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Fakemon - Eclipse Legendary



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It's been a while since I've drawn anything, thanks to my computer having issues for the past few months. I finally fixed it, though, and what better way to get back into the swing of things than a new fakemon!

It's meant to be an interpretation of what a possible third legendary might look like in Sun and Moon. Since when the Sun and Moon meet, an eclipse happens, that's what I based the idea for this guy after. For the legendary itself, I did some research on myths regarding eclipses, and found the Norse myths of Sköll and Hati. Basically, they are two wolves who chase the sun and the moon, and when they catch them, an eclipse happens. I tried to incorporate that into this legendary’s design, with the two heads and whatnot.

Overall, I really like how this came out, especially for not drawing anything for months. I might make some more fakemon and fanmade Mega Evolutions in the future, they're surprisingly fun to draw.

Anyway, enjoy! Comments are appreciated!

If you want to use my art for a video or other project, don't hesitate to ask me! Just send me a note and I'll get back to you when I can.


Materials used: Photoshop CS5
Music Inspiration: Xenoblade Chronicles X Soundtrack

Pokémon © Nintendo/GameFreak
Fakemon Design © Deltheor

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This is so cool! Do you by any chance have any names for this Pokemon and maybe some stats, typing, etc. for this? Even if you don't have anything set in stone for it and just have some ideas for it, I would love to ask if I would be able to put this into a story I've been trying to put together. You would definitely get some credit for the amazing piece of art that you have created :)
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