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Notorious Dock's

Finally released these 8 docks I think they look best in small dock ;).

Resources Included

Rocket Dock Port: By :iconsamjonesx: [link] :).

This was originally inspired by Al Dock by :iconintemperie:

Enjoy ;).

PS: If anyone wants to port these to windows make sure you contact me first :peace:
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Woah! I've just started getting into the customization of the docks and icons. These are awesome! (by the way, its "docks" without an appostrophe. :3 yes, sadly I am an obsessive-compulsive grammar nazi....)
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hye....i want to port it to windows... :)
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Sure you can port it go ahead :).
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hola me pueden ayudar donde puedo descargar Rocket Dock ?? muchas gracias
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Hola este no es para rocketdock :(. es para Mac.
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Aah :B bueno hehe muchas gracias :)
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Link to icons plz?
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The icons are downloaded from the icon section here and over @ macthemes.
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I downloaded the RD port and it leaves a lot to be desired as far as matching what you created. Could I please have permission to do a complete port for all of your styles?
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sure just as long as you credit the original art :).
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Of course! :bow: Thank you!
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Excellent, I'm using this dock!
I can't install this with candybar. When I open your file then creating new catalog on candybar. It is empty :/
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This works fine for me i redownloaded it did you click on the dock button bottom left corner?
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Featured in Episode 28 of The Look of The Week:
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Thanks for the feauture :).
Where did you get those icons?
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Here on deviant art and over at macthemes some you can find in my favorites gallery :).
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can you tell me the ico pack's name for easier search :) ?
Nice dock menu..... but i really like the clipboard showcasing the docks can you share the link to that please?
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It is a PSD I made its not released.
Okay i wanted to request to use it on a forum which I just started creating for the header, if you release let me know. Thanks
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