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70s Bowtie

Here is Bowtie mod... I tried to make them 70's style and then i guess some came out 70's and some didnt hahaha. I hope you guys enjoy and use these ;).

Thanks to Laurent Baumann [link] for releasing an editable PSD all credits to him and the Bowtie crew [link]

© 2009 - 2021 Delta909
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thanks so much bro....please can i use one of your icons for my portfolio page..................Pleeeeeeeeeeeaseee!!!!
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Sure go ahead.
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Wow. Those really take me back. They are stunning.
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Thanks for the comment like your avatar :).
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Lovely set of icons mate !
I've just come across Bowtie and (thought I) liked the original icon, but yours have a little something special :)
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Thank you glad you liked them :).
haha! cool suits:) well done!
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Started using Bowtie today (yeah, I know...) and this is just perfect!
Thanks buddy!

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NP thank you for the comment :),
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These are very well done!!
I love em!
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Amazing work bro, i love the 70s style. :D
:star: Featured on iconpaper [link]
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Great! I plan to use one as a placeholder as my image on twitter. Here: [link]

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these are brilliant
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