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This is the overland map for the world of Achaea, featuring most prominently the continents of Sapience and Meropis. I'll be adding new regions and areas as they're revealed. The full-size view is a little unwieldy, so I'd suggest clicking "download" up on the top right.

If you're looking for the old map, it's still around. However, it won't be kept up to date!
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Very nice Delph. I keep thinking I should come back, but then I remember why I left... still, I can appreciate the time and effort that went into creating this.

('tis Leora here btw...)
is this done with campaign cartographer?
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Nope! Photoshop.
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It must rain a LOT on that "terra incognita," what with all those dark clouds hanging out above it! XD

I'm kidding! I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have this wonderful piece of awesome to refer back to whenever I need to get someplace on Achaea. <3
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Glad you find it useful! :)
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This is really cool. I like what you've done with textures and naming!
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Such an amazing texture is ther more to it like another bigger continent?
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Nice work. You did a good job of improvement compared to the previous version!

It needs to be seen fullscale to really appreciate the details.

No scale or compass?
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Thanks! Scale is sort of ill-defined within the game itself, so I left that intentionally vague. I considered a compass, but decided against it for aesthetic reasons. As the game's sailing system does use a sixteen-point compass, I may reconsider in the future.
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nice map
can you do atlantis map aka what you imagine it to look in huuuge res ??
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