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Dragon-Type Serperior



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I designed this Grass/Dragon-type version of Serperior way back in 2010 before we knew any of the 5th Gen starters’ evolutions, but I never actually drew a proper picture of him before today. This is NOT a Mega-Serperior concept, by the way. If it was it would look a lot different.

I originally based him on an Eastern dragon, hence the serpentine body and whiskers. I tried to imitate Ken Sugimori’s style for this, but it didn’t come out that great. Oh well, I’ll definitely draw this guy more in the future, haha.

Anyway, enjoy!

Materials used: Photoshop CS5
Music Inspiration: Pokemon Black/White Soundtrack

Pokémon © Gamefreak/Nintendo
Fakemon Design © Me
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As many have said before, this design is the best imaging of a final evolution in a long while. I still absolutely love how the wings form into the shoulders and the yellow markings taper across the body. :heart:
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