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Welcome to the Deltarune fan club! we have a couple of rules but they are pretty easy~

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Pretty easy huh? But most importantly, have fun!

“What does each folder mean?”

:bulletblack: All folders with one or two names - for art of ONLY those characters!
:bulletblack: “Alternative universes” - exactly that! Any kind of swap, coffee shop AU, different timeline. (Not meant for undertale content)
:bulletblack: “Fan Characters” - Characters you’ve made inspired by the world of deltarune/undertale!
:bulletblack: “Secondary characters” - any deltarune character that doesn’t have a folder of their own!
:bulletblack: “Multiple characters” - two or more different characters, excluding the fun gang.
:bulletblack: “The fun gang - $?:$’Squad” - art of at least two of the following: Kris, Susie, Lancer, Ralsei.
:bulletblack: “Stories” - for fanfiction works!
:bulletblack: “Comics” - for comics related to undertale/deltarune!
:bulletblack: “Crossovers” - for drawings that include elements from other media! (I.e deltarune/undertale characters dressed as Mario characters or interacting with Mario characters)

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[Deltarune] junkyard kid by Foskosa
Snowgrave doodle by Squawq
Kaard Kaastle by SepTuNeA
Prismatic Remedies | Deltarune 2nd anniversary by SepTuNeA
Kris [2] by scribbleman123
[Deltarune] That day after school by Foskosa
Kris - M/F by HuskyDM
No Hugs by HuskyDM
Chomp! ... Huh? by ShrmpCake
Susie :P by kvasmn
SUSIE (Deltarune) by VionRejeckOnom
(t.A.T.u.)200 KM-H I.T.W.L. (DELTARUNE)(suselle) by SAFI--Mia
Caw Caw Ralsei by kvasmn
Magic by RuusuKultaKruunu
Ralsei ^^ by kvasmn
Ralsei  by kvasmn
Multiple characters
Childhood Friends by HuskyDM
PROCEED by HeavyRivetX
Turkey Dreams by HeavyRivetX
Ralsei has UNO by MarvelousMedes
The fun gang - $?:$'Squad
Mobster Gang by DraylaDarielGexie92
Etika's Deltarune Stream by DraylaDarielGexie92
Deltarune  by DraylaDarielGexie92
The Fun Gang Is Ready To Fight by kutaj
thebigredtomato Commission - Noelle 70s by pikapika212
Noelle Snowflake by SusieBeeca

Mature Content

Weird Route by emlan
Noelle funky new grooveNoelle’s Funky Fresh New Look The flashing and flickering lights of the Cyber World shined bright, it was truly amazing how just three simple colors could combine endlessly to make shades that are just the slightest bit lighter or darker. Random sounds and noises played without coherence. Pop ups popping into existence just to inconvenience someone’s day for a few seconds. Everything below watched by the tyrant queen of this world, Serial Number Q5U4EX7YY2E9N, but most just call her Queen. The Queen watched over her kingdom from the top of her large mansion, which is quite hard to miss. Recently a couple of lightners, along with darkner prince Ralsei, had stumbled into her electronic world. The Queen wasn’t quite sure why exactly they were here, other than to close the fountain apparently, which was bad for her at least. She didn’t really care about that though, for she had grown very fond of them, especially the one who goes by the name Noelle Holiday. Noelle was a monster with a large resemblance to a reindeer, a very timid girl but one with a kind heart. Noelle was just the perfect individual to recruit to her cause, what was her cause, world domination of course. Now the Queen may be a tyrant bent on world domination, but she wasn’t a monster, well, she is but not that kind of monster. She would never use harmful force or make others unwillingly join her, rather wanting them to choose to join her, and make them happy. Yet she couldn’t understand why Noelle wasn’t happy, after all she gave her a room that was specifically made for her, even if it was by using her search history without her permission. The Queen sat upon her flying throne, sipping in a fine glass of battery acid, pondering what would make the girl happy. “Deary Me, What Ever Will I Do,” she bombastically said to herself, “I Just Can’t Understand What I’m Doing Wrong. I’ve Done Countless Calculations And Even When Through Her Whole Search History, Yet Nothing.” The Queen throws her glass on the grown, shattering it into pieces, “I Must Find A Way To Put A Smile On That Sweet Lightner Face Of Her’s.” The Queen lept of her chair, “I Want To Make Her Feel Over The Moon! On Top Of The World! Floating On Air!” She loudly proclaimed, striking a post with each phrase, “I’m Gonna Make Her Full Of Joy, On Cloud Nine, Get Her Groove Ba- THAT’S IT!” In her moment of very exaggerated expression the Queen thought of a brilliant idea, one that had to work. “How Did I Never See It Before! If I Can’t Make Her HAPPY Directly, Then I’ll Have To Make Her Feel Something Else That Will Make Her Happy, And This ‘Groovy’ Emotion Just Might Do The Trick, Oh I’m A Genius!” The Queen’s period of joy quickly ended when she realized, “But How Does Someone Feel ‘The Groove?’ The Queen Began Searching definitions for Groovy in an attempt to understand how one would feel “Groovy.” Finally she got a good answer, a slang colloquialism popular during the 70s. “Hmmm,” the Queen verbally said. The Queen then decided to look into 70’s culture, and was immediately taken in back the images of glittery clothes, variety of colors, and the joyous expressions of the dancing lightners. “Oh Yes, This Is Perfect, Just Look At All Those Happy Faces. If This Doesn’t Give Noelle A Little Pep In Her Step I Don’t Know What Will.” The Queen immediately began writing an E-Mail to all the unoccupied Swatchlings. “Dear Loyal Swatchlings. I Hereby Ask You All To Build Me A Machine To Make Lightners Quote ‘Groovy.’ P.S. If You Can’t Build It Just Watch A Tutorial Or Something LAMO!” “There!” The Queen sat back upon her throne, full of static excitement. “...Damn Waiting Is Boring. Oh Well, I’ll Just Play That Jumping Dinosaur Game For Five Hours Straight Again.” Meanwhile, deep within the Queen’s mansion, Noelle sat quietly in her room, looking out into the night sky. Noelle was both confused and frightened of her situation, of the strange world she found herself in, and of the thought of her friends getting hurt, especially Susie. Thinking about Susie again made Noelle blush deeply, Noelle had deep feelings for Susie. Noelle couldn’t quite put it into words, but there was just something about Susie that was just so attractive to her. No one knew about her secret crush, besides her dad, Noelle was just too embarrassed to admit it to anyone. Noelle had tried many times in the past to ask Susie out, sometimes bubbling up just enough courage to try and admit her feelings, before instantly bursting simultaneously when she actually confronted her. It was all because of her timidness and the horrifying thought of her feelings being rejected that she tried to bury within her mind. Noelle just wished she could somehow find the confidence to be more brave and confident with herself, if only she knew how. Suddenly there was a knock at her door, “H-H-Hello?” Noelle got up from her sitting position and walked over to the door. It was probably the Queen again but it would be rude not to see who was there. Looking through the tiny peephole Noelle realized it wasn’t the queen, a huge sigh of relief. Peeking out the door Noelle noticed a few “Swatchlings,” as the Queen referred to them. “O-oh, hello. W-What do you want?” Noelle’s only response to her question was a strange screech-like sound, kinda bird like. Noelle didn’t understand what they were saying, but before she could even attempt to understand they picked her up by the arms. Noelle would have asked where she was being taken, but already knew it would only be greeted with another screech. After what seemed like an hour of being dragged all throughout the mansion they arrived at their destination. The room was completely empty, besides from an ominous machine in the middle of the room and a large screen tv. The tv flickered on showing the Queen’s face, giving Noelle a bit of a spook. “Noelle, Darling! I’m So Glad To See You Here. I Calculate That You're Thinking About Asking Me What This Large Machine In Front Of You Is.” “I-It isn’t a machine that turns monsters head’s into r-r-robot heads’, is it?” The Queen Laughed. “Oh Ho Ho Ho! Nope, That Machine Is Two Floors down. This Machine Is My ‘Funk N’ Groove Transfer Machine,’ I Was Gonna Add 2000 At The End Or Something But There’s Just Too Many Machines With A Pointlessly Large Number At The End Of Its Name.” “Wh-What does it do then, a-and why?” Noelle nervously muttered. “Well I Noticed You Weren't Feeling Happy, And I Just Can’t Allow For Any Of My Current Or Potential Minions To Be. Thus I (And By That I Mean The Swatchlings, Thank You Very Much Swatchlings) Built This Machine To Give You Some ‘Groove,’ Which Should In Tern Make You Happy. By The Way Out Of Curiosity, That’s How That Work’s Right?” “I really don’t think that’s how those words, also that explanation does really answer much. I actually know I have more questions from that.” Noelle was baffled about what she was trying to say, or what she meant by “Groove.” “Eh, You’ll Soon Find Out Anyway’s So I Won’t Stoll.” The Queen snapped her fingers, the Swatchlings beginning to carry Noelle to the machine. Noelle tried to protest but was gently placed into the machine. It was nothing but pitch black darkness inside, darkness that was quickly erased and replaced with light, looking up Noelle realized it was coming from a large shiny disco ball. “A disco ball? Why is there a disco ball in her?” Noelle muttered “By The Way Noelle, I Highly Suggest Standing Still. Just To Be Save.” said the Queen’s muffled voice outside, Noelle took the warning and held her breath. Noelle could hear what sounded like gears and fans beginning to turn, the machine starting up. Suddenly Noelle began moving without walking, she realized she was standing on a kinda conveyor belt. Noelle closed her eyes, afraid to open them. Then it stopped moving, Noelle slowly opened her eyes, then the other. Nothing seemed to be happening, that was until a seat came from behind, knocking Noelle into it and clamping over her arms and legs. Noelle was becoming more nervous, trying not to shake too much. Arms came out from the walls. One grabbed the back of her head, holding it in place, the others inch towards her face, they appeared to be holding makeup? Was this some elaborate plan to give her a makeover? Either way there was no turning back now. Noelle closed her eyes once again, as she felt brushes going all over her face, from top to bottom. Within minutes Noelle felt the brushing stop, opening her eyes Noelle was greeted with her own reflection. Noelle gasped, but not out of fear. Noelle’s face was covered in makeup, her eyes dazzled with red glittery eyeshadow, her lashes fluttered like an old tiny actress. Her lips were colored with a red and white stripe pattern, much like a candy cane. Noelle was immersed by her new look, she’d never looked this good in her life. Noelle was released from her hair, a huge relief, but the machine wasn’t done with the deer yet. The disco ball which had been following her the whole time began spinning intensely, consuming Noelle in a blind light. As her vision returned Noelle looked down at herself, and was shocked. Somehow her clothes had changed, what was once nothing more than a white rob was changed into a red, white, and green jumpsuit that extended all the way down to her feet, which now wore a pair of silver go go boots. Noelle would have been completely freaking out right about now, if this wasn’t all just a dream that is, but Noelle was still confused. Another set of arms appeared, this time holding a bunch of accessories that were placed onto Noelle’s body. Large, chunky, golden bangle hung from her resist, a pair of hooped earrings were quickly and painlessly pierced through her ears, a necklace with a christmas colored peace symbol was around her neck, and a cool pair of circular shades was placed onto her face. As each accessory was placed on Noelle started to feel something, deep within her soul just begging to be let out. Noelle had no idea what it was, how to let it out or even if she should let it out. The machine continued, knocking Noelle into another chair, this one having a sink directly behind it which was filled with warm water. Another hand held Noelle’s head back, as two more Hands began dunking her long golden blonde hair into the bowl of water, untangling all the knots, Noelle began feeling relaxed by the fingers massaging her scalp. One began adding shampoo into her hair, getting it all covered in bubbles, it had the sweet scent of gingerbread that Noelle adored. After the shampoo was rinsed off her hair was blow dried with a powerful dryer. Noelle’s hair poofed out, becoming very frizzy and large, like a cartoon character being electrocuted but less painful and burnt. Suddenly Noelle felt the ends of her hair being tugged outwards, and something being rubbed into it, then a strange crackling sound of foil. Noelle sat in silence for a few minutes before whatever had been wrapped into her hair was removed. Another blinding light consumed the room, Noelle felt an odd sensation in her scalp. Her hair began to expand and become larger, and it started to become, curly? Noelle didn’t have any questions anymore, just deciding to do with the flow. Noelle could see it, what appeared to be an exit was right in front of her. The conveyor belt stopped one final time, as a rag was rubbed against her red nose, giving it a reflective shine. Finally Noelle was spat out of the machine, slightly confused about what just happened. Strangely, that feeling of desperately wanting to get out seemed to be larger than before, but Noelle still couldn’t understand what it was or what it was trying to tell her. “OMG Noelle Darling! You look Positively ‘Groovy,’ As The Boomers Would Say. Quick! Someone Bring A Mirror!” One of the Swatchlings brought in a large full body mirror and placed it in front of Noelle, who’s mouth hung open in shock and amazement. Noelle looked like she just stepped right off a 70’s Christmas party. Her outfit and makeup consisted of red and white with a dash of green, her groovy accessories added a bonus flare to her look, and her once blonde straight hair was turned into a large, bouncy, curly afro that had been dyed purple, a strand of christmas lights wrapped around it like a purple needled tree. “Well Go On Noelle, How Do You Feel? Please Be As Brutal And Unmercifully Honest As Possible.” Noelle continued to gaze at her reflection in wonder, it was amazing. You would have never guessed she was the same timid girl as before, she looked cool, not Susie levels of cool but still cooler than before. Something about the new look made her feel confident, more brave, and something else. It suddenly clicked, that feeling she couldn’t understand before, it was finally clear. Noelle wasn’t sure if it was the machines doing, or if it just awoke something within her, but either way it didn’t matter, because Noelle knew how she felt. “I feel…I feel…I…feel…” “LIKE THE GROOVE DEEP WITHIN MY SOUL HAS JUST BEEN FIRED UP! I’M PUMPIN’, I’M THUMPIN’, AND READY TO FUNK OUT! Noelle felt the surge of funk in her veins, all the built up energy expressed into her loud expression that came out of her smiling face. “Wow man, far out. I sound so different, but cool in a funky way ya dig?” Noelle could feel her new found confidence flowing into her speech, only growing her comfort in it. The Queen watched on through her monitor. “So, Does That Mean You Like It?” The Queen was slightly nervous. “Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah baby I’m jivin’! I’m blazin like an ice cold freezer burn!” Noelle turned her attention back to the mirror, she began to strike poses fueled by the groove. “Oh baby, who knew disco would look so dang good on a chick like me.” Noelle quickly struck another pose, “Oh yeah! DY-NO-MITE! Eh? What’s the skinny?” Noelle looked down, her hips were shaking and her toes a tappin’, and before she knew it she was dancing like her life depended on it. “Gnarly! I didn’t know I could dance this well, let alone in these bulky thangs.” Noelle went along with the flow, boogin’ out like a professional. “Welp, I guess it’s time for little ol’ me to show this whole cyber world what real funk is.” “Oh You Go Girl!” The Queen was clapping along, “Hit It!” she yelled. Another disco ball lowered from the ceiling as groovy christmas music played on. The Swatchlings ripped off their butler uniforms to reveal disco outfits, and joined Noelle in her funky groove. Noelle felt on top of the world, reborn through the funky groove. Noelle danced and danced and danced until her legs ached and she couldn’t dance any more, and even then she still felt like dancing some more. Eventually Noelle returned to her room after a long dance session, but her room was different now. The room was decorated with many 70 and disco themed items, which made Noelle feel right at home. Noelle went back to her original seated position by the window, her legs exhausted. “Man, what a night. You know, even though this is a dream, I think I want to stay like this.” Noelle rested her head on her elbows. “*sigh* I hope Kris is okay, and of course Susie, that cool cat. I wish she would just barge right in her, wonder if she would like my new look?” Just as she said that, as if on quoe, Susie came bursting through the door, “NOELLE I…uh, what?” “Oh hey Susie,” Noelle said with a groovy smile, “how groovy is it for you to drop by, like my new look.” Susie could only blush in response, which made Noelle giggle. That’s the end of the story, I hope you liked it. This story was inspired by some artwork by DiamondGrenadier25, I’ll link the original deviation below. If this or any of my stories inspire you to write/draw your own creation feel free to, but please inform me so I can check it out, One more note, to fans of my zootopia carnival au I won’t to let you know that I will be working on the next 3 chapters, which will be released at least a day apart from each other. Anyway good bye.
Lancer - King - Queen
When The Battery Acid Hits Just Right by HazmatMaid
Drawing boy by kimjasu
omg queen enamel pin real by cozylittleartblog
Two of Them by HazmatMaid
Secondary characters

Mature Content

Tasque Manager booty by ZinZoa
Seam by KaosMass95
Tasque Manager =^.^= by kvasmn
Tasque Manager Special Force by ImShizo
Silly Jevil by Mystery--Mist
* CHAOS CHAOS - Deltarune by Comictoon
Cuban Jevil by MarvelousMedes
Jevil Plush by naxlevelnat
Commercial Zone by HazmatMaid
Rouxls Kaard
You Insolente Foolue! by Ocelein
[Deltarune] All nighter by Foskosa
Undyne Portrait - Undertale by Comictoon
Chara by ZeekMacard
when a lesbian scientist makes a discovery by Bumpadump2002
Toriel - Asgore
Goat mumther by Farraclaww
Sweet Cap'n Cakes
K_K by MightyJetters
Asriel - Flowey
Your Best Friend by Bumpadump2002
[Undertale] Continue by Foskosa
Sans - Papyrus
Papyrus - VERY COOL! by TheWitchOfArt
Mettaton! by JayKay64
Darker Yet Darker by PoisonLion
Stories .:Text:.
Jevil's Advocate- Chapter 11: Entrances and ExitsJevil’s AdvocateChapter 11: Entrances and Exits The cat eyed their customers lazily and sighed once more, taking in the peculiar scene. “I take it you two aren’t here for a leisurely trip,” they guessed, twirling a worn coin on the counter and kicking up a tiny cloud of dust in the process. The Duke’s uneasy expression confirmed Seam’s suspicion. Lancer held his hands clasped at his chest and wandered the interior of the store, curiously browsing the odds and ends congregated on the walls. He was absorbed in a rusty orange blade and matching emblazoned shield while the duke and the cat talked business. “I feel the situation at Card Castle has… escalated, further than expected,” Rouxls murmured. Seam nodded intently. “The treatment thee had’st experienced is becoming a very real outcome for the prince, and maybe even worse for mineself.” Seam shook their head slowly and methodically tugged at the loose stitching on their sleeve. “Where will you take him?” “… I don’t know.” “Does he know yet?” Rouxls shivered slightly. “Lancer understands, and no, his father is not aware. At least, not yet.” Seam groaned at the news. They knew that the Rudinns were blindly subservient to the king, or at least too afraid of him to disobey at any point. Is that why they came all the way out here to see them about this mess? “You saw what happened when I tried to explain to Lancer what was going on. How could I possibly be of any help?” the cat muttered bitterly. “I never even got my card deck, my dignity or my partner back from that damned-” the prince looked over to the adults which gave Seam needed pause. “- we need to find someplace more permanent where we all can stay inconspicuous.” Rouxls Kaard agreed hesitantly and solemnly. “Dost thou think-eth that we could hide here for at least a little, until we do so? Admittedly, this is the only residence we can think-eth of where we might not be seen,” the duke pleaded. His obvious desperation let Seam understand the Darkner’s concern. “Yes, we can arrange for that. But understand that we must act quickly for the long term.” Rouxls relaxed a bit more as he was allowed to unpack the small assortment of items the pair had brought with them, arranging them in a far corner of the shop. Their cargo wasn’t much; there was just enough to tide them over for a handful of days before they would have to venture back out in search of food. Seam assured them that whenever he could, he would fetch them whatever he could find. The trio enjoyed a quiet lunch together and waited out the day with bated breath. As Jevil continued to wander the empty space, his resolve slowly evaporated and left him confused, scared, and upset. What if I never see Seam again? Are they in trouble? I could be hurting them even more than I already have! He reasoned he had no choice but to return if not for himself, for Seam. But wait, Gaster said this is a game. Does it even matter? Jevil slowed, conflicted as he went. It might not even mean anything if I’m gone… The Jester sat down on the invisible plane and pulled his hat over his face. It didn’t change much. What would they even say if they saw me right now? Jevil sat in silence for what felt like hours. Time was neither seen nor felt here. Before too long, a different thought broke through Jevil’s sorry state, pulling his attention out of his own self-destructive and self-pitying mindset. No… if it matters to me, it matters to somebody. I exist in some way, right? Even if it is in some convoluted game… whatever I must be thinking and feeling must also exist in some way. He shakily got to his feet. It doesn’t matter if this is all some stupid game. I got people to worry about and people to worry about me. This brought him an ounce of vigor, and he resumed his efforts. Jevil squinted, held his eyes open as wide as he could and rubbed at them incessantly, but nothing could help identify anything from the darkness that occupied the expanse. He was tired, but he refused to stop walking. As the time trudged on, he began to wander the place with his eyes closed, slouching as he went along, his arms outstretched and exploring for anything at all. The only sounds he could hear were his own labored breaths, the only rhythm dictating his own pace. “O-oh?” his hand retracted sharply as his fingers bumped into something hard and round. The foreign object emitted a brassy ping that was quickly stifled by the void. Jevil opened his eyes to see a small gray doorknob. To his surprise, it was all by itself, suspended at arm level. “… was I supposed to do something with this? Was a door supposed to be here or something?” He figured something must have been amiss due to his own actions, but after surveying whatever else he thought he could find, Jevil inspected it closely. It didn’t have any unique etchings or trim or anything. It was simply a shaped piece of metal, fastened to nothing by a couple of screws. Testing the material, Jevil gasped when as he held it, it readily turned in place. He pulled it towards himself and met immense resistance. Caught off-guard, he laughed. “Ueehehee. Of course, of course. Of all Darkners, me. Alright, now get me outta here.” He readjusted his grip on the knob, turned it and pushed forward. It gave easily. Like a slice right out of the space before him, a dark panel opened to reveal vibrant red foliage watching over a field of violet grasses. The Darkner cautiously stepped over the mysterious threshold and reentered the Dark World. Where am I now? This was the Dark World, but it certainly wasn’t any part of it of which Jevil was very familiar. The gentle purple grasses told him it was near the Scarlet Forest, but the foliage was sparser. The same knotted trees surrounded the jester, but before him they lined a dusty lavender pathway like a long, wooded corridor. Jevil quietly crossed over into the path and studied his surroundings. Once in the open, he bristled for a bit. If not much time passed here and they see I’m not in the castle anymore… I have to be careful, careful. It was… very still here. As he stood there, his paranoia gave way to his relief and fascination with the environment that he thought he knew. There has to be some really complex code to create everything like this. Jevil reflected on the ancient trees, the colorful grass, the Rabbicks, the Jigs-awries… the Darkners at the castle… the Darkners at the castle! The prince, the duke, Seam… If I’m gonna show my face again, I gotta do it carefully. His mind made up, Jevil looked around for any landmarks. Further to his left and around a shallow bend, he espied a shiny surface. He ambled over and found a formidable set of doors. Unlike the plain gray doors Jevil was now acquainted with, these doors were ebony against a similarly dark wall, yet they stood out. Emblazoned in a sweeping golden trim and bearing the crest that told the legend of their world, Jevil knew of no one who passed through them. Rumors circulated warning of outsiders who would trespass on their kingdom, or promising the return of the Lightner heroes who would impact their world forever. Either way, such a grand sentry filled Jevil with churning pride, comfort, dread, and even panic. Jevil closed his eyes and took deep breaths, stashing his mittens at the waistband of his pants and wiping his sweaty hands on his shirt. If Lightners are supposed to be coming out of here… He turned around and followed the path. Jevil walked in silence for half an hour, pausing every so often to duck away whenever another Darkner drew near. The path cut a straightforward line through the field until the vegetation concentrated with bushes and other types of trees that bore fruit. He found himself entering the Scarlet Forest, at the northwestern edge. The apprehensive imp knew that if he continued at the current pace he would reach Seam’s establishment before he was ready to even think about reuniting with the cat. Would Seam turn him in? This possibility worried Jevil, as he knew Seam was a levelheaded and reasoning Darkner who mostly respected law and had never experienced such trauma before. I did that. I caused them to go through that. He sighed and leaned on a tree. Jevil knew he was stalling the inevitable, but he couldn’t help his hesitation. Something wasn’t right about those big doors he thought to himself, watching the leaves fluttering in a light breeze. I’ll get back to it later.
Fan characters
Salesman's Daughter by HazmatMaid
DMJ | Prompt 2 by Mystery--Mist
Alternative universes
Acrid Susie by Crileefa
Berdly at the beach by Wackastrophe
Deltarune's second chapter has already been realased! You can get the demo free on steam --->
We have created a few new folders for some characters that made their first appearance in this second chapter. We hope to see lots of new fanart :star:
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I'm relatively new to all of this, but I wanted to ask a question that's been bugging me for the past FOREVER:
So, I've been wanting to create a deltarune au fan comic where the player is literally in kris's body (so kind of weird, yeah? Buts it's been something I've been wanting to try out) I don't know the ENTIRE deltarune timeline, but I've seen a good number of playthroughs to get a decent picture. I was going to make sure that Kris is still relatively conscious during this, but they can't really do much about it. I mean, they CAN, but its rare and they get burnt out after, like game stats when you try to do a super move when your health is too low. (Also, there's an outside entity that keeps on trying to get Kris to 'fall sleep')And the story itself kind of branches off from the main time line. But I'll make sure it's not too much.
But I'm kind of concerned how people will take it. And I don't want to branch off too much. Also, with the new chapter coming out, I'm not sure if it's the right time...
Any advice?
(Also, thanks for reading this essay of a question. I appreciate it)
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ok, so I have a theory for chapter 3 of deltarune.

so remember in chapters 1 & 2 when King called lancer a "bouncy" little pumpkin after threatening to drop him from the castle? then I thought "well, if King did drop him like a pumpkin, he would cartoon splat on the ground, why not call him a little bouncy ball?" then that got me thinking about the "he will never be Ballin" meme. and then I started thinking about chapter 3 and how it could be themed to tv due to the smile on kris's tv at the end of chapter 2. and what is a popular type of channel on tv? sports channels, and what's a popular sport? basketball

so, in concussion, at some point in deltarune chapter 3, we could play a basket-Ballin minigame with kris, Susie, ralsei, and lancer... but with lancer AS the ball.

boom new theory

thanks for reading

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It seems to have been moved to the proper folder. But just to confirm, it was "Not so big shot" by SofiiaAndy.
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Hi there, I had two questions.
Is NSFW allowed? And if yes, could a submission folder be made for it? 
Couldn't find a rule confirming or denying NSFW art
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