meanwhile, though.’’

A dazzling, pink hot energy prison materialized around the orc.

His nostrils flaring, Delurk sprang up to hammer against the bars, although Vrang prevented the Ex-Warlord from action with a forewarning hand. This was an issue the titanium orc couldn’t resolve with violence.

Many hours passed, and while the Darkspear generously fed their anxious guest, Delurk’s anger only grew. Anger at Husto, for demonizing him in front of what could’ve been his allies. Anger at Garrosh for corrupting the Barrens and attempting to assassinate him in the most dishonorable fashion imaginable. Anger at Vrang for leading him into a settlement of rebels which he wasn’t even certain would receive him benevolently.

Most of all, however…

Anger at himself for being played as Hellscream’s pawn.

His fury simmering into stoicism, Delurk rifled through his bag to remove a small jar.

Rika’s ashes.

The canister would be a constant reminder to him that as long as he had it, there would be another element to his chaotic life. Through the anger, there would be hope.


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hi I hope your well. i just wanted to say i hope you have a awesome birthday so i just want to say this. but i did not know what else to say. but i wanted to wish you a great birthday,

i wish you a very Happy birthday I hope you get every thing you want and would like. I hope your well. I hope your friends and family will remember this very special day of your birth. I hope your in good health and have a merry spirits. I wish you a joyful day and I hope your day goes well and enjoy it to the full max. I look forward to hearing all about it soon. I hope your well too., Bye for now from DANNY 

ps. All so have a nice weekend and a nice day and relaxing evening I hope your Christmas went well. i hope it was good one to remember. i hope you enjoyed 2018 i wish you a awesome Happy new year. To you. I wish you all the best for and all of 19 and beyond I wish you the best for the future have a nice winter too. and i hope you did enjoyed your Halloween if your into that sort of thing I am totally in lol i hope you have a nice valentines and i hope the family is well.  i also hope you have a nice Easter too. and a nice summer as well as a good fall. i hope you have a awesome end of 2019 and i hope it goes brilliant  for  you  2018 was a bit of disappointment for me so i hope 2019 will be the best yet and i hope it goes great. have a great day have a nice day and nice evening and nice weekend thanks again best wishes and high regards danny
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Thank you Dan, very cool!
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so sorry for my lateness i been so busy cant believe it been nearly another year since i thanked any one. so i am thanking you now. Thanks so much for the the watch I am most honored thank you. I hope your well. I hope you had a nice Christmas and i hope you had a nice start to the new year. and i wish you all the best and i hope it be better year then 2018 (specially poor for me as well as the year before) (it has been very hard  last two years for me) i hope 2019 will be the best year, i do hope it will be good year for you and me. and i hope 2019 will be the best year yet, I hope you and your family will remember this one for years to come.  happy new year to you and your friends 

( do hope so as for me the last two past years had very little going for me compared to 2016. but dose not mean to say they wont good years for you and and all.)

I wish you all the best for 2019 and beyond. HAVE A NICE WEEKEND. I look forward to more of your work soon. I wish you all the best take care be safe I wish you all the best of luck and health and well wishes.. have a nice evening.

I am truly very grateful to you. I look forward to seeing more work from you soon god bless Speak to you soon  have a nice rest of year with all the enjoys of all the 4 season of the turning of the year i get lot of joy and pleasure by studying them. i get so much great pleasure with the colours that the trees turns. i dont show my art and i am not very good. and i rarely up load these days. but i cant wait to see you art work.s thanks again for watching me. i get so much joy and pleasure from others artists work. it shows me so much more i can do and learn and give others the joy i get from watching other. thanks again watching me.

i always watch in return i cant wait to see what you can do too i am so crap at drawing, but  i hope i can improve. if you can show me some good pointers i be so grateful.  if you want too i hope you had a nice Halloween when it comes around again  as well. i hope you enjoyed your thanks giving too.i hope it was a great time with friends and family. i hope your Easter goes well i hope you have a nice valentines will be one to be remembered as you are special  and everyone desires loves and someone equally special as that you are ,  i hope your summer will be nice and not to hot. enjoy your fall always nice to see the colours it always cheers me up when i use them as  bright as there are in my art when i am hurt or down.. and i hope you had a great Halloween love to hear all about it your 2018. i hope to speak to you soon all the best and high regards and well wishes danny. 
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Tsumy thank you for the Watch by WolfjeLina