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...excellent image.
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I really like this dwarf, the armor is epic, the detail is good, nice color palette!
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Last Dwarf Standing!
Bacxaber's avatar
I REALLY appreciate that most/all of your characters are left handed.
Dwarf-Cartoonist's avatar
Dwarves for the win!
cullyferg2010's avatar
Beautiful piece!  Love the braid work, though the wings on the helmet would have been hacked off in the fighting.  And that's one hell of an axe, too.
goPolart's avatar
This is Great!
Federico-BARDO's avatar
So evocative...Very well done in lighting, details and every other thing. Great!
Knightfall1972's avatar
Now that's a dwarf!
Kingkorb5207's avatar
Hello! may i use this art piece in my DnD campaign? It will just be a picture i show to my group to show them what the high king looks like. 
Assyri's avatar
Awesome work! moar like this. That dwarf isn't too tall, in other images dwarves are about 170cm long and very lean...
Valvado's avatar
This is incredible! Beautiful work congrats :D

Com and see fantasy Art Gallery :

Anwel's avatar
Amazing picture!
I almost can hear the roar of the victory warrior.

Delowar, can I use this picture in my blog?
I'm telling a story of my RPG campaign, can't think in a better pic to the scene.
Freedom!!!!, it is so cool
NewmanD's avatar
Итс Греат!
LeoDogmatic's avatar
lovely ! i'm a fan ^^
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