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Hello hello, my name is Delta!

I am small shape in a very, very large universe.

I like to: draw, write, stare into the sky, and get lost in dreams of unreal places.

Stars shine, traveler~

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Howdy ! Long time no see, still love seeing your weird creatures :)

Your creatures are so cool! They have a fantastical dreamlike rendered quality to them that makes them so alien and yet believable at the same time! Wonder why i haven't seen you around, it looks like you've been on DA for a year longer than me!

oh, thank you! i really appreciate the kind words~! :D

this isn't even my first account, oh my gosh. my old account was at least 5 years old, so i've been here for a looong time! i used to be pretty active, but i haven't had the energy to hang around online as much as i used to. which is a shame, because dA has a lot of good memories for me


Oh wow, xD a bit longer than me it seems! DA was my first place on the interwebs, so i guess we both have some history here! Yeah, same really. Well, alot of people have left in turn with the changes, so, i guess that leaves a bit of antsy-ness too. Still, I think just about everyone has had a DA profile, strangely!

Holy crap! I've been going through the peeps I watched here on DA like a MILLION YEARS ago. Most of the accounts went cold between 2010 and 2016. But not yours! You're still here! How the heck are you?

YOOOO WOW HELLO!! Dude how are you?? It really has been a million years! And yup I'm STILL HERE. This place means too much to just up and leave, even if the site is mostly barebones now.

I'm alright! I'm just doing my thing over here in my corner of the world, working and living and trying to make it through each month. This pandemic really mucked a lot of things up but I'm still trying my best!

That's good to hear! My BF and I have been living in Terrace for 2 years now... long and far from the lower mainland. Same story, Covid eff'd up a lot, can't practice archery or go to our favourite eats.

I hope you and yours have kept safe. I got my first shot earlier this month. Eager to get my second one in a few months.