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By Delta909
Hi all I hope you enjoy this release sizes include....

::::Logo & Logoless::::


Make sure you check out these shots featuring the wall in action :D.

Logo Full Preview 1::::::: ---> [link]
Logoless Full Preview 2::::::: ---> [link]

Thanks to :iconpz-art: for providing the secocond full preview :D.

If there is a particular size you were looking for and its not included in the pack dont hesitate to ask I will gladly make it for you I hope you enjoy and Happy Halloween :Peace:.
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Están muy chulos
Downloaded wallpaper is not exactly same as this one above.
Downloaded images are darker?
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Not sure why they look same for me.
Here is a screenshot.

You can see two images, left image is darker, it is from download folder, but this right image is better to me.
Anyways, thank you.
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That is strange not sure why used the same image for preview. the 2560x1600 and maybe when scaled lower images got darker.
CAn I use this for my logo, I would like just to change the apple :)
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sure go ahead
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Awesome work! :+favlove:
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Thanks for the comment :)
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You're most welcome!:D
Cool wallpaper! :-)
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Good work.
Can you tell what's the icon theme you'r using there?
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Icon theme on the wallpaper? this is a wallpaper or you mean on the preview screenshot if so they are Pry By Jonas Rask.
Sorry, I have searched "Pry" by "Jonas Rask" in all way, but the result was not like that, can U give me the link?
Thanks so much.
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Looove this wallpaper.
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Thank you glad you like it :).
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great work submit it here
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