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Hi! I just wanted to say, 

Thank you to all of you who participated or tried to participate in the contest, it really means a lot to me and the group.

:bademoticon: And now, let me present to you the winners for this contest!:bademoticon:


:bademoticon:First Place: :bademoticon:


1 Drawing from :iconsugary-bomb: and :iconarerona:

 Second Place::bademoticon:


1 Drawing from :iconiabokai: and :icondraxc4:


Now for those who won, 
You'll need to send a note to the two corresponding people explaining the details of how you want the drawing.

Hope you have a nice day/night! ^u^


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Group Info

Are you making art about DeltaRune and want to be recognized?

do not keep looking for more because you've already found the perfect group for it :D

You can upload everything you want, except Mature Content, or something very explicit.
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Hey! did you know that you can put your art in this group? pretty cool huh?

That way you can show everybody how good of a Artist you are. ^u^

All you need to do is:

- Post your art in the right folder, or your art will be denied.

- No Mature Content or anything like that in this group, let's try to keep this group family friendly for everybody.

- Insults = Ban, don't be rude or stupid with anybody, there's no need for violence in here.

- And most importantly, have fun creating art.

If you have any suggestions, problems or anything like that, just say it in the comment section of this group, and we'll try to do our best to help you. :D






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Thank you so much for the request!
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So, I have a Deltarune related piece in the works: DR 1: Moon's Silver Eyes/Silver Heart, Happy Start. However, I don't know if I should put it in the Kris folder or AU folder, as it IS part of an AU.
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Hello!! I accidentally submitted C4 Sans Request to the wrong folder!! I'm so sorry!!
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Hi does anyone know the artist who made this image?
ok who made this ralsei? by dorboy8907 
it is not mine.
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Thank you for featuring my fanart. It really means alot to me :D (Big Grin) Heart 
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I just want to say that the group Icon art is beautiful, whoever drew it should be extremely proud.
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oh welcome my art undertale and deltarune fan look please right!
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