Dating Mobians - For Real, This Time
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Published: January 9, 2020
So, yesterday I wrote a journal entry to talk about the time in which Eon’s World is set and what “Mobius” and “Mobian” mean in-universe. I called it ‘Dating Mobians’ as a bit of a joke, because dates as in calendar dates.

D’you get it...?

Anyway, this morning I thought to myself, but what about actually dating Mobians? And I wondered about a question I can only imagine folks have wondered about since humans (other than Doctor Eggman, that is) first wound up sharing a world with Sonic and friends.

Do humans date Mobians?

There aren’t many examples I could point to from any official Sonic media that might help us answer this question.

The most widely known and certainly more notorious example is of course 2006’s Sonic the Hedgehog, a launch title on the PS3 and XBOX 360, in which Sonic gets pretty romantic with a human girl, Princess Elise, and she even magic kisses him back to life at the end of the game. Sonic 06 is not a popular game with the fandom, however, and Sega has largely allowed it to be forgotten for the most part. There was no Archie Sonic tie-in, and the closest the comic ever got to really referencing the game was mentioning the location, Soleanna, but they did their own thing for the most part with Silver, a good three years after the fact.

I suppose I could also mention how Robotnik announced his intent to marry Queen Aleena in an episode of Sonic Underground, in order to get himself crowned King of Mobius... True, it was all just a trick to capture Sonic, Manic, and Sonia and he didn’t really intend to marry their mother, but it at least introduced the idea of a human/Mobian relationship, I guess...?

But those are the only examples I can really think of, and given how Sonic 06 and Sonic Underground have been largely forgotten, I’m not sure we even have those examples, really.

We’ve seen romance between Mobians, of course. Sonic and Sally from SatAM and pre-reboot Archie is the big one most of us know, and the games have Amy’s relentless crush on Sonic, and the fandom has been endlessly shipping characters probably as long as the fandom has existed. But in most Sonic media, we’ve only seen romance between Mobians (with a notable exception of Snively and Regina Ferrum in Archie Sonic). To be fair, it’s because most of the interesting characters simply are Mobians, not humans. In a lot of cases, Eggman is the only human present, after all, and official Sonic media these days doesn’t really put him on the dating scene. Heck, the only time I can think of when he was involved in a genuine romance (and very one-sided at that) was in an episode of AoStH, where a space bounty hunter called Katella fell head over heels in love with him... until she met Mama Robotnik, that is. Oh yeah, Katella was human, too, so not a human/Mobian romance.

So, I’d say we don’t really have any solid evidence of humans dating Mobians in the official media. But we also don’t have any confirmation that they don’t, which I feel leaves us fans free to do what fans does best in situations like this and speculate.

Personally, I’d be very surprised if humans don’t date Mobians. It could be unusual, it could even be somewhat taboo, but I can’t imagine that it simply doesn’t happen. In a world of billions of people, some of whom are human, some of whom are Mobian, it must be a law of averages that some of them are going to end up dating each other.

Now, this might be trickier if you accept the two worlds idea that Sega now claims to have always been canon, where there is the human world and Sonic’s world, and the main characters seem to be able to travel between the two. In that kind of scenario, there isn’t going to be the same opportunity for humans and Mobians to date. But I’ve never liked that idea and my favourite version(s) of Sonic (the Archie comic series) didn’t use it, instead presenting us with a world that was co-habited by humans and Mobians (all the more so in the post-reboot run, where Station Square was shown to have a diverse population of humans and Mobians). And that’s also the kind of setting I created for Eon’s World.

So, with speculating about how it is in official Sonic media out of the way, I guess it’s time to just lay down some Word of God about how things are in my self-indulgent Sonic fanfic and OC showcase.

In Eon’s World, humans and Mobians absolutely do date one another. But, generally speaking, human/Mobian relationships are kind of rare. There is a long history of human oppression of Mobians and there is still a great deal of prejudice that makes dating a Mobian simply unconscionable to some humans. And not all Mobians feel comfortable dating a human, either. Some humans see Mobians as nothing more than animals and, historically, relationships between humans and Mobians have been not only taboo, but illegal, with severe punishments for those involved. That’s not the case now, of course; those laws have gradually disappeared through reforms at the state level and eventually through the courts, but it sometimes takes a while for social attitudes to adjust, even after the law itself becomes more accepting.

To end on a lighter note, though, I totally ship Rouge the Bat and Agent Topaz from Sonic X. It’s almost a pity I have no plans whatsoever to include any of Sonic X’s very large cast of human characters in Eon’s World, because Topaz was pretty awesome.

Addendum (11/01/2020):

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the Iron King until literally this morning while reading issue 201 of Archie Sonic. I guess he and Regina Ferrum are technically married, and he is definitely a Mobian. So, there's one definite example of a human married to a Mobian. but, when you see the relationship in context, it seems to be an entirely loveless marriage, where the Iron King has Regina around because of her technomancy, not because he actually has any feelings for her, and she spends the entire Iron Dominion story arc cheating on him with Snively anyway.
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