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First off...I'd like to inform everyone that my Italy trip is off.
There's so much delay that some of us had to back out, since we can't afford to miss start of classes this June. REALLY, I don't want to miss the first classes I'M TEACHING (although that's quite normal around here). But I intend to be a as much a stickler for attendance as I  was when I was a student. I only miss one DAY of class in a semester.
Now, while I admit this is tremendously disappointing for me, I'd much appreciate no one bringing it up anymore (no "awww", etc.) since I am AVOIDING being depressed about it and so far I am SUCCEEDING. :D
...THIS IS BECAUSE OF SPEED RACER :heart::heart::heart:
very accommodating friends (you two, you know who you are), and Italo Calvino (good ol' literature never fails).

More on the brighter side... this means I'm NOT ON HIATUS.
...and plan my classes, and write, etc.

Okay, that's about it, now to the cosplay...

Thank you to my uncle Rene Gaviola and :iconsm16: for being our photographers.

The Cast:
Ergo Proxy: Preview by Delurianne
batangbatugan as Vincent Law
Jonats as Iggy
Lia as Pino
Delurianne as Re-L Mayer
maaru as Daedalus Yumeno
undyingfenix as Raul Creed
Cheska as Re-l2
Warse-no-Miko as Kristeva

I can't NOT credit this. You'll notice that the journal "cosplay feature" is something of behindinfinity's thing, so visit :iconbehindinfinity:'s site and collection, if you're not familiar with them yet. Jin's work is nothing less than inspiring...and got me into this kind of thing as well.

Dubito ergo cogito; cogito ergo sum. ~ Rene Descartes

Ergo Proxy:
I can't believe in myself

A Ergo Proxy AMV if you're unfamiliar with the Anime. You'll see most of our reference shots here, and I hope you understand the atmosphere we were after. XD

Ergo Proxy: Re-l Mayer by Delurianne
Re-l Mayer

Vincent Law
Ergo Proxy: Vincent Law by Delurianne

Ergo Proxy: Cogito Virus by Delurianne Ergo Proxy: Family Creed by Delurianne
Companion-type Autoreiv PINO

Ergo Proxy: Pino by Delurianne


Ergo Proxy: Real or Ophelia? by Delurianne

Busy Doing Nothing

Raul and Entourage-type Autoreiv Kristeva

Ward and Warden

Iggy in Beta-mode (i.e. costume unfinished)

Office Politics
Ergo Proxy: Bureaucracy by Delurianne

"Yume No Daedalus"
Ergo Proxy: Tunnel Vision by Delurianne

Citizens of the Dome

Under the Open Sky

So...What's Showing? (Click to Zoom in)

[Cue Heavenly Choral Music]
really, I washed out the mall crowd for the lulz*

The Death of Re-l Mayer a.k.a. Acting Lessons Badly Needed.


My favorite crossover: "Sayonara Ergo Prosti Sensei"

*More of these WEIRD convention shots in sm16's Multiply ->…


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well, id like to sit in one of your classes. haha :love: