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Miracle on Santa Monica Blvd by DivineError

This is as funny now as it was 11 years ago.
Unstored a bunch of my older artwork that I'm still fond of (mostly old stuff with Art, Scott, and Rocky- with some Sonic and WoW thrown in)- and I noticed something strange:

Unstored artwork appears in the "Featured" gallery near the top, even when it's very old work.

...and there's no way to auto-arrange deviations in the "Featured" gallery.

You can auto-arrange deviations in created folders, but not in the Featured gallery. Strange.

So I had to manually remove all of my old work from "Featured" because it was a hell of a lot easier to just delete them from that gallery, than it would be to move each thumbnail manually from the top of the page to the bottom of the page.

A slight inconvenience that seems like it shouldn't even be one.

ANYWAY, for the few people who've messaged me asking about my older artwork, you can now browse "all" deviations and see some stuff from several years back. Not all of my old stuff, but a good handful of it.

Thank you and good night.
Between this place and Tumblr, I'd rather stay here.

I won't be super active, but there are certain friends whom I can't contact anywhere else. I need to stick it out and put up with at least one website I'm not fond of, if not just for them.

I'm more active in these places:

Curiah City


I have around 14,500 watchers here, but my artwork gets MAYBE 50 favorites and... 1 or 2 comments, if I'm lucky. I know I've been around for over a decade, so most of the people who added me probably aren't around anymore. And the changes to how dA functions over the years just isn't beneficial to most artists here. But these numbers, man. I feel like I'm wasting my time trying to keep up with this site.

Not to say I don't appreciate the very few of you who are still around, 'cause I do! But this isn't worth it for me. I mean... yikes, dude.

If any of you who read this still like my work, and want to follow it, you can mainly find me in the following locations:

:star: Curiah City dot Com

:star: Instagram

:star: RedBubble

:star: Twitch

:star: Twitter

:heart: Thanks for hanging around all these years. :heart:


Edit: I removed the VAST majority of my past journals. I had stuff hiding there from as far back as 2003-2004. I was still in high school then!

My main reason for doing so being that people would STILL read that old garbage, and treat it as if I had JUST written the entries yesterday. Not the case! Yikes!! I wrote a ton of crap I would NEVER write now, and I do NOT stand by most of what I used to say. I'm not the same person I was years ago.

Yes, I am aware that there are ways to read stuff that's been deleted from websites. That's fine. I am a little sad that I had to remove these entries, but holy crap. Embarrassment City population: Me.
For all the birthday wishes! :heart: :heart:


Adorkable Nerds by MoodyPugAdelphi by raygirlIt's the Birthday Bunny by Blossom-fur7

I've already gushed on like... other sites BUT THESE NEED TO GO HERE, TOO. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Good Day

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 12, 2009, 12:44 AM

Well, I'm 24 now. BEST START LOOKING FOR CASKETS AND TOMBSTONES. No, but really I feel no different I just like to make a big deal out of things for my own amusement. |D YOU KNOW MEEEEE.

It rained a lot today, which I love. Rain is my favorite kind of weather. It's fresh and washes the dirt away, leaving everything looking and smelling nice and clean. Good weather to get in an otherwise desert-like environment.

DivineError took me to the movies, we saw The Princess and the Frog. Surprisingly was a LOT better than I was expecting. I have some issues with it, but I don't feel like getting in to that. I loved how all of the characters were portrayed SAVE for the main character Tiana. She was... boring. But everyone else was great, so they made up for it. Lovely animation. Very nice to see traditional style animated films on the big screen again. Here's hoping there are many more to come.

Wound up being too late to go out to dinner, oh wells~ I'm not gonna complain. C: I'll just put some fish sticks in the oven or something. Works fer meeeee.

I got quite a few fun birthday pics this year, I was honestly really surprised and TOTALLY grateful! Thanks to everyone who left me birthday greetings as well, each one helped make my day. :heart: :heart:

Cat and Dog by Bilious Happy Birthday, Delya by InTheShadowsOTheMoon Frillythings by raygirl :thumb146488941:

:heart: THANKS YOU GUYS. :heart:

And and I should have my DD Round One comic finished and posted by tomorrow evening. C:

Featured Art
Emo by Zatransis Hook Line and Sinker by kamicheetah

Stamp - Comics by AzraelleWormser :thumb107868926:
:icondelshark: :date: :icondivineerror:

DD Stamp by DeviantDead
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Good day!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2009, 12:15 PM

:star: :star: :thumb107868926: :star: :star:

Woke up at 8 am. to meet up with Robotess and OnionKnight for breakfast and it was AWESOME. We hung out at mine and Erik's place for a while before they had to go catch their airplane and head home. They're such fun people, I didn't want them to leave. ;; NEXT YEAR LADIES. Next year we will rock it up in the Sandy Eggo. :heart: :heart:

I know, I KNOW I am behind on my comic- I'm sorry. :C Wrist has been giving me trouble lately, so I'm gonna try to catch up this week and hopefully then some. I really wanna have something printable by the end of the year. Also have VOID Pulpo to work on, Gothology cover, and I may have a contracted job for a small studio. Yay work~ :)

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Violet Orchid by OfficialSerenaStar - Pah-Leeease, Not Patty Cake- by PurplePeepBits Will Rock Your Face Off by vert-is-ninja

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Love Yourself.

Thu Jan 19, 2006, 7:10 PM

With the news of Su-Suto's passing quickly spreading around dA, I'd like to take this moment to share a thought with you all~

Life is tough. Yeah, no shit. Everyone has their ups and downs (trust me, I have them ALL the time) but keep in mind, no matter WHAT you may think, there will always be someone who cares about you. Someone who loves you- even if you feel there isn't a single person who gives a shit, just hold the truth in the back of your mind and you'll never hit rock bottom. I can promise you that.

I've been through multiple friend and family deaths, I have financial troubles up the whazoo, I don't know where I'm going in life, and the worst thing- I've almost lost my own mother due to her own miserable thoughts. Hell, even I've contemplated suicide at times. No, I won't lie about it. I used to think there was no way out- but after going through such shit I realise that there's ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, it's a cliche'd phrase, but it's so TRUE. Once things go down, they can only go up. These phrases are cliche'd for a reason- BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE.

Never feel like there's no way out.

Never feel utterly alone.

Never let yourself get so far down that you feel you're strapped to society's emotional floor.

Always talk to a friend.

Always think about the best that could happen.

Always keep in mind that someone out there cares.

I care.

:heart: R.I.P. my friend~ :heart:

Anybody out there...?

Mon Mar 14, 2005, 10:01 PM


Anyone out there wanna roomie?

I needa move the HELL outta this HOUSE...and outta this state for a while, if that can be managed.

I have a car and I will get a job to help pay rent.

I just need some time to collect my thoughts, rearrange my emotions, and FIGURE OUT WHO THE HELL I AM.

Thanks~ :heart:

Deviant of the Moment: :iconraygirl: She just had her big 20 b-day! GIVE HER SOME LOVIN'~


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As you've noticed...

Sat Mar 12, 2005, 11:19 AM


As you've noticed, I've been lacking new art uploads lately....on all my sites. This is due to a number of things, the main reasons being:

1. I have college work to attend to.

2. My tablet is broken.

3. Band practice.

4. I've been working on a new cartoon strip for the college papers (and hopefully the internet)~

So, sorry for the lack of updates. :'( I'll try to sneak some stuff on here when I finish something~

:heart: ~Delya


Deviant of the Moment: :iconraygirl: She just had her big 20 b-day! GIVE HER SOME LOVIN'~


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Open Mic last night was very amusing...well, it got very amusing when my firends Miguel and Cassy decided to strip-off their clothing and streak through town.

Now what scares me about that is Mike took my camera and snapped some photos of them nude.

...I think I shall burn that film.

Why am I dressed like a little boy today? :O_o:
Wow....I'm 18...I can leagally buy porn now...and cigarettes....but I don't smoke....I'll just sell 'em to the Freshmen. :evillaugh:

Damn, I'm good. :D



:bulletpurple: Thankies for all the wonderful Barfday goodieness! :bulletpurple:
Kevin broke-up with me over....I lose. :'(

:bulletred: :bulletred: I will not be online as much as I'd like to be for quite a while. Please don't ask... :bulletred: :bulletred:

I feel as if my BF is losing interest in me already...we haven't even been together for three weeks yet. O_o Damn...this sux.


:bulletblue: THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! :bulletblue:

There were many MANY very good entries for the Chee and Tudo Colouring Contest, so it was very hard for me to chose a winner...but I did! And my pic for the most creative colouring job is kacfrog711! :clap: The colour scheme is slightly off, but I don't care at all. The nifty textures and patchy tones really caught my eye. You can see the pic here!

Thanks again to all the contestants. It was a very difficult decision to come to. ^_~

Please check cheenot's journal entry for her choice. :w00t:


Art Stuffs: I know that I have a few art trades/gift art stuffs due to people. I KNOW this...please be patient and don't badger me to get it done fast. Your picture is more likely to turn out well if I don't feel rushed. Thank you!

Art Trades

seismic-saffya -Serena (sketched/inking)
rayraider -Cameron (sketched/inking)
raymangirl -Lizzia (sketched/inking)

Did I miss you? Let me know!

Gift Art

raygirl -Something...haven't drawn anything for her inna while. :love:
kitsunerei -Warp and Rei
BeatGuy -Sushi comik!
devillo -Morbido stuff

Other Crap
~1-B Page 01
~CharacterCosplay--Part 02
~More characters. XD



I....finally have a boyfriend. XD *is happy to death* :floating:

I told a friend of mine about a month ago that I liked him...and he didn't react positively or negatively....but, he cought me rather offguard...and asked me out. I nearly dropped my guitar case on my head! :O_o: But it's cool....even though neither of us have ANY experiance with we kinda don't really know what to do now. =P Prolly just start hangin' out more and such. :D But's cool....I'm happy. ^^… -He's the guy who's carrying me in the third to last photo. XD There's also a pic of him and Micah makin' out...that's rather amusing methinks. :giggle:

...whoooo, big step in my life..... :crazy: *flips upside down*


Art Stuffs: I know that I have a few art trades/gift art stuffs due to people. I KNOW this...please be patient and don't badger me to get it done fast. Your picture is more likely to turn out well if I don't feel rushed. Thank you!

Art Trades

:iconseismic-saffya: -Serena (sketched/inking)
:iconrayraider: -Cameron (sketched/inking)
:iconraymangirl: -Lizzia (sketched/inking)

Did I miss you? Let me know!

Gift Art

:iconraygirl: -Something...haven't drawn anything for her inna while. :love:
:iconkitsunerei: -Warp and Rei
:iconbeatguy: -Sushi comik!
:icondevillo: -Morbido stuff

Other Crap
~1-B Page 01
~CharacterCosplay--Part 02
~More characters. XD


CONTEST over! See cheenot 's journal for details.