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Group for artwork of Deltarune, Toby Fox's new game! (Undertale 2)
Founded 2 Years ago
Oct 31, 2018


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Art Collection

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Digital Media

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:bulletpurple: Submit to the correct folder.
:bulletpurple: Deltarune OC's should be submitted to the "Crossovers and DR OC's" folder.
:bulletpurple: If you're unsure where to submit, ask a Mod or submit to the "Miscellanous" folder.
:bulletpurple: Please avoid submitting to the "Featured" folder. The "Featured" folder is for some of the best works submitted to this group. This can be very polished artwork that displays a high level of technical skill, or work that clearly displays a lot of effort (featuring several DR characters, backgrounds, etc.). The Mods will move art from other folders to "Featured" on their own discretion.
:bulletpurple: Submissions promoting problematic content (racism, sexism, homo/transphobia, etc.) will be rejected.
:bulletpurple: Submissions that take another person's work without their permission and appropriate credits (reposting, tracing, image manipulation, etc.) will be rejected.
:bulletpurple: Make sure content with mature themes or imagery is tagged and filtered appropriately.
:bulletpurple: If your submission was rejected, either you did not submit to the correct folder or your submission breaks the rules. Feel free to send the group a message if you would like to know why your submission was rejected.
:bulletpurple: Respect other members of the group and their art. Don't bash on other people's art style, ships or characters, please!

Thank you for reading the rules, have a nice day and don't be afraid to ask a Mod for help :heart:

Gallery Folders

Deltarune by anart2
Speedy Lancer by Highvoltage-art
Deltarune c: by ParKourMaster40
Spare Was Never an Option by Asten-94
Ralsei by SlimyPinkSlime
Dancing Kris (Animated) by GenoDAGallade
Kris | Deltarune by MelTdownGaming
The kight by AnasFurryJungle
Smol Ralsei by SlimyPinkSlime
I believe not by Castellar11
Ralsei by TalonTheNeow
Ralsei | Deltarune by MelTdownGaming
Susie by MetalWing15
Autumn Susie by envandrare
What are you thinking Susie? by Feital-Zebra
Susie but she's a pirate by waffullz
Lancer Doodles by GenoDAGallade
Loaded Lancer by Highvoltage-art
Lancer as a Human by cobalt-kate
Lancer Sketches by Highvoltage-art
Rouxls Kaard
Guitar Rouxls by GenoDAGallade
Rouxls sitting (animation) by GenoDAGallade
Karate Kaard by GenoDAGallade
Rouxls Kaard genderbent by GenoDAGallade
Dark by CalmChapsArt
The world revolves even faster! by AmazinGamer666
Locked Up by cobalt-kate
comfort art for a friend ( quick drawing ) by MiniKain
Other DR Characters
DeltaRune - Noelle Love Bang by pikapika212
DeltaRune X Neptunia - Noelle As Blanc by pikapika212
DeltaRune X Neptunia - Noelle As White Heart by pikapika212

Mature Content

DeltaRune - Cute Kawaii Lewd Noelle Holiday by pikapika212
Multiple Characters
Don't forget: 5th anniversary by WinterShibe
Chapter 2 by JEEP-WRANGL3R
Saving him by GenoDAGallade
Asriel and Ralsei ~ Always a Serial by MalachiMoet
Crossovers and DR OC's
Kris frisk chara by waffullz
Up, Up And Away by 0TinyBitObsessive0
Maybe and Jevil by S-E-Sagas
After Disney Land by Prinbloss
Literature and Comics
Seam's nightmare by monterrang
Darcy Ref Sheet (Xenorune AU and oc) by GenoDAGallade
bone time problem by femexstudios

Newest Members


Hello everyone! There's a lot of great artwork in this group by many skilled individuals, so I thought it'd be a nice idea to do artist features!
Will probably do this only once a month or so to keep everyone from becoming spammed too much ^_^

Fun Gang lineart by SmurfsAss It's not you! by KasugaBee Kris Dreemur [NEW ART] by noctease Fluffy Flower Boy by SmurfsAss
Ralsei With Gun by RezkaPrataM4X lancer's new ride by decando such is the way of the worm by IsabellaGraceS:thumb782281875:
Susie by Bohrokki Jevil doll by MasterDoodles Chief Undyne by kennuhisaki Deltarune Seam Seap by jumpingllama2000

Drop them a fave and check out the rest of these amazing artists' galleries!

On another note, Rouxls Ruleseth, a Rouxls Kaard fanzine is closing preoders today! Make sure to check it out :heart:…
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