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Morning in the Viridian Forest



I figured I'd get started on uploading some of my old art to this account. I won't upload everything that I've drawn in the past, just a handful of drawings that I still enjoy (and some other doodles that I like).

I drew this back in 2010, and it started as just a practice doodle, but I ended up fleshing it out into a full-blown digital painting. Even though it's old, I still like it, and it's among one of my favorite drawings to date. Bug-types are my favorite type, so I really like drawing them, especially in realistic situations like this. This drawing even got a Daily Deviation on my old account, which surprised me, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.


Materials used: Photoshop Elements 3
Music Inspiration: Pokemon Black/White Soundtrack

Pokémon © Gamefreak/Nintendo
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It's just incredible!
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