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One heck of a pic my fellow Brit ^^ I hope you keep up the good content Oh and I believe I owe you my, and potentially everyone elses's...

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----Mk III Nightwing Combat Flyer Helmet----
Please Input Pilot Data...
WELCOME: Captain Delta Hooves
Run: Nightwatch.exe
Calibrating Eye Tracking
Standby for orders....

(NLRAF Icon made by :iconlonewolf3878: )

(Massive thanks to :icongrypher: for this commission! ^^)
Faceless Flyers (4K Test)
<< :iconapplejackplz: : C'mon Y'all! Form up on Delta! Nice an' Tight! >>

Heya guys! Long time no see! I got some leave to spend at home for a little while so I thought I'd shake off some of the dust on my PC and try out SFM again, this pic's a bit of practice run mainly but also a test to see how well my PC can render 4K.

Might make another pic soon if I get the time before I have to head back to Training, please leave a message of what you think!

Delta Hooves belongs to myself

Watersmoke Belongs to :icondiamonikon:

Essy Belongs to :iconkasidesi:
Duty calls, Love pains (+Update)
(Massive thanks to the talented :iconalexbluebird: for this picture ^^)

"One of the biggest prices a Soldier pays is not where they are sent, but rather to who they have to say Goodbye..."

(This pic comes with a bit fo a update that's kinda overdue to be honest. Soon I will be going away for Military Service, I can't say how long I'll be gone or if I'll even have access to here when I am away. But know that I'll be sure to contact back here as soon as I can. Stay strong lads.)
Lunch Time on the Front Line
A little gift for my friend :iconewered:

And... Sweet Goddess's it's been a WHILE since I posted here. Terribly sorry for that lads, while I have been making art, I'm unable to show it here. That and I have been fairly busy as of late, but I'll get to explaining that and a few more changes on a SITREP tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy the cutness of this pic while it lasts. No, really. By the looks of things that "Engineer"'s lack of support buildings is getting on that Scout's nerves. Things miiiight get toasty in a second.

Or brutal if Derpy helps her Pyrotechnic buddy here witha "Mail-call", take your pick.
Hello chaps! Delta here, I hope you're all doing well because quite frankly, chances are you may have been doing better than I have... or at least having more to show for it in my case.

Just making a quick journal to explain the recent droughts in content that have mainly been getting filled with either commissions from other artists or the odd solo picture.

As of right now I've been quite busy with IRL, though for the sake of privacy I'll keep the details brief; they are very much time consuming and demanding of both effort and resources. I'm not in any way saying that I'm going away, not at all ^^ Just gonna be a bit harder to scrounge up the time to make anything on the scale of comics or upgrades in SFM preformance.

Speaking of SFM, as of late I've been on and off with it to the point I'm able to confidently say my works in still images are at levels that are only increasing with each image I produce... Saaaaadly while I do have ideas for SFM animation, I have no experience in it and the standard tutorials are something to yet be desired... So if anyone is out there willing to give me a hand, please let me know via a comment or DA note ^^

In addition, I was thinking of redoing my OC's backstory to something a little less... well let's face it, his backstory of growing up through a Super Soldier program is a suit of armour away from a lawsuit from Bungie's copycat patrols. Not really, don't worry, but let's face it, there are more original outsets out there I'd like to see about placing him into. I have had one in mind of him working his way up from rock bottom through a life in the military but to spare spoilers, I'll spare the details to save for a potential comic series but please, feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions or personal thoughts on the matter. Here's a strawpoll for those wishing to vote. The vote will be concluded a week from now.

Up next is a reminder that Commissions are still open and as of yet, have actually recieved only a couple of requested works. With such results over all this time I'm not ready to open up purchases via DA Points but please note that i can only make works if you have models that exist and are capable of working in GMOD or SFM. (No brainer advice there but you'd be surprised at how many send reference photos to doodles on paper >.<) A sad limitation I know but it is a requirement none the less so to those of you out there that make such things possible, thank you and please keep up the good work. But anyway, those wishing to see about commissions can find the relevant journal here
  Commissions are now OPEN!Hello there chaps, Delta here ^^
For some time I've been partaking in Art collabs with friends or simply art of my own inspiration. Now however, I would be more than happy to accomodate YOUR ideas. As of now, I am taking Commissions for single pictures, comics and image sets, those of you who are interested should send me a note to discuss what you would like to create, from there, I can see what I can do and ask of a price. For the time being I will only be payment through Great British Pound Sterling. (How successful this turns out to be in future will debate if I will open up the market to DA points.)
Current Prices are as follows:
Single Picture with a single unmodified Character: £3 (Gmod) £4 (SFM)
Anthro Edit for Character: +£1 (SFM only)
Additional Characters per Picture: +£2 (Gmod and SFM compatable. Only SFM if anthro edit is needed)
Animations: Unavailable at this time (Nee

But anyway that's it chaps ^^ Please, stay tuned for new artworks and other news in the upcoming days, Delta Out.
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Name: Delta Hooves
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Gender: Male
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Colours (Mane): Brown
Colours (Tail): Black
Cutie Mark: Delta Force Insignia
Social Grading: Friendly, occasionally flirty, protective.
Family: Unknown
Motto: "That others may live..."


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