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The Divers (Stillaeol Demonbeast)
(Passage from The Demonapedia: Demonbeast record log. Written by Gamma of the GSA (updated by Sir Dragard of the GSA, later to be edited and added to by Majang, former employee of NME.)


(Stillaeol (Still-lie-oh)
Roughly and likely deprived from the word ‘stillabunt’, a Latin word meaning ‘drop’,
CLASS- five
TYPE- Dragon
CLASSIC TAG- T#E (expendable)
TAG- Diver Demonbeast
300+ (fairly common) near the beginning of the war, although near what would now be considered mid-war, their numbers dropped and seemingly they went extinct. It’s unknown what exactly killed them all.
all specimens captured or found dead have all been male. Further more, all of them look practically identical spare each individual’s battle scars.
A dragon like humanoid with dark purple skin and hair, teal horn like skin growths come from the back of their skull, a single glowing teal antennae like prong comes from either horn, they have fuzz covered ears. Four glowing marks dot either arm and over the eyes, which are yellow with darker yellow pupils. They have large webbed wings, and a scaly tail that’s blue, these scales go over the thighs and pelvis. They have human like hands.
Stillaeol have a nasty fire breath, which can be either shot in the form of spheres or in a single stream. This fire is very bright, and can lead to temporary or even permanent blindness. They are capable of flight, and have been shown to have amazing endurance and strength, both in flight and in combat. They are both quick and intelligent. They have been known to highjack ships and be capable of piloting them.
In battle they all appear to be numb from possible war training, willing to fly into danger when commanded to. When live specimens were captured they all shared the same result: when into a almost depressed state, each specimen laid in the same spot until death claimed them. It made it impossible to interrogate any of them, seeing as they refused to speak. It seems they will only react if a commander tells them too. All but one.
A Stillaeol cannot breath fire if it’s body is soaking wet, they make up their power via strength in numbers. One is not a real issue, although more than four can present a real problem. Guns and bows can slow them if one can keep up with their speed, swords and other cutting weapons can work, although it’s advised to try staying behind it to avoid being incinerated, and attack the wings to ground it, as they are far less agile on the ground. Somehow separating them is highly recommended, and destroying their commander will cause them to flee. Fire has very little effect against them, and ice will only stun them.
Stillaeol have been around since the beginning of the war, first recorded sightings were of a planet called Cepra (eastern corner of the Horseshoe Galaxy). The first one was captured by Lady Charla (an ancestor of Lady Garlude)., part of a raid where they were capturing people alive and dragging them off. One of the victims being palaeontologist Dr.Parker Moro, despite the efforts of the GSA he was never found.
CREATOR- E-line (scientist employee of NME)

Nightmare/Moro/Sir Dragard (Dragato) GSA©️|Nintendo 4Kids
Stillaeol/Lady Charla/Cepra/E-Line/Gamma/Majang©️|Deltaknightart
Ursa bio
Ursa from Escapee Project.

Ursa is a commander in Lord Nightmare’s army. He is often portrayed as being calm, but with his quiet personality comes a of of intimidation, as many
can’t tell what’s on his mind. While he may seem like he’s thinking about deep meaningful things, he’s more likely thinking about simple things like why his suit has to have a green light and not a orange one. That being said Ursa is still a very powerful soldier, while he may not have super powers, he doesn’t need them being a skilled swordsman.

While Ursa may not be a major character, and he’ll only show up for a few more pages only to never be seen by the protagonist again, I accidentally fell in love with his character design and the simple backstory I have planned for him. Eventually, since it’s so feelsy, I do plan to do a 3-5 page comic of Ursa’s life in a nutshell.

Nightmare©️|Nintendo 4Kids
Escape Project: T-No.0405 (Page 01)
A spacecraft drifted in the depths of space, looming over the green planet, where they lied in wait for darkness to fall upon it. In the cockpit a commander stood, red eyes fixed forth. He had been watching the clock for the past hour, each trick earning a small twitch of his tail. He was alerted by footsteps, ears-one ripped from a battle long forgotten- twitched to pinpoint the sudden sound of someone walking towards him. Eyes laid upon one of his soldiers as he turned the corner; a Beta of the line of Diver Demonbeasts he was ordering around this week. No weapons were on the solider’s body, Ursa knew that when they had a deadly flaming breath, a gun wasn’t necessary. The solider saluted, and the Commander turned to face Diver. Like him, the solider has faced the glories of war, scars ran over his eyes, and the left side of his face was horrifically burnt.
“Yes? What is it?” Ursa had a quiet voice, he wasn’t a fan of yelling. But it was intimidating nonetheless, and with his silent judging glare, the solider stuttered.
“Sir, with all due respect...”
Ursa’s tail lashed again. “Spit it out already.” He urged, not wanting to stand here like it was some friendly chat.
Finally the solider spoke his mind. “Out of all the species we could be hunting,” another pause. “Why humans?”
Ursa opened his mouth to speak and give a swift answer, before finding he didn’t actually know. Why was their great power being wasted on an easy target like humans? “I don’t know,” he clenched a fist, as if his palm was cold or sweaty. “But it’s on Dr.Nacl’s orders, you know what will happen if we fail.” Both soldiers shuttered, that would be a fate worth than death.
The Diver gave a small shake, scaly blue tail tucked closer, as if he was afraid of someone sneaking up to attack it.
“Right,” he mused, before standing up straight again. “I’d also like to inform you that the squad is ready, Sir.”
Ursa turned away, looking back out at the space before him, as if he had been studying it star for star, the three moons, the planet of Assam.
“Good....tell them it’s nearly time...”
Page 02 > TBA
Title page > TBA

And so it begins with Ursa being a big sneak.

Ship design©️|Nintendo 4Kids
Ursa/Diver Solider/Planet Assam©️|Deltaknightart


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DeltaKnightArt's Profile Picture
Artist | Traditional Art
When I first started making this bio, I tried to ask myself
”What do you feel?”
I don’t feel very much. That was a problem.
So instead I asked
”What do the stories feel?”
The stories feels a lot. There is anger, sadness, happiness, and joy. So I’ll tell the story, share my feelings through it.


In the world of Raeht an arma is searching for the source of her feeling of longing. Her entire life she’s felt a piece of her has been missing, so she sets off on a journey to find it. After a long journey where she has traveled a long way, helping people and battling monsters, she finds the missing piece of her heart, seemingly stolen by a giant serpent.

ROOM 1000-
Book 1
- Premise
Following up the aftermaths of a seemingly unfortunate accident, the results are anything but expected. Upon waking up in the middle of a field made of gold and giant mushroom trees, seventeen year old teen Blake has no memory of their past or how they even arrived in the first place. They set out to look for someone (anyone) to help them, finding that the world they have become trapped in is anything but normal and anything but safe. As a mysterious voice leads them to the side of a jewel encrusted mountain, Blake finds them-self falling deeper into an unlikely house that seems to defy all logic, full of monsters, odd creatures, and rooms that come to life.

Vice series (A StarChrono’s Production)
Nothing is as it seems.

Vice series (Cartoon version)

About the Authoress:
(Delta 🏳️‍🌈 Gemini)
I’m a sixteen year old self taught artist who one day dreams of being an animator for Disney PIXAR and a novelist. I really want to be an amazing animator and a concept artist and bring my creatures and characters to life.


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