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RC Prototype One, revision 5



Updated 7/22/2015: Further revision and refinements.

This Aircraft is my goal to one day build in real life. Even if it's the airframe that ends up killing me. This is my dream! I will not let go of it.

It has always been my dream to design, build, and fly my very own aircraft. This specific aircraft is the one that I've had more than one dream about in my deep sleep -one of the few dreams that I was even able to remember when I woke.

Inspired by: J7W Shinden, XP-55 Ascender, XP-56 Black Bullet
and (fictional) Sanka Mark B
And most of all, an aircraft I saw in my own dreams.. one of the few that I remember.

Art by me.

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I think you should mass produce these as small armed drones and then take over the world with them :3