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hufflepuff google joke

I am a proud hufflepuff
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Hufflepuff 4ever!
If you can't be a Hufflepuff, be with a Hufflepuff!
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It's not a joke if it's true~:star:
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it's like when you type in ravenclaw and it comes up with "smartass"
(i'm a proud ravenclaw ;))
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Even Google is on our side. Hufflepuff forever!
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Hufflepuff forever!
Awesome!!! Yes we are^^
And my best friend is a Gryffindor...and I really think my sister will be a Slytherin XD Funny somehow.
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I'm a Hufflepuff too! And so is my mom! My best friends a Ravenclaw.
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PUFF PRIDE!!!!!!! google knows google knows
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I finally know which search engine to use. Thanks!!!!
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me 2 that is my house 2 and hufflepuff.
awesome here is your llama for you.
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Yes, that's Exactly what was meant.....awesome! :D
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well done
i'm a hufflepuff
DeadlyBlackRainbow's avatar *starts crying* We...(*sniff*) Hufflepuffs....(*sniff sniff*) never get...(*sniff*) any freaking....(*sniff*) JUSTICE. Thank you!!!!! (*cries even harder*)
you just failed in writing awesome then wrote hufflepuff with out clicking enter

you are a genious
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lol This is funny because I actually have said this before.
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pro skillz and so right 8D
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no i meant totally awesome or supermegafoxywaesomehot. Proud Huffleuff!!!
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HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA. I llaughed so hard >u< Google must be a hufflepuff *hufflepuffandproud*
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pretty sure this just made my day =p
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Google's the ultimate finder. BD
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