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:star: DELTARUNE :star:

Welcome to the Deltarune fan club! we have a couple of rules but they are pretty easy~

:bulletblue: No insults allowed
:bulletpurple: No spam allowed in the comment section
:bulletgreen: Try posting your pictures in the right folder

Pretty easy huh? But most importantly, have fun!

“What does each folder mean?”

:bulletblack: All folders with one or two names - for art of ONLY those characters!
:bulletblack: “Alternative universes” - exactly that! Any kind of swap, coffee shop AU, different timeline. (Not meant for undertale content)
:bulletblack: “Fan Characters” - Characters you’ve made inspired by the world of deltarune/undertale!
:bulletblack: “Secondary characters” - any deltarune character that doesn’t have a folder of their own!
:bulletblack: “Multiple characters” - two or more different characters, excluding the fun gang.
:bulletblack: “The fun gang - $?:$’Squad” - art of at least two of the following: Kris, Susie, Lancer, Ralsei.
:bulletblack: “Stories” - for fanfiction works!
:bulletblack: “Comics” - for comics related to undertale/deltarune!
:bulletblack: “Crossovers” - for drawings that include elements from other media! (I.e deltarune/undertale characters dressed as Mario characters or interacting with Mario characters)

Gallery Folders

Delta Rune by Mahsira
The Dark $!? Squad by Moonshen
Huevember day 23 by Zelpixel
Ralsei With Gun by RezkaPrataM4X
Kris by Destroyer120
Kris the Delta Warrior by cobalt-kate
The Super Best Friends Club by Prinbloss
Kris by D-E-N-N-Y-D-U
By Any Other Name by SusieBeeca
Susie by HC-Artz
She has a very nICE sweater- by CutieGrumpyCerym
Deltarune as a 90s anime 7/8 by HollyFlowerArt
Ralsei by Kakrita
Ralsei (Delta rune) by Theceruleanpunk
Comission Ralsei Deltarune 2019 low res by cybertrevil
:Fanart: Deltarune - Ralsei by Sofua
Lancer - King
Spade King | Deltarune by MelTdown-Gaming
Deltarune: Lancer by ChaoticJo103
sleeping king! by CHA0TIC-CHEV
Sans - Papyrus
Papyrus' battle - ATHE Comic by Comictoon
Inked Sans Portrait by Comictoon
My Horrifically bad Battle Sprite by Destroyer120
Papyrus - ATHE Comic by Comictoon
Chaos!Jevil (update and in color) by DocMelonhead
Target Acquired (Deltarune Jevil) by Elizabeth--Munson
Jevil by Gemcakes
Jevil by RibbonDee
Toriel - Asgore
When you tell Asgore a Joke by Destroyer120
.:Prove To Me!:. by MoonlightUTFan
[ TURNED REALITY ] Toriel 4k Wallpaper by AmazinGamer666
Toriel Fanart by Comictoon
Undyne Undressing (Commission) by SerialDeltaRune
Undyne the Undying | Undertale by MelTdown-Gaming
But the Earth refused to die | Undertale by MelTdown-Gaming
undying by angels800
The Little Scientist by Comictoon
Go Mew Mew! by Tomaneko-art
[Undertale] The kind of woman Alphys loves by DSakanumbuh419
Doctor Alphys by Screaming-Sheldon
Asriel - Flowey
(Undertale) Asriel Talk Sprite by SenselessGoats
Razzle Dazzle by HC-Artz
Frisk Portraits by Comictoon
Chara by Angeliquelol
[ UNDERTALE ] a bunch of gaster ( geeter ) doodles by AmazinGamer666
Alternative universes
Can't VK enjoy his sandwich? by DocMelonhead
Fan characters
Recycler ChRe to XhXu by cybertrevil
Secondary characters
A small white dog. by Comictoon
Multiple characters
Walking Home From School by PixelLooney27
The fun gang - $?:$'Squad
Kris and Susie by gravityfallsgirl618
Stories .:Text:.
Commissions Page (OPEN) by gl1tchedshad0ws
Asriel X Catty by Prinbloss
Deltarune as a 90s anime Betty by HollyFlowerArt
Rouxls Kaard
Rouxls Kaard WIP by KuroGypsy
As you may, or may not know, yesterday was Undertale's 5th anniversary, 5 years since the game was released!
They celebrated with a concert where they played most of our favourite songs from the game, make sure to check it out in the following link:

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Hello! Welcome to the Deltarune group! A place where you'll find a vast array of Deltarune pictures along with many Undertale/Deltarune fans, a great place to meet wonderful artits.
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